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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Xander is livid. He wants to know how Zoe could have allowed this. Hope and Liam’s baby did not die; she is alive and they do not know. He demands to know how long she has known. Zoe says she has struggled with this. She fills him in on that Hope did hold a dead baby but it was another baby and it was switched. Flo did not know either until she came to Los Angeles and no one can ever find out especially Hope and Liam. He tells her a crime was committed but Zoe says only in desperation. It changes nothing even if she went to the police like Xander wants. He says there was a theft and it has to come out now. Liam and Hope have one last supper and she says it is wonderful but he is needed somewhere else. Liam says he knows how determined she is and he is in awe of some of that but he keeps waiting to hope she will change her mind. She says it is a sacrifice, one of the hardest she has ever made. Douglas has been pointed in her direction and she is going to be a mother. Steffy finds Douglas sleeping next to the girls where he has read to them. Thomas is glad that he will be around to watch them grow up. He advises her to get back together with Liam. She wants to know why both he and Hope are pushing her in that direction. He says he knows she wants to and Hope and Liam are having their last hurrah tonight. She says she knows, Hope even asked if Liam could stay the night. Thomas is over the moon to hear that Liam will be welcome so he expects it is only a matter of time before he knocks on the door so he will get he and Douglas out of the way.

Liam pours the last from the bottle to cap it off as neither of them are driving tonight. Hope says she is not but if they are saying goodbye then she thinks this should be it and him not stay the night. Flustered he says okay, Wyatt did offer his place. She goes into many memories she had with Liam but all of that has changed now. He says not everything, not their love for each other. He thinks they were always meant to be together and he will always believe that. Steffy looks at the photo on the wall and thinks of the happy times including Kelly’s birth with Liam. Hope says she wishes it did not have to be this way but she knows he will give all he can to those girls. They hug until she tells him she thinks it is time. Be happy and go to Steffy…….laugh and love them and do not worry about her. Just know how happy it is going to make her. He made her the best possible person she can be. She slips her ring off and puts it in his hands and gives him one last kiss. He holds her tightly until she pulls back.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Julie wanted to talk to Jack about the way he was treating Jennifer, Hope and JJ. Jack said JJ broke the law like Jennifer. He said she was jail. Chloe told Eve that Stefan cheated on her with Gabi. Eve couldnít believe that Stefan was with Gabi. Chloe said it wasnít the first time. Chloe blamed her for what happened. Eve told her to take her anger out on Gabi and Stefan. Stefan blamed Gabi for why he lost Chloe. Gabi said it wasnít her fault. She said she would talk to Chloe, but he said she would make it worse. She said it wasnít her fault. He said it was. She wanted to know why he was there. He wanted to yell at her for losing Chloe. Gabi said he couldnít stop thinking about her. He said that he wanted to blame her for what happened. She said they werenít going to be together. Brady walked in on Eric and Kristen. Kristen lied to Brady about what happened. She wanted Eric to leave.  Brady told him to leave. When Eric left, Kristen thought Brady was there because he changed his mind about her. He said he was there because Maggie said she saw Kristen.

Jack told Julie that Jennifer had a memory flash early. Julie wanted to know what the flash was. He said it was of Jennifer dressed up as a prison guard. Julie thought he was getting his memory back. Xander tried to help Maggie. She was surprised that he was helping her. He asked when she started drinking. She said today. She said Brady knew. He was surprised that Brady left her. She said she sent him to the Salem Inn because she saw Kristen. Kristen told Brady how Maggie went to see her. He asked her if she was wearing a red dress. Kristen said she wasnít. While she was talking, she noticed the red dress on the floor. He noticed that something was wrong and asked her about it. Stefan told Gabi that whatever they had was over. She was okay with it. Jack told Julie that the old him was gone and the new one was here to stay. He said winning the election wasnít proof. While Julie was yelling at him, he said he remembered that she was an excruciating cow. Eve wanted to tell Chloe something, but Jack was ready to leave. Maggie told Xander what happened when she saw Kristen. He kept asking her questions about it. She didnít care if he believed her. She told him to go away. He told her that he wasnít going to leave her the way Brady did. He told her how his mother was an alcoholic. Eric told Sarah what happened when he went to see Nicole. He told her that Nicole said he tried to attack her. He said it was an accident. Kristen told Brady that Maggie was drinking before. She thought it was her fault for not saying anything. He said no one could force you to drink. She said she blamed her for Hollyís death. She said everyone let Holly down. She said he was the only one who looked out for her. She said she would never forget that. Sarah told Eric that he and Nicole should be there for each other. He said he was sorry for talking to her about it when it was going to be hard on her. She said they were friends first and he could talk to her about anything. Brady told Kristen that she couldnít say he took care of Holly. He said it was his fault that she left. She said she made him mad. He said she belonged with Eric. He told her that she should stop pushing him away. She said she didnít want to see him again. He said Eric loved her and they were never going to kiss again. She wanted to know why he was loyal to Eric. He said Eric was his brother and they had a truce. He wasnít going to rock the boat. He said he would be there for her. Brady left her room. Stefan told Gabi that he shouldnít have yelled at her. He said she didnít force him to be with her. He said it was his fault and he apologized to her. She accepted his apology. When Brady went home, he found Maggie sleeping on Xander. Eric told Sarah that he thought he and Nicole were over. Kristen blamed Eric for not having Brady.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ava goes to Kiki's grave on her birthday and Franco shows up as well. Franco wants her to be able to move on so that Ryan doesn't win. Kevin talks with Ryan about giving Jordan a kidney but he doesn't want to help. Jordan tells everyone around her she knows the end is near. Finn and Kevin discuss what they can possibly do next.

Valentin confronts Sonny about getting rid of Jax. Sonny laughs because he knows that is not going to happen. Michael and Sasha have a date that ends in them making love again. Nina and Jax have a good dinner date. Nina postpones the wedding again.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Billy and Victoria are working on their invitations for the recommitment ceremony when Traci arrives, and is thrilled for the two. Later Billy and Victoria discuss Adam, and Billy relays how proud he is of the way she handled Adam. They finish their invites and send them off. At Sharon’s, she fills Adam in on her call with Chelsea. She tells him that Chelsea remarried and that her husband adopted Connor. They have new identities now and Chelsea would not reveal her location. Adam explodes as Rey is standing outside watching from the window. Sharon advises Adam not to pursue anything with Chelsea. At Crimson Lights, Lauren asks Phyllis to tell her that the site is down. Phyllis sarcastically thanks her for her concern. Lauren issues her a warning that if the site is still up that she and Michael will not be protecting her. On the patio Traci is typing away at her book. When she comes to the part where Bella (Traci) confesses her love for Flynn, who then kisses her. Traci backspaces saying “No, no, no”. Meanwhile at Jabot, Summer, Kyle, Billy, Lauren and Jack count down and celebrate the launch of Jabot Collective. Jack wants to celebrate at his house. Summer takes a call from Theo and tells him they should celebrate.

Sharon is surprised when Rey comes home early from his job. He reminds her his job is to watch Adam, he mentions that he saw her and Adam and that it looked intense. He insists he is just concerned and doesn’t want her manipulated. Sharon reassures him and they kiss. At Society, Phyllis is at the bar drinking when Billy appears. Billy warns that Jack thinks she started the fake website. Phyllis stalks off. At Newman Enterprises Victor presses Adam to reconcile with Nick for Christian’s sake. Adam refuses and blurts out what he knows about Chelsea. Victor will look into it. At the Abbott house, the celebration begins, as Summer arrives with Theo and Natalia, the internet influencer. Along with Jack, Kyle and Billy, they all celebrate until Phyllis comes barging in. Phyllis calls them out, clearly angry, upset and having had a few drinks. Lauren questions if she has been drinking while the men gloat. Later, after the party breaks up, Lauren admits to Jack that Phyllis was behind the website and that she warned her to take it down. Jack is grateful for Lauren being on his team and suggests a drink. Lauren declines and they leave it at having had a good day. Elsewhere Adam receives a text that someone he was looking for has been found. Phyllis is driving and swerves off the road. She immediately gets out of her car to confront the driver and its Adam!


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