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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Thomas that perhaps she is misreading him but she feels he is keeping his feelings from her. She assures him that he can tell her anything. He makes a move and puts his hands on her but Zoe and Xander come in. This irks Thomas who comments that didn’t they see the closed door. Xander says they will leave……..unless Hope wants them to stay. Flo tries to get out of awkward situation as Steffy thanks her again for bringing Phoebe into their lives. Wyatt wants to hold Phoebe and reminds Liam that he hasn’t dropped one yet. Steffy brings it up again that now they know that Phoebe is a Logan, she can even see the resemblance. Hope tells Thomas the dress is so special so she wants to go and make sure it is stored properly. Thomas says okay but don’t be long, he is not finished with her yet. Xander picks up on that and says Thomas should hear himself. Thomas says yes he has it all planned out, their future and Xander better get used to it and not say a word or he will regret it. He’s made no secret how he feels about Hope and they will raise Douglas together and Steffy and Liam will have the girls. Xander and Zoe go back to the dressing rooms and first things first, she wants to kiss him. Unseen behind a clothes rack, Emma overhears and leans in to hear more. Xander mentions something about how could she after what she just heard and Thomas throwing his weight around. Wyatt tells Flo that she was very quiet on the way home. She knew that Steffy adopted Phoebe so there is no need to act this shy when they are around. Just a little kiss that turns into a big kiss takes his mind off the subject. Hope tells Thomas that she does not want to give him false expectations. He knows how she feels. He says it may not always be right but when he wants something he usually gets it.

Zoe tells Xander to just let this go. What they can do is just get this out of their mind. He mentions her just wanting to protect her father. He says Hope and Liam are family and this is wrong. Emma is puzzled; she does not know what this means. After making love, Flo lies in bed with Wyatt and says she does not want to lose this, his love and the life she is living now. Steffy admits to Liam again that it is really really nice to have him around. She likes it when he feeds the girls and sings to them. They love him so much. He starts in again that he doesn’t trust Thomas although he knows Hope needs her own space away from him making her choices. Thomas leans in and kisses Hope for only a second before she pulls back. He says he thinks he can make sure she lets go. Xander and Zoe continue their talk and Xander finally says again that her father is at fault. He stole Hope’s baby and told her it was dead and passed the baby off to Steffy. Emma cannot hold it in anymore. She walks out and demands they explain themselves. This is insane. She says she knows she cannot trust Zoe but she knows Xander is a good guy so he must tell her if what she heard was the truth. Beth was not stillborn. Xander admits she is right. Beth is alive.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara and Tripp agreed to work together to set up Claire. Claire overheard part of their conversation. Claire wanted to know what they were talking about. They lied to her about what they were talking about. Sonny told Kayla that Will was dying. He wanted her to save him. Sarah told Eric that she and Rex found an antidote for Will. Rex told everyone that he found an antidote for the serum. He wanted to give it to Will. Sami wanted to go see Will, but everyone stopped her. Lucas wanted her to go to the chapel with him. Will imagined that he was at the pub. He heard Caroline’s voice. Eric and Sarah talked about what Nicole did to him. Sami and Lucas walked in while Eric and Sarah were talking about their relationship. Claire wanted to know why Tripp pulled away from her when they hugged. He said it was because he lied to her about going to see his father. She said it was okay. She apologized for how they got where they were. He said she should have told him how jealous she was. She asked if he would have forgiven her. He said he would have if she were honest. She said she had to tell him something. She said she told Eve that he was the one who tried to set the fire to the cabin. Ciara wanted to know why she would do that to Tripp if she loved him. Claire said she was sorry and wanted to know if he forgave her. Rex gave Will the antidote to reduce the size of the tumor. While Will was imagining being dead, he saw Caroline.

Claire asked Tripp if he forgave her. He said it was his fault. While Claire was driving it home that Ben was the one who set the cabin on fire, Ciara snapped. Eric told Sami to pray for Will. Rex wasn’t sure if the antidote would work. Kayla told him that his family should be there for him. Rex told everyone that Will went into cardiac arrest. He said Kayla was there, but it might have been too late. Kate went to get Sami and Lucas and told them that they needed to be with Will. Will ended up waking up. Claire told Ciara that it was better that Ciara knew the truth about Ben. Claire told her that she would help her get over Ben. Claire suggested that she talk to Marlena. Tripp told Ciara that they should get her stuff. Will was shocked that he died. He said he saw a bright light. He told everyone that he was at the pub. He said he saw a picture of him and Sonny ripped up. Sonny said he ripped the picture when he thought that he was going to lose Will. Will said it was okay. He said the picture was back together. He also said he saw Caroline. While Roman was talking to Kimberly, he found out something. Tripp told Ciara that they couldn’t let Claire know that they were on to her until they got her to confess. Ciara said she had an idea. Will told everyone that he saw Caroline. He said what happened was real. Sami said he wasn’t on the other side. She said Caroline was still alive.  Roman told Kayla that Caroline was dead.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Laura and Kevin meet with Finn. Finn explains that Monica is dealing with family issues so she asked him to meet with Kevin. Kevin is given his old position back at the hospital. Laura wants to celebrate but has to get back to work. Diane meets with Willow who explains that it won't be easy but they will do everything they can tomorrow in court.

Jason tells Michael, Carly and Sonny what Margaux told him about Harmony's ex-husband who died. Michael needs to meet with Willow first and does so. Willow explains that she killed her father. Joss discovers a robber who had helped Sonny in the middle east. Lulu and her go to the station and Joss calls Sonny. Sonny shows up and recognizes him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby tells Nate how scared she is that Victor could die from his illness because everyone she loves has either died or left her and she doesn't know who she will be without him. Nate invites her to the dedication of the music stage at Society in Memory of Neil and she accepts his invitation. Traci continues to write her book and in it Iris and Velma go rescue Flynn who has been kidnapped by Iris's husband Derek Gould. Cane is disappointed when Lily calls and tells him she isn't coming to the stage dedication in memory of Neil. Cane goes to Traci's place and to thank her for always listening to his problems with Lily he invites her to the stage dedication and she gladly accepts his invitation. Michael goes to Adam's office to warn him that he will do anything he has to do to protect Kevin and he also won't allow him to use Kevin to do his dirty work for him. Nikki persuades Victor to put Christian first and do what he can to make sure that Christian is safe and happy. Victor tries once again to persude Adam to drop the custody suit but Adam won't listen to him. Victor tells Adam that he thinks he likes being the outsider and maybe he should have stayed in Las Vegas. Victor tells Adam to leave the tack house and Adam says that is fine with him because he won't have to follow his orders. Nikki tells Paul that Victor is very ill and could die but she makes him promise not to tell anyone.

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