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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Flo tells Xander that she thinks about it all the time. He says that is because it is wrong. She cannot keep this from Hope; she has to know where Beth is. It’s the only decent thing she can do so Liam and Hope can get their daughter and live the life that was stolen from them. But Zoe comes back and tells Flo no, she will not let her say a word. Brooke watches Hope with the papers and says she does not have to do this. They can all sit down together and figure out the best time for Liam to spend time with the girls and Hope with Douglas without interrupting all their homes. Carter calls Liam and says they will all be meeting at Brooke’s to sign the annulment papers. Not wanting to, Liam says he will be there. Thomas comes in and says he is glad to find him here; he is where he belongs. Liam says but if he is looking for Steffy she is at the doctor for Kelly right now. Thomas reminds him to make this easy and sign the papers and do not drag this out any more so all can move on. Liam says Hope and Steffy may trust him but he doesn’t. He can see right through him. Of course Douglas lost his mother and needs a lot of special love but they do not have to separate for Hope to love him and Thomas is just manipulating the whole scenario to get what he wants. And he will not let Thomas use the children to get what he wants. He will still be looking out for Hope even if they are not married anymore. Brooke tells Hope that Liam feels like she does. Just stick together through thick and thin. Xander tells Zoe that they have to tell. The baby is living right under their noses and they need to know that. Zoe says her dad will be arrested. Xander says he is sorry; he has to be held accountable. Zoe keeps saying they will all be accessories to the fact. Xander says he will do all he possibly can to keep that from happening. Carter walks in and says he is going to Brooke’s to have the signing of the annulment papers. When Carter leaves Xander says again they have to go tell them today before they sign the papers. Flo says this is going from bad to worse. Zoe responds this is killing her too. Xander says forget Reese. They cannot use him as an excuse and screw someone over more than they have already. Zoe wants some time alone with Flo to see if they can get on the same page.

Thomas sees Hope at Brooke’s while Carter is there and tells her to give him a call if she needs anything. He only walks to the top of the stairs and keeps his ear to the proceedings below with Liam getting there and Carter explaining how it will all go. Zoe quizzes Flo if she is about the ruin the whole thing with confessing. She better think what she is doing. Zoe says they made a pact and they have to stick to it. Flo says she is not sure she can any longer but Zoe says Hope and Liam must never know the truth. Carter asks Liam if they need any more time to discuss this and Liam says no, they have said their goodbyes. As Hope starts to sign, Liam tells her to please halt. He says no matter how hard he has tried to get her back this is where they are now about to end their marriage. Thomas is listening to it all. Liam says it breaks his heart. He asks Hope to look at him. He says he knows the pain she has been going through this whole time and he cannot put her through any more. He wants her to have some peace. He says he loves her so he is letting her go. She says she loves him too. He is the love of her life and always will be. This is the hardest thing she has ever had to do other than losing her children. She’s grateful for the love they shared but it is time to move on. Just as she picks up the pen, Xander rushes in and tells them to stop; she cannot sign those papers.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Margaux confronts Shiloh after he is arrested. She tells him that she has her pledge back and all of them have been destroyed. Harmony goes to Willow and thinks she knows the baby is alive based on her tone of voice. Harmony reports back to Shiloh this information and thinks they have a way out of this mess.

Julian tries to get Alexis to let him help with Lucas but Alexis wants him no where near this case. She goes to Sonny and Carly to beg that Carly keeps Lucas calm. Kevin and Laura try to make sense of Ryan. Jordan has Stella promise to pull the plug if she doesn't make it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle asks Lola to marry him she tells him their relationship is moving too fast and leaves to talk to Rey who advises her to wait to marry Kyle. Kyle talks to Jack and Summer overhears the conversation and is sad for awhile but feels better after talking to Theo. Lola overhears Summer talking to Theo and telling him that having Kle marry Lola will help her move on with her life amd stop hoping that Kyle will return to her. Summer also tells Theo that being married is dull and boring and all she wants to do is have fun. Lola rushes home and accepts Kyle's marriage proposal. Mariah goes to Devon's place to talk to Devon on behalf of Tessa and explain to him that Ana and Tessa had diffrent visions of how her career should go and they just weren't a good fit. Mariah also tells Devon that she is leaving GC Buzz because she feels she needs a career change so he offers her a chance to run Power communications the PR firm that was so dear to Neil's heart she thinks she isn't qualified but Devon thinks that she will do a great job. Rey tells Nick he discovered Adam hired a private detective to find Chloe Mitchell. Rey thinks Chloe is alive and could have been the person who shot Adam. Nick thinks that if Chloe is alive Adam thinks she could lead him to Chelsea and Conner. Phillis agrees to hack into the Dark Horse servers in exchange for 2.5 millon dollars and once she is inside Adam finds out that Nick owes $27.5 millon dollars to the bank so he buys the note from the bank. Adam then goes to Nick's office and gives him twenty four hours to decide between giving him custody of Christian or giving him Dark Horse. Phyllis arrives in her suite after a hard day and takes off her shoes and looks out the window in the darkness when suddenly a hand goes over her mouth and someone drags her out of her room.

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