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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Flo, Zoe and Xander continue to talk about telling the truth about Beth. Zoe still does not want to tell and get her father in trouble. Xander says he is responsible so it is not wrong that he take the blame. Thomas is with Steffy now and will tell her what happened. Wyatt walks in on Zoe, Flo and Xander and hears the word Beth and asks why they are talking about Hope’s baby. Zoe covers by saying they were concerned for Hope now that she has signed the annulment papers and that it might remind her again about losing Beth too. Alone Wyatt senses something is wrong with Flo but she denies it. Brooke and Hope play cards with Douglas and he asks about Liam. Hope can only answer quickly that he does not live here anymore. This confuses Douglas but Hope says they decided this was for the best. When Liam returns to Steffy and Thomas, Thomas tries to make a quick exit with Steffy still asking him what was so important that he needed to tell her. He stammers that Liam is living here under the same roof now and that is exactly what Hope wanted so all turned out well. Just do not forget Hope and the sacrifices she made to make this happen. And do not forget Beth. Liam does not understand this at all. Steffy and Liam discuss it and he says that was weird how quickly Thomas took off. He knows he is her brother but when it comes to Hope he does not trust the guy. While Brooke and Hope talk, Douglas brings Hope some flowers and Thomas walks up and sees this. Liam tells Steffy not to sell herself short. He does not know how she has put up with all this baby madness for so long. Brooke takes the flowers to put in water leaving Hope and Thomas to talk. Douglas drops the news on Thomas that Liam is now living with Kelly and Phoebe.

Brooke takes Douglas up to the main house to get some cookies. Thomas wastes no time in wanting to talk to Hope alone and says there is something she needs to know. Xander tells Zoe this might be the hardest thing she has ever gone through with the fallout of this secret but he hugs her and says she will always have him. Flo confides in Wyatt when he keeps questioning her that no matter what happens between them in future just know how happy he has made her right now. Steffy tells Liam that she does not know what will happen to them or their blended family but they are family and no one can take that away from them. Thomas tells Hope that he cannot imagine the pain she endured in Catalina and now she loses Liam. She says yes losing Beth was painful but then her only option was to let Liam go. Thomas wants to take away her pain. She says she cannot make any promises but she is willing to take it one day at a time. She is grateful for Douglas and for him too. That will be enough for now. He kisses her but she pulls away. She says she was afraid he would leave again and she does not think she can bear to lose Douglas too. He laments that her hope for the children has come true. Liam is with Steffy now. He has moved on the way she wanted him too and she should do the same. He says both he and Douglas love her. He hugs her saying he would do anything for her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope told Ted that Ben was arrested. Ted said Eve told him when she offered him his job back. Hope told him that Ben was accused of setting her familyís cabin on fire. He reminded her that she wasnít a cop anymore. While they were talking, he wanted her to accept his gift. Victor asked Maggie when she started drinking again. She said it was after Holly died. He wanted to know why she didnít tell him. Brady told her not to make it about him. Victor said it was about him. He asked if she was drinking because of him. Xander told Sarah that he could get the diary. Nicole/Kristen went to see Stefan. She wanted to tell him something and wanted him not to say anything. Xander told Sarah that he knew where the diary was. She wanted to know why. Nicole/Kristen told Stefan that she didnít want Chloe to know the secret. He said Chloe moved out. Nicole/Kristen said he didnít want Chloe to know what was going on. She blamed Chloe for losing Holly. He said Chloe loved Holly. She didnít care. She wanted to talk to him about DiMera Enterprises. Hope told Ted that she didnít move quickly. He was willing to wait for her. Victor blamed Nicole for why Maggie drank. Brady and Maggie said it wasnít her fault. He wanted to know what he could do. She wanted him to calm down. She wanted to talk later. Nicole/Kristen told Stefan about DiMera. She told him that she wanted a job. He asked if she was ready for a job. She said she couldnít give up. He told her that she couldnít get a job. Sarah and Xander argued over them having sex. He let it slip that he loved her. She couldnít believe that he loved her. She insulted him. He wanted to prove that he wasnít the things she said he was. Brady and Maggie showed up. Brady wanted to know what was going on.

Nicole/Kristen told Stefan that she was desperate. She said he needed her because Titan was beating DiMera. She said they could bring Victor down together.  Kate joined Victor. He told her that he got bad news. She thought it was about Will, but it was Maggie. Kate told him that he found out that Maggie was drinking. Maggie wanted to know what was going on between Sarah and Xander. When Xander left, Sarah wanted to know what was going on between them. Maggie told her that she was the one drinking and not Brady. Hope and Ted talk to Rex about Xander. Rex told them what Xander did with the autopsy report. Ted thought about Xander fixing the autopsy records. Xander decided what to do about Rolfís diary. Victor didnít like how Maggie was drinking again. Victor wanted to know what Kate did when Lucas relapsed. He didnít know what to do about Maggie. Maggie told Sarah that she was drinking again. Sarah said she should have been there for her. Maggie said Brady was there for her. Sarah was grateful. Sarah told Maggie that she had bad news. Eric talked to Marlena about Nicole. He thought he should give Nicole space. Marlena told him to move on with Sarah. Rex showed up while they were talking. Stefan told Nicole that he offered Abe the job. She thought that Stefan should vitalize DiMera with her and Abe. Stefan caved and gave her the job. Hope cut her date with Ted short to be with her family. Ted went to see Xander. Ted wanted to make sure there werenít any loose ends about the autopsy report. Xander said there werenít. Rex told Marlena and Eric that the news about Will wasnít good. When Rex left, Eric said he didnít have a future with Nicole or Sarah. Maggie was upset to find out about Will. Xander wanted to talk to Maggie. Brady and Sarah wanted him gone. Xander said he had something that could ease her pain. Ted went upstairs at the mansion. When Ted went to Xanderís room, he found he autopsy report. Brady and Sarah wanted Xander to leave. Maggie thanked Xander and said there was nothing anyone could do. He gave her Rolfís diary.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nelle walks into the hospital ward in prison where she finds Ryan. They recognize each other and discuss their disdain for Carly and how they both had kidney's stolen from them. Michael promises Willow will be ok and she is given orders to appear in court. Harmony begs Shiloh to help her. Shiloh claims he will once he has his child back.

Lulu goes on a hoax date and has a good time. She wants to continue but she tells the man she can't. Sonny sees her and tells her that things will be fine. They will always be family regardless. Sonny tells Julian and Brad not to do anything stupid but he will take care of things. Carly is convinced by Jax to let Ava be in the magazine cover and Ava is tricked into being in Crimson.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Traci goes to the memory care home to read the book she is woring on to Dina who loves it and tells her that her main character Flynn should end up with his secratary Velma who loves him so much. Traci meets with Cane later and he tells her that the non profit he works for could be moving its office to Lakewood which means he would be closer to Lily. The Newman family is devestated to learn about his illness. Victor wants Adam to take over as CEO in the event something should happen to him but he says no that he should let Victiria be CEO because he wants to follow his own dream not continue his father's legacy. Abby begins to plan Kyle and Lola's wedding hoping that it will help her notto worry about Victior so much while Nick offers to help Victor get through his illness but makes it clear he won't ever make peace with Adam.

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