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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tells Flo that he does not believe it. Beth was stillborn so she is not alive. Flo says no she was not stillborn. Hope tells Brooks that finally Liam signed the papers and as soon as Carter files the papers they can all get on with their lives. They can put it to rest. Brooke says maybe she should have done like Xander and made a last ditch effort to stop Hope. Wonder what he had to say. Then she asks if there is anything she can do now. Hope says ending her marriage was the hardest thing she has ever had to do but it was the right thing. Xander tells Zoe they have an obligation to tell the truth to Liam and Hope. He did not have a change of heart. He was forced to. Thomas threw his body in the way. He did not want anything in the way to keep Hope and Liam from signing the papers. But he did not blurt out the truth to him. He just got away.

Thomas says again what Flo is telling him could not have happened. Hope held a dead Beth. He gets tough and demands Flo tell him everything she knows. Zoe tells Xander that she is frozen every time she is around Hope. Xander says her father is to blame for this and Liam and Hope need to know the truth. They are suffering. Zoe keeps saying that Steffy loves the baby and she will be fine. He says he knows there will be consequences but Hope is the mother and needs to know. Zoe cannot keep this secret any longer. Hope needs to know she is alive. Slowly Flo has to reveal what she knows that Hope passed out and then was told her baby died. A dead baby was put in her arms and she thought it was Beth. Thomas scoffs that the doctor stole the baby for gambling money. He tries to process it and then realizes that is why Xander was there earlier to tell Hope and Liam that Beth is alive. Zoe tells Xander that she could not squeal on her father. He tells her she will not have to go through this alone. She is a good person and he will be there for her. He knows the truth is killing her but it is hurting Hope too. The longer she keeps this secret the more messed up it will be. He begs Zoe to please tell him that she understands that. Thomas tells Flo that whole story is sick about putting a dead baby in Hope's arms and telling her it was Beth. And Flo knew the baby was not hers. She cries that she hated being a part of this, even taking the money. He guesses the rest that Phoebe, the baby Steffy adopted, is Beth.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny demanded to know where Rolfís diary was. He threatened to kill her if she didnít tell him where the diary was. She told him that she didnít have it. He said she better hope she wasnít lying to him. Claire set the cabin on fire. Once it was lit, she left. Ben showed up and saw the fire. Rory told Ciara that Ben threatened to kill him. She wanted to know where Ben was. Eli showed up and wanted to know where Ben was too. Rory ended up telling them that Ben was on Smith Island. Eli left to look for him. Ciara wanted to know why Ben went to the cabin. Rory wouldnít tell her because he didnít want to die. Lani tried to convince Rafe that they should be together. He said it was wrong for them to be together. Eli showed up at the cabin and cuffed Ben. Haley and Tripp yelled for help. Eli went in the cabin. Roman told Kate that Will had days to live. Kate couldnít believe that Will was dying. Roman said Kayla told them to prepare for the worst. Kate wanted to sue Kayla. Roman said they shouldnít give up on Will. Kate didnít want to give up on him. She wanted to do what it took. Sonny told her not to waste her time. Rafe told Lani that he was being selfish with her. He told her that she lost her son and it was okay. She didnít want him analyzing her for wanting to care for David. He said he shouldnít have let her get close to David. She said she chose to. He said David wasnít her son and never would be. She said Jordan and Ben couldnít take care of him. Ciara called Ben ad mentioned how he was at Smith Island. Claire overheard her say he was at Smith Island. Tripp and Haley tried to get out of the cabin. She hit her head and passed out.

Rafe told Lani that she wanted to be a family with David. She said her love for David was real. She told him how much David needed her. She said she had so much love to give to her little boy. She realized what she said. She broke down about her son being gone. She wanted to apologize to David for trying to replace him with Jordanís baby. Sonny told Kate and Roman that he tried to get the diary from Eve and she said she didnít have it. Kate asked if they were supposed to accept Will dying. Will woke up and said he accepted it. A police officer brought Ben to the station. Ben said he didnít set the fire. Eve saw them. The police officer gave her the lighter he had. While Tripp was trying to help Haley, he passed out. Ciara told Claire what happened when Ben went to Smith Island. Ciara told her what happened with Rory and Eli. When Ciara wanted to go to Smith Island, Claire told her that she couldnít go. Ciara wanted to know why. Kate told Will not to give up. He said he felt himself slipping away. Roman said they were there for him. Sonny told Will that he felt like he failed him. Lani thanked Rafe for helping her realize what she knew. He said he should have someone else help him with David. She understood. She said she would miss him. She said she loved him. Claire told Ciara to let Eli handle things at Smith Island. Ben told Eve that he didnít set the fire. He said Claire set the fire. Sonny told Will that Eve didnít have the diary. Will thanked him for trying. Sonny said he hated that he couldnít fix it. Will said it was his fault for taking the serum. He said he didnít regret it because they were together again. Will said he didnít want his parents to come there for a funeral. He said he wanted them to come for a wedding. Ciara said there was nothing wrong with Ben. Claire said that the doctor said he was better. Ciara said that Ben was a good person. Ben told Eve that he knew something was off when Claire had a lighter that looked like his. He told her that Claire said she was smoking. He told her that Claire set Trippís clothes on fire. He told her that Marlena hypnotized him and he remembered that he heard Claireís ringtone the night the cabin that Ciara was in was set on fire. He said he heard the ringtone again. He was getting upset that she didnít believe him. She said he was trying to frame Claire for a crime he committed. Rafe told Lani that she should try to make things work with Eli. She didnít think he would forgive her. Eli was able to get Haley to wake up. He told Haley and Tripp that they were arrested. While Ciara and Claire were talking, Ciara found out that the cabin was on fire and that Ben was arrested. Eve told Ben that she knew he set the cabin on fire. He said Claire set the fire. She said he was going to pay for what he did to her daughter.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nina convinces Ava that she should tell her story in the pages of Crimson because it will look good for her own court case against Ryan. Jax and Bobbie discuss everything that has been going on in Port Charles as of late. Jax tells Bobbie he bought half of Aurora. Bobbie thinks it is great he will stay in town. Nina later tells him that she got an interview with Ava.

Harmony turns herself in as the person who drugged Sam and Kristina. Shiloh gets off and has access to all the hospitals that Willow could have used. Diane explains that Shiloh will never have access to those things. Sonny and Jason decide to step in and not get caught. Julian insists on helping Lucas out even though Carly begs him not to.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

At Nick’s place Summer fills him in on Phyllis arriving with Adam at Society. Summer is worried she cannot reach her mother. Nick won’t give her details but tells Summer that Phyllis has made some huge problems for him. Meanwhile Adam receives an anonymous text that says ‘I have something you want’. Adam agrees to meet. At Devon’s, he and Elena share a breakfast when Elena tells him of her interview for that morning with the Chief of Staff at Memorial. Shortly after Elena receives a text that her student loan has been paid off. Elena realizes it was Devon and is furious that he meddled in her life, but Devon insists he was paying it forward as Neil had asked. Elena insists she feels violated and patronized. Devon apologizes profusely and they hug. Elena goes off to her interview. Meanwhile Nate arrives at Victor’s office, where Victor informs him that Nikki will be joining them for his treatment. Nate is happy he told Nikki but Victor corrects him and tells him Nikki is not to know the full extend of his illness.

Summer is at the coffee house taking to Jack about her mother. She is worried she hasn’t heard from her. Jack feels Adam is to blame and that it was likely his idea to crash the party. Elsewhere Adam arrives at a dark bar and Kevin walks up to his table and tells him he has someone he wants - his girlfriend Phyllis in exchange for Chloe. Adam corrects him and tells him that Phyllis is not his girlfriend and he has no idea where Chloe is and that he thought she had died. Adam receives a text and leaves. At Newman, Nikki encourages Victor to take the afternoon off to give this fight his full attention. Back at Dark Horse Nick tells Adam he won’t give up Christian under any circumstances and then questions him about Phyllis’ whereabouts. Adam tells him he has had nothing to do with Phyllis. At the Club, Devon and Summer enter Phyllis’ room and Summer looks around. She notices her clothes, makeup and keys are still there and realizes something isn’t right and immediately calls Nick. Back home Adam calls someone to tell them that there has been a change of plans because Kevin is an idiot.

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