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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Xander breaks into the room and tells Hope to put down the pen. He has something to say that will change everything. Thomas is on the stairs listening to all of this. Suddenly Xander’s car alarm goes off. Liam says that is too distracting, go and turn it off. Outside the door Thomas tells Xander that he is not going back in there. He is interfering in something he knows nothing about. He says if he has any information then he will relay it to Hope himself. He is a Forrester and they stick together. He will not let Xander back in that house. Xander says he will leave as Thomas demands but Hope will not be happy when she finds out she did not find out the secret today. And she will find out that is for sure. Zoe is still trying to convince Flo they cannot say anything. Zoe says it is too late. They are signing the papers as they speak. Hope and Liam do go ahead and sign the papers. Thomas goes back and stands at top of stairs so he can witness this. Carter tells them he will go file although this is not the happiest day in his legal career. He wishes them his best.

Hope tells Liam that she is sorry. Liam tells Hope that it looks like Xander is not coming back and neither feel like they need to call him as it will not change anything now. Liam tries to take off his ring but his hand is shaking so that it takes some time. They look around and say it is strange the memories they have but this is where they were married. He says it may be a while before he can come back here. She says she knew he loved her too much to make this decision for himself but he needs to be with his girls. When he leaves she breaks down to her knees on the floor and cries. Xander returns to Zoe and says he had an errand but he did not complete it. He loves her and he knows she does not want to involve her father anymore but he does not have that problem. Thomas confronts Flo that Xander tried to stop the signing of the papers and mentioned Flo’s name. He knows that she is hiding something and he wants her to tell him now! She says if she knew anything there is no reason to tell him. He says obviously she does know what Xander was going to tell. He hollers at Flo to tell him. His eyes go crazy when she blurts out that Beth is alive.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jordan survives the surgery and TJ and Curtis rejoice with Stella. Laura and Kevin discuss a hard choice that Kevin had to make. Laura appreciates that Kevin told her about it. Franco tries to ease Ava's pain as they talk about Charlies together. Ryan remains in a coma.

Sasha and Michael agree to go to Martha's Vineyard together. Nina is convinced by Maxie that she should have Ava on the cover of Crimson. Jax and Carly discuss him moving home permanently. Carly goes to get more blood work done.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle has a long talk with Rey and Rey gives him his blessing to marry Lola and Kyle is happy because Lola is up onto let him spend moneyto give her the wedding of her dreams. Nick tells Adam he can have Dark Horse because althogh he loves his company he loves Christian more and he will never abandon him. Nick later talks to Rey and Sharon and tells them what Adam did to him and then Sharon tells Rey the story of how Adam took Faith away from her years ago and made her think she was dead Rey is even more worried about Adam and warns Sharon to be careful when she deals with Adam. Nick talks to Michael about his legal optons regarding Dark Horse and Michael tells him his best option is a white night investor to buy the debt back from Adam. Phyllis wakes up in a dark room and she is lying on a matress on the floor. Phyllis can't get a signal on her phone and screams for help and the audiencesees that her kidnapper is Kevin who is hearing her scream from the hallway of the room.

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