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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Thomas that he is scaring her……tell her what is happening. He says it will change her life forever. Zoe is frantic and tells Flo and Xander they cannot tell. Her dad will go to prison and they may too for their involvement. Xander says they must let this play out. Hope and Liam should have known months ago. Xander explains again that he will say or do anything to make the truth better. Xander says as much as it hurts Zoe, Reese deserves what it coming. Steffy asks again for Thomas to tell her. He says she knows he will do anything for her. Phoebe belongs to someone else and never should have been adopted. Just as he is about to reveal the truth Liam walks out of the bedroom and admonishes Thomas for being there. He tells Thomas that they signed the papers just as Thomas wanted so if he has any decency he will walk right out of here. Both babies cry this time so Liam and Steffy divide up and go get one each. Thomas looks at the portrait on the wall and sees they really are a team and it needs to be that way. Zoe tells Flo it is not that simple. Steffy would be giving up both Phoebe and Liam and lose them forever. And Thomas wants Hope for his son and he is not fond of Liam to begin with. Xander says he understands her feelings on this and involving her father but he thinks she better be prepared for the lid to be blown wide open. Zoe does not think Thomas will say anything. Meanwhile Thomas waits for Steffy and Liam to emerge from the bedroom. When they do he sees how they interact and is surprised but glad to hear that Liam has moved in. It was what Hope wanted. Thomas says Liam is definitely Phoebe’s dad.

Zoe says Thomas is with his sister so she is surprised the police aren’t here yet. Zoe admits that if Liam and Hope get back together that Thomas will be left with nothing, no chance for him and Hope and none for Liam and Steffy. Flo says they cannot be selfish anymore. There is an innocent baby involved. Xander echoes this and says Flo is right. This is not Zoe to keep this secret. Flo says they have to let Thomas tell them the truth. Hope will finally have her baby; the one she has wanted so long even tho that whole family and Steffy will be devastated. Thomas watches as Liam and Steffy feed the babies and they play peek-a-boo and try to get them to say mama and dada. Then Liam suggests they are getting sleepy so he will put them to bed while Steffy can stay and catch up with Thomas. He tells Steffy that she is happier than he has ever seen her in a long time. She says she does not know what is in store for her and Liam but she thinks this is where he needs to be with his daughters. Just like her and her sister, Phoebe, she wants them to be sisters. She goes on and on and finally says she forgot…….he had something important to tell her. He can’t get it out but says he cannot wait any longer; she needs to know the truth.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander went to talk to Kristen. He told her that Maggie saw her as Kristen. They talked about Maggie. They also talked about Brady. Brady talked to Maggie about Xander. Jennifer went to see Eve to ask for the diary. Eve said she didnít have it. Jack showed up and wanted to know what was going on. Jennifer told him that Eve was scared of losing him so she wouldnít give up Rolfís diary. Stefan tried to talk to Chloe about what he did with Gabi. She didnít want to talk to him. Rex ran into Chloe at Dougís. He tried to talk to her.  Victor taunted Stefan about Chloe. Abe showed up while they were talking. Stefan offered Abe a job. Jennifer told Jack that there was proof that Eve took the diary. Jack didnít believe it. He thought she was trying to get him back. Eve denied having the diary. When Jennifer left, Jack wanted Eve to tell him the truth. Brady tried to tell Maggie not to trust Xander. Xander and Kristen talked about her taking over DiMera. They talked about EJ and how he was supposed to help Kristen take over DiMera. Xander wanted to know what was going to happen to the others.

Jack wanted to know if Eve was keeping the diary from him. Eve said she would give the diary up. He said he would get his memory back. Sarah showed up to see Maggie. Brady told her that he was taking Maggie to a meeting. Sarah asked if she was drinking. Brady said he needed a meeting. When Maggie left, Brady and Sarah talked about Will. Brady wanted Sarah to talk to Maggie when they got back. Stefan told Abe that he was looking for a CCO. Victor kept taunting Stefan while he was offering Abe the job. Xander and Kristen talked about how they saved Jack. He suspected that she was trying to revive Andre and Stefan.  Chloe talked to Rex about Stefan cheating on her. He comforted her about losing Holly. Rex told Chloe that his patient was someone she knew. Abe told Stefan that he would consider the job. Xander told Kristen who he thought AD was. He said it could be Andre or Tony. Rex told Chloe about Will dying. Jack thought Eve was afraid he would get his memory back and would go back to Jennifer. He said he loved Eve and would be with her. She said she wasnít afraid he would get his memory back. She said she was afraid that he would go through the same thing as Will. Jack asked if she knew where the diary was. Victor saw Brady and Maggie together. Brady said they went to a meeting. Victor assumed Brady needed the meeting. Maggie said she was the one who fell off the wagon. Eve told Jack that she didnít have the diary. He said he believed her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam apologizes for crossing the line with Sharon and tells her he feels lonely and lost since he found out Chelsea and Connor have a new life and he isn't a part of it. Adam hugs Sharon and Rey walks in to the room just before Adam leaves. Rey tells Sharon that he has been through this before with Mia and he doesn't want to go through it again so he tells Sharon she is either lying to herself or to him about her feelings for Adam. Nick and Summer are woried about about Phyllis and Paul tells Nick he thinks Adam knows something about Phyllis' diapperance. Nick goes to confront Adam who tells him he doesn't know anything about Phyllis or her whereabouts. Adam does however take great pleasure in telling Nick Victoria gave him Chelsea's phone number and $50 millon to leave town and Nick is hurt that Victoria gave Adam the money. Nick confronts Victoria andtells him that Adam used the money she gave him to buy the bank loan on Dark Horse and take the company away from him since he refused to give him custody of ZChristian. Victoria tells Nick that she never wanted that to happen and as their arguement continues Nick gets Victoria to admit that she did this because she didn't want Adam to have the CEO job when Victoir steps down and if she put the company before her family then Nick thinks she can have it. Nick also thinks Victoria gave Adam exactly what he wanted which was to turn them against each other. Nate tells Victor the treatment for his illness isn't working so Nikki tells him its time to tell the family and if he doesn't want to tell them she will tell them the truth. Adam tells his acomplice that he needs to keep an eye on Chloe she likes to misbehave and later he gets a message from his acomplice sayimg that they have another big problem. Kyle surprises Lola at the aparment with a proper marriage proposal and a beautiful ring.

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