The TV MegaSite's Friday 6/14/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas hugs Hope and tells her life is right here and she just needs to walk into it. She has to decide to move on as Liam is with Steffy and the girls just as she wanted. So do something for herself; chose him. Steffy tells her dad over the phone that now that the annulment papers are done Liam has moved in. She tells Liam that she is glad he is back. Brooke sees some sketches by Thomas that he has done as head designer for HFTF. Then he tells her he does have some news she might not like. Brooke is indeed not happy to hear that Liam moved back into Steffy’s to be full time dad just as Hope wanted. She says Hope has made one mistake after another and she does not want her to wake up one day and realize this is another huge one. Thomas returns to the office and all pounce on him if he told Steffy the truth. He says no and neither are Flo, Zoe and Xander. They are to say nothing ever. Brooke tells Ridge that he has been spending a lot of late nights at the office and he needs to pull back a little and rest. He agrees that while he likes working he could get tickets and they could get away for a while. Still Brooke says Thomas has had a troubled past and it would be a little unsettling to leave her here alone with Thomas. Perhaps the trip could wait til later. Hope calls Liam and says she heard the news she wanted. She asks a favor that he keep sending pictures of he and the girls. Brooke thinks that is crazy, just torturing herself. Xander chides Thomas for not telling Steffy like he said he would. Thomas says he intended to but then saw Liam and Steffy parenting their sweet little family and it seemed so right. Liam sends pictures and Hope looks at them with Ridge and Brooke. She says Phoebe still triggers something in her that she thought she only had for Beth.

Thomas stands and chews the others out. They are not to say a word. The future has been planned. Call it what you want. Steffy may be CEO now but he is the firstborn; Forrester is his birthright and he and Hope will be heading up the company. If they spill the truth then Zoe will go to prison and perhaps even Flo so if they wish to have any future at all they better zip their lip and go along with this. Xander is the only one strong enough to say Thomas is not doing this for Hope or for Douglas but for himself. Thomas stares them in the face and says they will keep their mouths quiet. He used to hate the word destiny that his dad said about going from his mother back to Brooke, but now he understands. He thinks Hope is his destiny. One by one he goes around the room and asks Zoe if she will keep quiet or send her father to prison. She says she won’t tell. Then he asks Flo if she likes her job and having Wyatt back in her life. He won’t be when he finds out this secret. She will keep quiet. Xander tells him that he does not have prison to hold over his head so he can threaten all he wants, even fire him from his job. Thomas says when he is done with him he will wish he was in prison. Later he tells the ladies that Thomas is not in love with Hope; he is obsessed with her. Thomas goes back and finds Hope looking over the phone photos and asks what she is doing. She says the pictures are not unnerving, she enjoys them. She looks around and goes to two wedding pictures and turns them down. At same time Thomas takes her phone and deletes a photo. He hugs her and Brooke happens to walk up and sees him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady and Sarah didnít believe that Xander had the diary. Maggie said Xander wouldnít lie. Xander showed them the formula to the serum. Sarah thought it looked legit. Brady wanted to know where he got the diary. Xander thought about how he fought Eve for it. Eve told JJ and Haley that Haley was cleared for release. Eve said Haley was on her way to China. JJ got in Eveís face. Haley stopped him from going after Eve. Ted thought the autopsy was proof that he was a changed man. He thought Hope would definitely think it. Ted called Nicole/Kristen, but she didnít answer the phone. While Nicole/Kristen was talking to Stefanoís picture, Gabi was there. Nicole/Kristen wanted to know how long she was standing there. Nicole/Kristen told Gabi that she was working for DiMera. Gabi didnít understand why Stefan would hire Nicole when they were doing the same thing. Nicole/Kristen didnít know what was going on. Gabi said she was going to talk to Stefan. Kate tried to warn Hope about getting involved with Ted. Maggie and Sarah were happy that Xander gave them the diary. When Maggie and Sarah left, Brady wanted him to tell the truth about what was going on. Kayla asked Eve how she could live with herself. Eve thought she was talking about Haley, but Kayla was talking about Will. Kayla thought she was told Brady that he got the diary in Nashville. Ted called Nicole/Kristen again. She didnít want to talk to him. Kristen called Xander to find out why Ted was calling her. Xander didnít know. She reminded him about the plan and how she was going to get Brady. JJ wanted Haley to run away with him. Melinda showed up. JJ blamed her for not saying something sooner. Melinda said she was working hard to help her. Melinda said she wanted to speed up the process, but it could take years. Melinda said Haley had to go back to China. JJ said Haley would be alone in China. Melinda said she wouldnít be alone because she was going with her. Melinda said she found an apartment and job for Haley. JJ thought she was trying to make up for what she did. Haley thanked her for what she did. Melinda said she wanted to be there for her now. Sarah and Maggie showed up at the hospital with the diary. Eve wanted to know if Xander said where he got it. Brady asked Xander where he got the diary. Xander didnít want to answer him. Brady wanted to know why Xander didnít try to get something for having the diary. Kate tried to warn Hope to stay away from Ted. Ted went to the DiMera mansion and told Nicole/Kristen that Holly was alive.

Haley told JJ that they had to say goodbye. He offered to get a green card in China. She didnít want him to go to China. They talked about how they met. She told him not to wait for her. Maggie told Eve that Xander didnít tell her where he got the diary. Maggie wanted to know what happened with her. Eve didnít want to talk about it with her. Brady was upset that Xander tried to encourage Maggie to drink. Brady wanted him to tell him about the diary. Xander said he did it to help people. Brady thought Xander was in love with Sarah. Xander said he did. Nicole/Kristen told Ted that Holly was dead. He gave her Hollyís autopsy report. She said it wasnít right. He said the report didnít match. He told her how Xander was caught with the autopsy report. She wanted to know why he would make her think Holly was dead. He said Xander night have done it for money. Ted wondered why she wasnít happy. While Brady and Xander were talking, Eve showed up. When Brady left, Eve wanted to know what was going on with Xander. Maggie wanted to see Will, but Kate didnít want her to. Maggie thought Will would want to know about the diary. Haley wanted JJ to live his life and be happy. She told him to find someone else He said he didnít want anyone else. He asked her how he would let her go. She told him to take care of himself. She said he was going to be charged for obstruction of justice. He said Justin would get him off. She wanted him to let it go. Eve wanted to know why Xander turned in the diary. She asked if he told her that the diary came from her. She wanted to know why. Ted thought Nicole would have been happy. She said it was fake. He said Holly was alive. He said no. He said he talked to Hope. He wanted to give Hope the good news. Nicole/Kristen said she couldnít let him do that. While JJ and Haley were kissing goodbye, Melinda told her it was time to go. Xander told Eve that he was being generous. She was happy that he didnít sell her out. He said no. He said he would look like a hero if Will lived. He said she would come in handy if he needed a favor. He asked if she agreed. Nicole/Kristen hit Ted in the face with a fire poker to keep him from telling Hope the truth.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Michael buys the DOD house but Shiloh manages to obtain a lot of money from off shore accounts. Willow begs Harmony to tell the truth for herself. She chooses otherwise though. Harmony ends up Nelle's new roommate. Brad goes to see Nelle and she promises to keep the secret at least for now.

Joss begs Lucy to let her speak with Oscar's ghost. Lucy would rather she not do that. Joss goes into looking into things herself. Curtis and Jordan discuss how they will pay bills going forward. Carly and Sam discuss her baby's issues. Jason decides to expose Shiloh with Margaux's urging.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ana, Mariah, and Tessa agree to listen and resect each other's opinions when it comes to Tessa's music career and then they toast to their new working relationship. Mariah and Sharon meet for lunch and Mariah agrees with Rey that Adam is getting into her head . Mariah advises Sharon to make Rey understand that their relationship is the most important thing in her life. Adam goes looking for Sharon and Rey warns that if he doesn't stay away from Sharon he will make him wish that he had left her alone. Jack and Lauren have a successful trip to Los Angeles promoting Jabot Collective and they are very pleased about how the influencers are promoting Jabot products. Adam admits to Kevin that he has Chloe and allows him to talk to her by phone once Kevin agres to release Phylis. Adam agrees to release Chloe if Kevin stays in town a little longer and does exactly what he tells him to do. Michael follows Kevin to Adam's office and is not happy that his brother is meeting with Adam. Michael and Kevin have a long talk where Kevin denies that he has anything to do with Adam. Kevin is shocked then when he goes to the place where Phyllis is she is gone. Michael arrives and sees where Kevin was holding Phyllis and asks him to explain what trouble he is in this time. Adam cancels his plane reservation because he has decided to stay in town.

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