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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge plays with Kelly. Steffy tells him that Liam and Hope celebrated their last night but he did not come over afterwards. Liam does soon show up and can’t wait to hold his girl. Hope sits with Brooke and tells her that Liam made it a very special night. Wyatt drops in on Flo and finds they still have the house to themselves as Eric and Quinn have extended their stay elsewhere and Shauna is back in Vegas for a visit. Flo starts off with she needs to know about Hope. She has to get back with Liam. Wyatt says she has a very compassionate heart but they cannot control this. There is nothing Flo could do to keep them together. Finally she says they should not let this opportunity be wasted. Ridge tells Liam that if he and Hope are no longer together he imagines he will be spending more time here. Liam says this is not what he wanted but they are all going to do what is best for the kids. Ridge tells Liam that Steffy needs him and as she starts to come into the room she overhears Liam say that she is the most wonderful mother anyone can ask for. He’d like to be part of that but he is not so sure that she actually needs him. Brooke tells Ridge that her daughter is devastated and he says but it was her decision. Brooke says she still hopes Hope will reconsider her decision. She is glad to hear that Liam did not spend the night at Steffy’s. This whole thing is so unfair.

Steffy’s nanny cannot show up to take Kelly to the doctor visit and Steffy has to make other plans but luckily Liam says he would love to stay with Phoebe so Steffy can take Kelly to the doctor. She admits she was not eavesdropping but she did hear what he said about her to her father and she liked what he said. Flo comes to see Hope and ends up saying Hope lost her baby but she does not have to lose her husband too. That would really be unfair. Ridge tells Brooke this is very unfortunate and hard to take but it is what Hope wants. And if it is for the kids then maybe it is the best. Hope will survive this and someday have a family of her own. If Liam and Steffy have another shot then that is not that bad. Steffy tells Liam that she would not change being a mom for anything even when the girls pull their tag team on her in the middle of the night. Flo tells Hope that she doesn’t deserve any of this. She’s been through so much already. Hope laments that she has always been so supportive and that is sweet of her. Flo tells her not to give up. Hope says she cannot talk about it anymore, it is too painful. Flo keeps on that she knows she and Liam are meant to be parents. And somewhere out there is a little baby just waiting for her mommy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve brought Rory to see Jennifer. Jennifer told him not to give up on JJ. Jack and Eve talked about Jennifer and Rory not talking about JJ. Jack said he could get Jennifer to talk by having Xander testify against her. Eve didnít think it would go that far. Jack said he had a way to get her to talk. Marlena went to see Claire. Claire thought Ciara sent her to see her. Will wanted to write a story for the Spectator. Sonny didnít want him to. Jack called JJ using Jenniferís phone. JJ answered the phone and thought it was Jennifer. Jack told him that it wasnít Jennifer. Ciara told Ben that she couldnít believe that Claire set the fire. She said that Claire wouldnít try to kill her. He said he hoped she was right. He wanted to have another session. She thought he was going to drop it. He said he wasnít going to. She said he wasnít going to have any luck proving that Claire did it. Marlena wanted Claire to tell her what was going on. Claire said Tripp broke up with her. She said she didnít need a shrink. She said it was her fault because she did something terrible. Marlena wanted to know what happened between her and Tripp. Claire told her that she and Tripp couldnít be seen together while he was married to Haley. Claire said she was kicked out of her apartment. Marlena wanted to know if Claire did something to get back at Tripp. Claire asked why she asked that. Marlena said she did something bad. Marlena wanted to know what she did. Will had trouble thinking of what to write for the article. Sonny didnít like hearing that this would be his last article. Will said he had to say it. Sonny wanted to know why Jennifer was arrested. Will forgot Jackís name when he told him about what happened. While Will was talking, he forgot JJís name too. Sonny suggested that he write something that was less to remember. Will suggested his will. Rory told Jennifer that he hadnít seen JJ in years. He said she hated him. She said she didnít hate him. She said she could compensate him. Eve walked in and said she could add bribery to the charges. Jack told JJ what Jennifer did to get arrested. Jack said Jennifer was in a lot of trouble for helping JJ. JJ wanted to know what he wanted. Jack said to turn himself in to the police or Jennifer would suffer. Ciara asked Ben if he remembered seeing Claire when he was hypnotized. He said he remembered something new when he was hypnotized. Claire told Marlena that she was the one who revealed that Tripp and Haleyís marriage wasnít real. Claire didnít want Marlena to judge her. Marlena said she didnít judge her. Claire was glad she told her the truth. Marlena said they should have been talking. JJ told Haley and Tripp that Jennifer would go to jail if they didnít turn themselves in. Haley said she wouldnít let Jennifer go to jail. Jack told Jennifer that he talked to JJ. Jennifer asked how he talked to JJ. He lied and said he listened to Rory talking to JJ at the police station. Jack said he used Jennifer as a way to get JJ to come to the police. Jennifer was upset. JJ said he wasnít letting Haley get deported. He also said he couldnít let his mother go to jail. He suggested that he turn himself in.

JJ told Haley that he was going back to Salem. He asked Tripp to get Haley to Canada. He said he would get everything settled with his mother then go to Canada. Haley told Tripp not to help her, but he said he was doing it. Ben told Ciara that he heard music playing the night the cabin was on fire. Ciara asked if it was a real memory. He said he took his meds and was fine. He said the song was familiar, but he couldnít place it. He hummed the music to her. Claire was upset that Marlena thought she needed a shrink. Claire talked to Marlena about Ciara. Marlena reminded Claire that she told her that she was trying to hurt Ciara. Claire told her that she needed to tell her something. Before Claire could tell her, Tripp called and told her that he was going to visit his father for a couple of days. He wanted her to cover his shift at the cafť. Marlena said she was going to tell her something. Claire lied about what she was going to say. Marlena asked Claire about her ringtone. Claire said it was an original so she would know her phone. JJ showed up at the police station while Jack and Jennifer were arguing. Jack wanted to know where Haley was. JJ said she wasnít there. JJ said he wasnít telling him about Haley until the charges against Jennifer were dropped. Jack told Jennifer the charges against Jennifer were dismissed without prejudice. Jennifer was free to go. Jack wanted to know where Haley was. JJ wouldnít tell him. Jack said they had an agreement. JJ said he lied. Sonny told Will that the people who loved him should know that he was dying. Will said he would handle it the way he wanted to. Will apologized for the way he was treating Sonny. Will was mad that he was leaving everyone he loved. Ciara wanted Ben to stop trying to say Claire set the fire. Claire overheard them talking. Claire called Eve and told her to pin the cabin fire on Ben. Tripp wanted to know who Haley knew that could come up with fake passports. They found out that Rory was released and wanted to get him to get the passports. Jack was upset that JJ lied to him. JJ said he wouldnít turn his back on Haley. Jack told the police officer to cuff JJ. Jack said Jennifer was free, but he wasnít going anywhere. When Claireís phone rang, Ben recognized the music.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly and Sonny go to visit Morgan's grave after discussing Oscar with Joss. Joss tells Cam that she is unsure if she will be able to move on easily. Cam and her catch a firefly and make a wish. Sonny and Carly tell Morgan to watch after Oscar. Drew tries to get Kim to go to bed before they climb the mountain. She is nervous to see Oscar again in her mind though.

Jordan tries to say her goodbyes and asks for forgiveness. TJ and Stella are not having it though. Stella marches to Ryan's room and tells him that if he doesn't do this, fate will catch up with him and he will die a painful death and spend eternity in hell. Ryan reluctantly agrees.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer goes to Society to party with Theo and the newest Jabot collective influencer Thalia and drinks a lot and then goes back to Theo's hotel room and they have sex. Kyle talks to Lola about what Phyllis did at the launch of Jabot collective and tells her that he is worried about Summer. Lola says she is worried about Summer too but that Summer is a emotional vampire that likes to feed his worry. Lola tells Kyle that Summer is an adult and its time she learn to stand on her own two feet. Victir goes to talk to Nick hoping to persude him to reach a comprimise with Adam about Christian. Victoir tells Nick that Chelsea has remarrried , changed her name and her new husband has adopted Conner. Nick tells Adam that isn't a reason to allow Adam to be anywhere near Christian and he tells Victor that he and Victoria won't allow Adam to walk all over them and they both intend to fight for what belongs to them. Abby accidently sees a text Nate gets from Victor about starting his treatment and she gets worried but Nate can't tell her anything so he tells her to talk to Victoir. Victor goes to Society to pick up some food for him and Nikki and tells Abby he pulled a muscle and needs physical therapy. Abby doesn't beleive him and intends to find ojut if her father is sick with or without help from Nate. Adam takes Phyllis back to his place and gets her to open up about the Abbotts and he troubles and then he asks her to hack into the Dark Horse computers and help him set Genoa City on fire. Phillis says no at first until he offers her a millon dollars then she returns to her hotel room and hack into the Dark Horse servers. Adam calls Chelsea and leaves a message asking if they can meet and talk because he misses her and Connor and would like to see them.

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