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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam and Steffy hold the girls and talk about his first night as a non-married man and that he can be real with her, they always could. Bill and Katie drop in on Steffy and Liam says it is good to see him. Ridge tells Thomas that he used to daydream too. Thomas asks when did he stop. Ridge replies when they all came true. Thomas replies maybe his will too when his does soon. He hints there will be changes soon and he hopes Ridge will support him. Ridge thinks it is a little too soon for Hope to be inviting another man into her life. Maybe it will happen but it is too soon now. Xander tells Zoe even with the threats of Thomas ringing in his ears he still wants to tell Hope the truth. She does not want to think about this as it will mean the end of them. He says it doesn’t have to be. Brooke talks to Hope and says she wants her to be cautious around Thomas. She gives Hope a piece of advice. Any man who would be here through her bad times most likely will be there for her forever. Bill turns down breakfast but tells Liam that he has something to say. He knows he did things in the past that caused Liam and Steffy’s breakup…..hell he even did things to cause his own but here he is one year later with his Katie. And if it is true that Liam and Steffy are going to get back together he’d like to be part of that family……he and Katie. Liam says he has already apologized so he does not have to do that again. Bill says he knows but he wants to. Liam doesn’t say anything but sort of nods okay. Emma shows up out of nowhere and happens to overhear Zoe and Xander discussing something very serious. She wants to know if all is okay. Zoe says yes they just happened to have a disagreement, that’s all. While they are alone, Steffy tells Bill that Liam is not angry at him, just sad. Too much has happened so quickly. Bill says she does not know how much Liam needs her.

Katie talks to Liam and says she hopes he is comfortable here since he says he no longer has a home. He says he is very comfortable, in fact too much. He doesn’t think he should. Thomas tells his dad that he sees nothing wrong with wanting better for the children. He with Douglas and Steffy with her two girls so they won’t have the home that he had with Ridge when he was little. Brooke tells Hope not to be naïve. Thomas likes to drop in unannounced and always needs help with Douglas, likes to make plans for all of them but Douglas is innocent in this. Hope says her mother does not see Douglas like she does when he makes pictures and brings her flowers. He is so lonely. Brooke says again that Thomas is not the most stable person in that family and his attachment to her out of nowhere worries her. Liam and Steffy thank Bill and Katie for the baby gifts and Liam adds for taking the knocks that he knew he would get today. Thomas has a fantasy about his destiny with Hope. He asks her to marry him and she says yes, she will be Douglas’s mother. It is what she always wanted but she just did not know how to tell him so. Thomas comes back to reality and looks out the balcony to the stairs of stone below and says to himself it won’t be long now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Arianna went to see Will. She wanted to know if Will was leaving again. Gabi talked to Kate about Nicole. Gabi told her how she was acting when she was at the mansion. Abe wondered why Nicole was at the mansion. Stefan and Kristen told him that she worked for Stefan. While they were talking, Ted’s phone rang. Maggie walked in on Xander while he was calling Ted. Stefan saw the autopsy report on the floor. Kate told Gabi that Nicole and Xander were working together. Will wanted to be honest with Arianna. He told her that he wasn’t sure if he was leaving. Will told Sonny that they had to get married right away because he thought he was near the end.

Will told Sonny that he wasn’t sure that he was going to wake up. He said he was glad to see his face when he woke up. Will wanted Sonny to marry him right away. Kristen took the autopsy report from Stefan. Abe wanted to know why she was carrying it. She said it reminded her that Holly’s death was real and not a nightmare. When Ted started to wake up, she yelled at them to leave her alone. Maggie told Ted that he was threatening someone on the phone. He said it was a telemarketer. She said she wanted to thank him for turning in the diary. She wanted to know why he lied to her. Sonny told everyone that he wanted to move the wedding up. Kristen apologized for snapping at Abe and Stefan. Abe said they were trying to help. She asked if he was taking the job. Abe said he wasn’t. He said the history of the DiMeras were why he wouldn’t take it. Stefan said he wasn’t his father. He was going to make sure it changed. Abe ended up changing his mind and took the job. Abe said he wanted to look out for Nicole. When she tried to get rid of him, Abe noticed that she wanted him gone. Xander told Maggie that he stole the diary. She wanted to know why. He lied to her about the diary. Marlena married Will and Sonny. Kristen got Abe and Stefan to leave her alone. Kristen wanted to know how she was going to get Ted in the tunnels. She called Xander. Xander thought it was Ted. Kristen said it was her. She told him that she had the autopsy report. She wanted to know how Ted got it. Xander didn’t know. Kristen told him to get to the DiMera mansion. Will and Sonny said their vows to each other. Will wasn’t able to say his vows to Sonny. Xander showed up at the mansion. Kristen told him to put Ted in the tunnel.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Maxie takes Peter to get dessert and starts freaking out that he got pie instead of cake. Maxie goes to work and Peter confronts him about the fact that Maxie is clearly throwing him a party. Mac tells him that he has no choice but to go and act surprised. Finn shows up and asks to take Peter to bond at the Floating Rib. Mac tells him the cat is out of the bag and they all go. Peter acts surprised and is happy that Maxie thought about him. Laura offers Mac the role of temporary commissioner which he accepts.

Nina finds Curtis and asks how Jordan is doing. Curtis tells her about the money situation. She offers to pay but he isn't interested in taking money. Drew and Kim come home and Julian shows up. Kim wants to make a baby with him. Drew offers to pay for Jordan's bills but Curtis turns him down. Drew offers him a job. Valentin tries to get rid of Jax but Jax isn't interested in leaving town. Nina later tells him that he doesn't want Valentin to own Crimson because he won't tell her the truth when she needs him too. Valentin tries to hire Curtis to look into Jax's past.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

In the captive area where Phyllis was held hostage, Michael insists that Kevin comes clean. Kevin finally shouts ‘it’s Chloe’ and tells a shocked Michael that she is alive. Kevin then tells him that he has been living with her the past two years and that she disappeared when they heard Adam was alive. He tells him about his plan to exchange Phyllis for Chloe. Kevin pleads with him to help. Michael sighs and lets Kevin go. Meanwhile Nick opens and envelope and reads it, then says “son of a bitch”. Victoria arrives at Dark Horse where Adam informs her he turned down the job at Newman. Victoria wants to set things aside for Victor’s illness but Adam refuses. Nick storms in and confronts Adam about suing for full custody of Christian. Adam waves his hand and tells Nick that he owes all of this to Victoria and that he has an infusion of cash. Later, Kevin reports to Adam that Phyllis escaped and he doesn’t know where. Adam warns him to get ready for battle.

Back home Nick makes a phone call for help and that Adam is suing for custody. Later Michael arrives and is surprised Nick wants him as his lawyer. Michael thinks he can come up with some things that would disqualify Adam as a parent. Soon after Victoria arrives to apologize and explain why she did what she did. Nick tells her she gave Adam too much credit and that now Christian is paying for it. He then dismisses her. Meanwhile Mariah is talking to Devon and he updates her on the student loan argument. Mariah tells him it was too much too soon. At Crimson Lights, Nate catches up with Elena to tell her she got the job she interviewed for and she is excited. She then tells him about Devon and Nate suggests she talk it out with Devon. Elena runs into Devon back at the penthouse and the two openly talk and agree to talk if anything like this happens again. The two hug. Elsewhere Phyllis (now played by Michelle Stafford) is in Vegas where Riza tells her that she couldn’t resist her invitation, but asks why the sudden interest in Adam?

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