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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt asks Liam if he is still planning one last good bye dinner with Hope or has that changed. He says he does not have to be the hero in every situation; he can fight this. Liam says he loves his bro for this but he cannot watch Hope suffer anymore. He is done. Wyatt argues back and says he has done all he can but it needs more time. Liam says he cannot push this. He cannot sit by and watch his wife suffer every day. Perhaps letting her go will give her some peace. Carter visits with Hope as he understands she wants an annulment as soon as possible. Surely there must be another way. He married them and thought this would be forever. She tells him she has not been able to recover from Catalina but he says maybe she could try a little longer. Thomas sticks his nose in and does not leave and tells Carter not to try and second guess this. Hope has put a lot of thought into this and this is what will work for everyone concerned. He wants to know when Liam will get the papers and Carter answers that depends on Hope. Flo is disgusted with Zoe when she finds out Xander knows and probably will do something about their secret. Suddenly Xander is there and he is the one really disgusted and the both of them are ignoring the facts and now Liam and Hope are getting a divorce. So she cannot ask him if he is all right as he is not. And he won’t be until this secret is not a secret any more. He says he would have found Hope and Liam and told them already but he was worried about Zoe. He loves her and does not want to get her in trouble but he cannot keep this secret so she needs to find a way to explain all of this to Hope and Liam and keep things the way they ought to be. Thomas tells Hope that she is not springing something on Liam. She still says it breaks her heart to know that Carter is on his way over without advance notice. Pam interrupts Zoe and Xander and says they are ready for a shoot so they must come now.

Zoe goes with Pam but Xander says he must speak to Flo right now. He says he is not here to judge but she knows what has to be done. Hope and Liam cannot be denied the truth any longer. There has been enough damage already and the longer it goes on there will be more. Carter goes to Wyatt’s to see Liam. He says he is sorry and he did not want it to come to this. He hands Liam the papers. He reads them but suddenly remembers their wedding, the vows, exchanging of rings and all the happy times. He slaps the papers on the table and tells Wyatt that he cannot believe it has come to this. Carter goes back to Hope and says he can tell this hurt Liam a lot and he still loves her so call if either of them change their minds. Thomas tells her this is the most selfless thing she can do. She says none of this would be happening if Beth were still alive. Flo tells Xander that she is torn up inside. He says then do something about it. She says so much is at stake with Zoe and Reese. And she could lose her new family that has accepted her in their lives. He says she does not know how Hope and Liam will react and maybe they will forgive the unforgivable. He will even speak for her. Beth is alive and Flo can give her the greatest miracle in the world when she gives Beth back to Hope.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe told Lani that she could get on with her life now that his arm is healed. She asked if he didnít need her help anymore. John showed up at the hospital and asked Sonny what was going on with Will. He asked if Will had a set back. Sonny said it was worse than that. Marlena told Will that he should be with his family. Will told her that he was dying. Tripp told Haley that it was his fault that she was in the mess she was in. When Claire tried to take Ben and Ciaraís orders, her phone rang.  He recognized the music. Tripp told Haley that Claire was going to be upset that he married her. Haley wanted to know what Claire would do if she found out he left with her. Claire told Eve that Ben suspected her. Claire told Eve what she heard Ben tell Ciara. Eve wanted to know why Ben suspected her. Claire said it was probably because he caught her trying to burn Trippís clothes. Eve told her to relax. She wanted Claire to bring her the lighter so she could pin it on Ben. Ciara wanted to know what was going on with Ben. He said there was something wrong. Rafe said he would always need Lani to babysit David. He said she didnít need David crowding her. When David cried, she tried to take care of him. Rafe wanted to do it himself. When Eli showed up, Lani wanted to know why he was there. He said to see her. Will had a headache. Marlena wanted him to squeeze her hand. He asked her to call his mother. Sonny told John that Will wasnít responding to the radiation. Sonny said they couldnít get the tumor to stop growing. John couldnít believe that Will only had days to live. Sonny said it started with Rolfís formula to get Willís memory back. Sonny wanted to get the diary back. John said he had a lead about the diary. Sonny wanted to know who had it. Lani told Eli that Rafe got the sling off and he was going to be as good as new. Eli thought Rafe wouldnít need her anymore. She wanted to stay a few more days. He was upset with her for wanting to stay. She said she didnít want to ruin Davidís routine. He told her that their relationship was over. Haley told Tripp that Claire was going to be upset with him helping her. He said he would come home after she was safe. She appreciated everything heís done for her. Eve told Claire that she needed the lighter. Claire thought she would get fired. Eve said she would go to her. Eve told her to stay away from Ben. Ciara wanted to know what was going on with Ben. He said he had something on his mind. She wanted to know what it was. Rory bumped into Claire. She noticed that he had passports. She saw that Tripp had a passport. She asked if Tripp was leaving with Haley instead of JJ.

John told Sonny that Eve was in Burns office for three minutes. Sonny said she didnít want the diary back because Jack would get his memory back. John said Jack would leave her. John told him that Eve said she was in Burnsí office to do a fundraiser for Paige. They both thought she wouldnít turn in the diary. Eve ran into Ben and Ciara at the cafť. When Eve taunted Ben, Ciara told her to go away. When Eve left, Ben told Ciara to let it go. Ciara wasnít going to let Eve do anything to hurt him. Ben tried to stop her, but she left. Claire told Rory that she knew about JJ trying to help Haley. Rory wanted to know why she was upset. She said she needed to know what was going on. He said they kept changing the plans on them. Claire asked how he knew Tripp was leaving with Haley. Rory said Tripp texted him. Rory let it slip that Tripp was at Smith Island. She offered to take the passports to Tripp and Haley. When Claire left, Ben approached Rory. Tripp talked to Haley about the way he was when he first came to Salem. He said he was going to help people. He said he hurt Claire. Haley thought the recording was Claireís last attempt to hold on to him. They continued to talk about Claire and how she needed help. Lani couldnít believe that Eli was breaking up with her. Eli said they were already broken up. He said she was living with his partner and taking care of a child that wasnít there. She was upset that he thought she was only taking care of the baby to replace their son. She said he didnít have to worry. He said he was worried and wanted to help her. She said she didnít need his help. She said he made it clear that their relationship was done. When he apologized, she told him to go. John tried to comfort Marlena. John asked if Sami knew yet. She said Will didnít want his parents to worry. He thought they should know. Ciara went to Eve and told her that Ben didnít set the cabin on fire. Eve told her that he set the fire to the cabin Abby and Chad were in. Ciara told her that was a long time ago. Eve told her about Ben having the same lighter. Ciara told her that she wasnít going to let her ruin Ben the way her mother did. Eve told her that she would wake up and realize she was dating a monster before she walked away. Ben wanted Rory to tell him where Claire was. Ben asked if Rory remembered him. Rory realized he was the killer. Ben wanted him to tell where Claire was. Claire showed up at the cabin and saw Tripp and Haley together. Claire said they were seeing each other behind her back. Ben told Rory that he needed to find Claire. Rory asked if he was going to strangle her. Ben said he would strangle him. Claire was upset that Haley and Tripp were together. She wanted to call the police on them. She decided to set the cabin on fire. Lani told Rafe that Eli broke up with her. Rafe wanted to know why. She said it didnít matter. He hugged her. She kissed him. Sonny went to see Eve and threatened to kill her if she didnít give him Rolfís diary. Rory told Ciara that Ben threatened to strangle her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Harmony goes to see Shiloh. He tells her that she needs to find his child or she will be kicked out of DOD. Harmony tries playing dumb but Shiloh knows she is jealous of Willow. Lucas goes to see Willow and offers to let her in Wiley's life but Willow is afraid for Wiley's safety. Chase gets a call to arrest Shiloh and does so. Harmony tells Willow she needs to know where the child is.

Sam and Julian go to the city clerk. Sam poses as Willow and the two change paperwork to remove a paper trail in the adoption. Michael and Brad discuss things going forward. Sam shows up with Jason. Jason had threatened Margaux along with Sonny and Margaux calls for Shiloh's arrest. Sonny gives her the envelope that has her pledge.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor tells Nikki the truth that he has a rare blood disorder that affects his red blood cells that can be fatal but he is dtermined to beat it. Victoir also asks Nikki not to tell the rest of the family because everyone has enough worries right now. Abby takes Theo to Billy and Victiria's comitment ceremony and Nick worries that Summer is on the rebound but Summer assures him that she is having fun. Phyllis turns down Adam's offer to help him get revenge against the Abbott's and the Newmans for treating them both like outsiders and never giving them the respect they deserve. Billy and Victiria pledge their love to one another in front of their friends and family and give each other a keepsake that the kids made for them. Phyllis and Adam crash the end of the ceremony and are asked to leave by Billy, Nick, Victioria, Victor and Jack. the pair finally leave but not before Summer and Nick once again plead with Phyllis to stop seeking revenge against the Abbtts and move on with her life. Phyllis arrives at the tack house later and tells Adam he was right about everything and she is going to help him with his plan for revenge. Kyle is so moved by Billy and Victoria's ceremony that he asks Lola to marry him.

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