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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Flo tells Thomas that she is so sorry. When Reese called her she never knew it would turn into all of this. He fires back at her that Steffy is raising Hope and Liam’s daughter, it is unthinkable. Meanwhile Liam is over at Steffy’s helping her with Kelly and Beth. Steffy keeps saying she appreciates his help. Xander is telling Zoe that she cannot keep this secret. He understands her point with her father being involved but it is different now. The sooner that Steffy knows the truth the better before she bonds further with Phoebe. Liam tells Steffy that he truly feels like Phoebe’s father and she says he should because he is. She is as much his family as Kelly is. Thomas tells Flo to not apologize again. It probably feels like an impossible decision but now so many people are involved. Phoebe is with the only mother she has ever known. Xander tells Zoe that he loves her and he told her already that he would do everything he could to make Liam and Hope understand but they are struggling and they can make it right. They owe it to them. Zoe says it has been months and Beth is no longer Beth. She is Phoebe and very happy. Steffy is shook when Liam tells her that he and Hope signed the papers. Flo says she wanted to tell Hope but Zoe kept her from doing it. Thomas says it has been hell for him watching Hope go through all this pain. Now he could give that child back to her. He could do that. She asks Thomas if that is what he is gonna do. Xander says as much as he loves Zoe he cannot do what she is asking. Steffy tells Liam that she is so sorry as she knows how tough this is on both of them. She wants to know if there is anything she can do. He says just her support and she replies he will always have that. He’s the best dad in the world. She asks where he is staying. He answers he is not sure. He does not have a plan yet. She reminds him that she has a guest room and he is always welcome to stay here with the girls.

Flo tells Thomas that she hates herself for not telling so she knows so will Hope and Liam and everyone else. Thomas says the secret has to come out. Hope’s agony has to end. Phoebe is not who she thinks she is. He has to tell his sister and he has to tell Hope. But he knows in doing all of that it will ruin any chances that he, Douglas and Hope will have to get together or even Liam and his sister. Thomas leaves and Xander and Zoe drop in and want to know if Hope knows yet. Thomas stopped him from telling Hope the truth before she signed the papers. Flo says Thomas knows and will probably tell Hope now. Zoe wants to know where Thomas is now. Flo says probably on his way to Hope’s so Zoe better tell Hope the truth now. Liam tells Steffy that he would like that living with the girls. It is what Hope wants too. That is why they went their separate ways. Phoebe cries and he goes in to her. There is a knock at the door and it is Thomas. Very somber he tells Steffy he has something very important to tell her. He loves her and would do anything to protect her but this time he can’t. What he has to say will change the life she has with Kelly and Phoebe forever.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will told Sonny that he wanted to marry him. Sonny said he would marry him. Gabi asked Kayla if Will was all right. Kayla told her that she wished she could tell her that she was all right. Jennifer thanked JJ for getting Jack to drop the charges against her. She said they were free, but it wouldnít last long. She said Jack wouldnít stop until he found Haley. JJ said he wasnít going to sell her out. Tripp told Eli that he couldnít arrest Haley. Eli said he would get fired. Eli arrested Tripp too. Ciara and Claire went to the police station. Ben told Eve that he didnít start the fire. He told her that she was making a mistake. She said she wasnít going to be intimidated by a man who killed her daughter. He said he was innocent. She said he didnít have any power. She said it felt good having her hands around his neck. She said he would be crazy to think she would let him go. Jennifer found out that there was a fire at the cabin. JJ said that was where he left Haley. Ciara and Claire asked Eve where Ben was. Eve said Ben tried to kill Haley and Tripp. Haley lied to Eli and said Tripp was trying to talk her into turning herself in. She started coughing. Tripp said they had to get her to a hospital. Kayla told Gabi that the serum was the reason why Will had the tumor. Kayla mentioned the diary being the only thing that could save Will. Gabi said to find the diary. Kayla said they were trying to find it. Gabi was upset that she was worried about herself. JJ and Jennifer saw Haley at the hospital. Ciara told Eve that Ben didnít try to kill Tripp and Haley. Eve said he was a psycho and could have tried to kill them. Ciara wanted to see him. Eve told her he was in the interrogation room. When Ciara left, Eve told Claire that she had explaining to do. Ciara went to see Ben.  He told her Claire set the fire. Eve told Claire that she was supposed to bring her the lighter. Claire said Ben was there so it was perfect. Eve said he didnít do it. She said Claire did. Claire wanted to know if she was going to arrest her. Eve said she wanted to make Ben fry. Claire told her that she ran into Rory and saw that Tripp had a fake passport. Claire said Tripp was going to leave her for Haley and she wasnít letting that happen. Claire said no one could have Tripp if she couldnít. Gabi told Will that she wasnít letting him go. He tried to comfort her. Tripp told JJ and Jennifer what happened at the cabin. Tripp told them that Eli said Ben set the fire. Claire told Eve that everything was Haleyís fault. Claire told Eve what she did when she set the fire. Claire said she wanted to see Tripp and Haley burn. Claire wondered what was wrong with her. Eve said she would help her. Eve wanted to know if anyone saw her at the cabin. Claire said no one saw her. Ciara asked Ben if he saw Claire at the fire. Ben told Ciara that Claireís ring tone was the one he heard when he was hypnotized. Ciara couldnít believe that Claire set the fire. He said Claire tried to kill her.

Ciara was shocked that Claire wanted to kill her. Ciara wanted to know why Ben didnít tell her. He said he wanted to tell her. He said why he didnít get a chance to tell her. She told him that Rory said he threatened to kill him. Ben said he had to find Claire. He said he was stupid enough to touch the lighter. Ben didnít understand why Claire would go to Smith Island to set the cabin on fire. Ciara said Tripp and Haley were at the cabin. Eve said Tripp and Haley were fine. She said Haley was on her way to China. She said Benís prints were on the lighter so everything worked out. Eve said they had to come up with a motive. Claire said Tripp and Ben hated each other. Will and Sonny told Gabi that they were getting married again. She gave them a ring to use so they could get engaged. Kayla told Jennifer that Will was dying. Jennifer couldnít believe it. Kayla said they had a chance to save him, but she turned them down. Claire and Eve talked about the motive. Eve told her that Ben suspected her of setting the fire. Claire was upset that Ben could have told Ciara everything. JJ asked Eli if he could talk to Haley alone. Eli let them talk. While they were talking, JJ told her that they could still run away. JJ said they could get Tripp to cause a distraction and they could be gone. She appreciated everything he was doing. She wanted it to end now because she was tired of running. Ciara told Ben that she was going to get to the bottom of what Claire did. Ben stopped her. He said he had a plan. Eve told Claire to change her ring tone. Claire thought it might not be enough. Eve said she would handle it. Haley said she was tired of fighting Jack and the police. She said she would go back to China. He felt like he failed her. She said he was alive because of him. She wanted it to end. Eli told Tripp that Ben set the fire, but Tripp didnít think that Ben would do it. Ciara told Claire that Ben said she set the fire. Claire asked if she believed him. Ciara said she didnít. While they were hugging, Ciara thought about Benís plan. He told her that she had to turn on him so Claire would let her guard down and confess to what she did.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Alexis has a session with Neil and explains how Julian is upset with her about not wanting to go above and beyond the law with Lucas' case. She accidentally brings up Neil's daughter and he gets upset. She says she is sorry. Willow tells Chase about her father and how he died shortly after getting kicked out of DOD.

Shiloh confronts Sam who tells him off. Jason comes after him. Sonny and Kristina discuss how things will be going forward. Sonny agrees to her terms and tells jason that he has to halt things with Shiloh right now. Jason is not happy about this. Shiloh finds out that Willow gave birth to a boy at Mercy.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Paul begins the search for Phillis because Summer called him to tell him she left her car, her clothes, and her tablet in her room.Paul and Lauren tell Michael and Kevin the news and Paul asks Kevin to help him find Phyllis. Kevin tells Paul he can't help because he is only in town for forty eight hours. Michael thinks Kevin mut be in trouble because he didn't bring Bella with him and left her with a babysitter in Portland. Kevin denies being in trouble but Michael can't help but worry about his brother and tries to get him to talk but Kevin insists it was just a quick trip to see him and Lauren. Kevin calls Adam he can't talk because Paul arrives to question him. Paul finds a napkin with Phyllis's lipstick on it and Adam admits that Phyllis was there but he hasn't seen her since the day they went to Billy and Victoria's comittment ceremony with her. Sharon tells Adam that he is a terrib,e person trying to take Christian away from the only father he has known which is Nick. Adam changes the subject and tells Sharon he has unresaolved feelings for her and Sharon tells him their relationship is in the past. Sharon tells him that she is happy with Rey and she won't be a replacement for Chelsea in his life. Nick wants Rey to keep working fir him to keep an eye on Adam and Rey is happy to do so because he doesn't want to work at Dark Horse with Adam. Nick is unable to get a loan from Jack so he heads for Victor's office and Victor doesn't give him a loan either but tells him if he needs a job he can come back to Newman Enterprises. Nick is appalled that Victor is taking Adam's side once again and tells Victor he never should have asked him for help. Traci and Jack spend the day with Dina at the memory care home and although Dina doesn't recognize them she tells them she is lonely. Jack gives Dina a cell Phone and shows her what button to push to call him day or night if she is lonely. Tessa arives to visit Dina and sing to her and Dina enjoys the music. Sharon arrives home and has escape sex with Rey and later he hasks her if it helped her forget about Adam. Sharon doesn't answer and Rey thinks Nick is right and Adam is getting inside her head. Nick goes to Adam's place and gives him the keys to Dark Horse and tells him that if he ever goes near Christian he will take back his company.

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