The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/18/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As Thomas sketches he thinks over all he knows now that Phoebe is really Beth and is Hope’s daughter. He calls Steffy to see how the other night went. She says fine; Liam moved in and it seems he is here to stay. It will be in the guest room. He thinks that is fine for now as long as they are raising the two girls. She asks about him and Hope raising Douglas and he says if it were up to him that would be now. He calls Hope and asks if she can come to the office. He is on the verge of something that could make a big impact on things. Wyatt and Flo swim and then he springs it on her that he has been invited to Liam and Steffy’s and while Phoebe will be there he thought it would be good for her to get past that first meeting. She says she just was not prepared for that today and to deal with things. Steffy too is surprised when Liam tells her that he invited Wyatt over and he probably will bring Flo since they are dating. Liam apologizes if Steffy does not like this. She says no, it’s just it’s only been a few months since the adoption and Flo has never asked to see Phoebe. Wyatt tells Flo he is sure all will work out okay and she can see for herself as the birth mom just what she made possible. Finally she agrees that maybe it would do her good to see how great a life Phoebe does have now. Things are going well between Ridge and Brooke until Ridge gets the picture from Brooke’s words that she feels Thomas’s connection to Hope is a little unhealthy. When Hope arrives at the office Thomas greets her and shows her a bagged gown. She asks if they are waiting on a model and he says she just walked in. He unzips the bag for her. Hope tries on the gown and Thomas tells her it is really her. She says it looks amazing and is perfect. She thanks him for taking his time to do this for her. He says she is worth it……and now a new beginning moving forward. They can do it together. He goes on and on how he just spoke with his Dad and he can see him stepping up one day and being CEO and Hope there to help him. He and Douglas will always be there for her. And she has done so much for the other children, Kelly and Phoebe. It’s just what Hope needs.

Steffy greets Flo and Wyatt. Flo asks about the girls and Steffy says they are napping now but will be up soon. And she wants Flo to know that Phoebe fits right in and is the perfect little sister for Kelly and how grateful she is. Wyatt asks Liam if he is spoiling the girls now that he has moved in. Just then Phoebe cries and Liam asks if Flo wants to see her. She says sure. Liam brings her in and says he loves her and treats her as his very own. Brooke tells Ridge that she cannot ignore what she sees. Thomas thinks of Hope as more than a friend and Hope is not ready for that. She still loves Liam. Thomas admires the gown on Hope and laments that it was meant for her. He says he still has the engagement ring and he will give it to her any time she is ready. She tries to get it out that she is not sure what ready will look like. She has told him how she feels. And he has been so supportive and encouraging. He says he knows. He has made mistakes, maybe going too fast and he might even make more mistakes but he loves her so much. She says she realizes all of that but something about him today tells her that he is upset with her. She wants him to be able to tell her anything.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate was concerned about Rex and Sarah was using the serum to save Willís life. Roman thought Will was a fighter and could save himself. Eve called to find out if Rolfís diary was able to help Will. Eve was glad the doctors had the diary. She hoped it wasnít too late. Claire showed up to Eveís room and told her that Ben told Ciara that she set the fire to the cabin. Claire said Ciara didnít believe him. Tripp told Ciara that her boyfriend set the fire to the cabin. She said she had to talk to him about the fire. He thought she was trying to talk him out of suspecting Ben. He didnít understand why Ben would try to kill him. She said Ben didnít do it. She said Claire did. Will and Sonny talked about Will having amnesia. Marlena told Kate and Roman that Will was happy, but weak. Roman wanted to find out what was going on. Kate and Marlena talked about the ceremony. While they were talking, Sami and Lucas showed up. Eve was shocked that Ciara thought Ben set the fire. Claire thought she could put Ben away for both fires. Eve wanted her to help set up Tripp. Tripp didnít believe that Claire set the fire. She told him that Claire tried to kill her too. Gabi asked Stefan if he was going to hire Nicole. He said it was time for new blood. She said he was trying to get rid of her. She said she couldnít take another loss. She said she took her daughter to see her father get married. She said it was his funeral. She said Will was her best friend and the father of the only child she would ever have. Stefan comforted her. Marlena told Sami and Lucas that Will was married. Marlena said he was weak. Kate told them that Rex was trying to come up with a cure for the serum. Claire said she loved Tripp. Eve told her that he wouldnít take her back. She wanted Claire to take care of herself. Claire wanted to know what to do. Eve told her to make a statement that Tripp framed him. Claire wanted to know why. Eve said it would give Ben a motive for going after Tripp. Claire was willing to do it. Ciara told Tripp that Eve was trying to come after him. She told him that Ben was hypnotized and heard Claireís ringtone. Tripp thought that didnít prove anything. Ciara said Claire had Benís lighter. She said Ben walked in on Claire trying to burn his clothes. Tripp was willing to consider it, but he wanted to know why she would do that. Ciara said she was jealous. She told him everything Ben told her. Tripp understood why Claire would try to kill him, but he wanted to know why she would kill her. Roman told Sami that they werenít sure if the cure would save Will. Lucas wanted Sami to calm down. He wanted them to be there for their son. Sami and Lucas went to see Will. They started talking about the wedding. They also talked about Caroline.

Gabi told Stefan that she was worried about Arianna. She said Arianna asked if Will would come back again. She was glad that Sonny was there and a dad for her. She was also glad she had Rafe, but it wasnít the same. Will was glad that Sami and Lucas came back to see him. Ciara wanted to know if Claire came on to him when she left town. He told her that Claire tried to kiss him. He said that the only person he wanted was Ciara. Ciara asked if Claire accepted it. He wanted to know how Claire got access to her phone. Ciara said she had access to it. Ciara realized that Claire tracked her phone. He didnít know why she would do that. She said Claire wanted him. Ciara said they couldnít go to the police because of Eve. She said they had to get Claire to confess. Eve asked Claire if she wanted Tripp to go down for this. Claire said he was going to leave Salem with Haley. Eve asked about JJ. Claire thought it was all lies. Eve said JJ was the one there for Haley when she went to the hospital. Claire didnít care about that. She said Tripp was on the bed with Haley. Eve said she was on her side, but she tried to kill five people. Eve suggested that she get professional help. Claire said she couldnít nail Ben if she confessed. Eve wanted her to talk to someone. Claire said she was talking to her. She didnít know what to do about Tripp. She said part of her wanted him to suffer and the other part wanted him. She said she was going to give her the confession, but she could only use it to go after Ben. She said she got to decide about what happened to Tripp. Sami and Lucas said they would always be there for him. Lucas said he was sober because of him. Will said he did it himself. Lucas said he had help with Sami. Will wanted Lucas to promise him that he wouldnít start drinking if something happened to him. Lucas promised him that he wouldnít. Lucas thought it should be him. Stefan told Gabi that he had to prove himself as a DiMera. She said he was what DiMera Enterprises needed. She told him that he had what it took to get people to forget about Stefano. Will blamed himself for what was happening to him. He said it wouldnít have happened to him if he didnít take the serum. Sami said he did what he thought was right. Kate tried to make Lucas feel better about what was going on with Will. Sami wanted to do something to help Will. He comforted her when she broke down. Eve talked to Paigeís picture. She said she would bring her killer to justice no matter what she had to do. Tripp wanted to know how they were going to get a confession out of Claire. Ciara didnít know how, but they had to. He thought she wanted to do it for Ben. She said she wanted to do it for Claire. She said Claire was sick and needed help. She said she couldnít do it alone. He agreed to help her. Claire walked in and wanted to know what they were talking about. Sami was determined to do something to help Will. Sonny went back in Willís room and said he wasnít giving up on him. Will passed out. He ended up flatlining.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly confronts Joss about trying to contact Oscar. Joss says it didn’t work but she had a good time regardless. Rocco spends the night and Sonny has to go get a glove for him at his house. Joss volunteers to do so. Lulu goes on a date but then realizes that it isn’t a real one and rushes to get things back on track. Joss shows up at her house and finds Dev from the Middle East.

Margaux and Drew say their goodbyes to one another and Margaux warns him against Shiloh. Maxie begs Robert to give her the whereabouts of Dante. Robert wont give them but Maxie overhears him on the phone. Robert has been forced into retirement.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack runs into Mallory at the park she is the daughter of the man who is in the room next door to Dina at the memory care facility they talk about how hard it is dealing with their parents ilness. Mallory asks Jack for coffee and they run into Michael and Lauren . The couples talk a bit and when Mallory is ready to go Jack walks her to the door and asks her on another date and she accepts his invitation. Kyle asks Jack to be his best man even though they have not set a date for the wedding yet but Kyle tells his dad that he is welcome to bring a date. Mariah has a brilliant idea of how to let Tessa's fans see the real Tessa they will film videos of her sining in diffrent parts of town and post it to social media. Mariah thinks Ana can also record the songs for her new CD so that Tessa doesn't get nervous like she does when she is in the studio. Kyle thinks Tessa can use Jabot collective products in her videos so that the Jabot collective influencers can also promote Tessa's music. Nick tells Sharon that Adam is suing him for Custody of Christian and Sharon is so angry she lets Adam have it and at the end of their argument cuts off all ties with him. Nick tells Sharon that he is going to war with Adam and its best she stay out of the way. Nick also shares his problems with Nikki and then invites her to Christian's first T balgame.. Nick also puts his diffrences with Victir aside and invites him to the game as well and they all share a nice family momment watching Christian's game. Adam wants Michael to be his lawyer but Michaek says no and tells Adam he can't be bought but Adam says everyone has a price.

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