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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Xander questions Zoe of why she said that, that Beth was still alive. She can tell him anything, so spill. Beth was born stillborn so she knows what happened. She has put him off too many weeks and she cannot do that this time. She finally admits it is true. Liam holds Hope and tells her that he does not wish this to be the end of their marriage but since it is he would like to honor it the way it should be and how they have felt about each other. He says he would like one last night with her to celebrate. He feels he should have made reservations somewhere but in the end this cabin felt like the sanctuary where they fit so he’d like it to be here. Hope agrees; says that things would have been different if Beth had lived. They would have many wonderful plans here. Thomas brings Douglas to see Steffy and the girls. He confides he does not know what he would have done without Hope and her love and caring for Douglas. Liam says probably not vegan barbeque but how about Italian. That was the happiest time of his life at their wedding in Italy. Zoe tells Xander that she did not tell him the truth for his own good. She admits her dad was in serious trouble with his gambling and he owed a lot of money and Zoe’s life was threatened. So that night he told Hope and Liam that their baby did not make it but she really is alive now. Zoe tries to explain that Xander does not have to worry, Beth is not suffering and she’s with a new family right here in Los Angeles. Xander says her father is a doctor so why would he tell Hope that her baby died, makes no sense. Steffy tells Thomas that she is glad Hope is there for Douglas but she feels like there is more. Could it be that Thomas has developed feelings for Hope. He admits he has. He is in love with her, he always has been.

Hope and Liam drink wine and re-live their wedding in Italy and all the little towns celebrating with them. He says he misses her smile and that is all he wanted, was to make her smile. If there was anything he could do to get her out from under her pain, he would do it. Steffy says wow, she thought she would have to drag that out of Thomas. He says he has hid it enough and he won’t defend it any more. The children’s future depends on it. Thomas sees the huge photo on the wall and says that is not about her past. It is the here and now and she can still have that. Just tell Liam that she wants him back and it can happen. Hope tells Liam that dinner is delicious and they re-live the many moments in Italy. She says it was one of the most beautiful moments of her life. She says he is the love of her life and that will never change. They overcame so many understandings and mistakes and she knew there would be challenges but losing Beth was too much. She does not want to focus on that though. She is the luckiest woman in the world to have been loved by him. She stands up and takes his hand and he holds her tight. Xander keeps hammering Zoe to tell him the whole story. If Beth is live then who adopted her; does Zoe know her. She admits that he knows her too. Slowly she explains that her dad had left town and she did not know all the details until it was a done deal but now is alive and well right here in L.A. He wants to know who. He has to know. He is totally shocked when she says Steffy as in Steffy Forrester. When he finally digests it all he says they have to tell Hope that Beth is alive.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve told Xander that she wanted Rolfís diary. He wanted to know why he would do that. He said Jack could remember everything. He said she could lose everything. Jennifer told Jack that she would rather be in jail than near him. He told her how bad it would look for her if she went to prison. He mentioned that she would go to a real prison. She wanted to know what he said. Brady wanted to know where Maggie was. She told him that she used Victorís cars. Brady mentioned what Sonny told him. She said she thought of the funeral and needed a drink. He confronted her about lying to Sonny about him drinking. He didnít think she would betray him because she wanted another drink. Kristen talked to the Nicole mask about her plan. While Kristen was talking to the mask, Eric showed up to talk to Nicole.  Jennifer reminded Jack that he said she would go to prison for real and not pretend to be a guard. She said she pretended to be a guard to visit him in prison. She told him that he was accused of killing Peter. He didnít like what she was saying. She said he was getting his memory back. Eve told Xander that she wanted the diary to save Will. Xander didnít care if he died. Sonny wondered where Will was. He said he was checking on Arianna. He told Sonny that he didnít want a baby. He told him how he and Gabi conceived Arianna. Sonny wanted to know why he was bringing it up. Will said he was being punished for having a child. Sonny wanted to know why he thought he was being punished. Will said Arianna was confused because she had three parents. Sonny said she was loved by everyone. He said he was proud of her. Will said he hoped he was there to help her grow up. Sonny said he was there now and he was going to fight. He wanted Will to be positive. He didnít want to give up. Maggie said she was sorry. Brady said to keep it together. Maggie said she didnít want Victor to know she was drinking. He said it was okay for Victor to think he was drinking. He wanted to know where she went. She said she went to see Kate and she blamed her for Hollyís death. He said it wasnít her fault. Maggie said that Nicole said the same thing. He said Nicole was grieving. Kristen told Eric to go away. He said he wasnít leaving until she talked to him. He wanted to tell her that Xander was up to something. Eve tried to convince Xander that Will was young. Xander said Sonny could raise Arianna. Eve told him that she didnít want to watch Will die. Xander told her that they wouldnít stop at fixing Will. He said they would fix Jack too. Jack told Jennifer that he wasnít remembering anything. Jennifer said his memory was coming back. He said he had a wonderful life with Eve. She said it was out of his control. Brady wanted to know what Maggie remembered. She said she saw Kristen. Kristen let Eric in the room. He said Xander had Hollyís autopsy report and told her that he wanted her to think that Holly was alive. He was surprised that she was drinking.

Maggie told Brady that Kristen answered Nicoleís door. Maggie said it was Kristen. He asked if she said why she was in Nicoleís room. Maggie said she didnít say a word. She looked at her like she hated her and slammed the door. He asked if it was possible that she saw Nicole in a red dress. Maggie flashed back to what happened. Maggie said Nicole was there, but Kristen got to the door first. Maggie said it was her. Kristen said she was toasting to Holly. Kristen told Eric that she knew Holly wasnít coming back. She blamed him for why she was never going to see Holly again. Brady told Maggie that Kristen died in the explosion. She said Nicole and Xander were alive. She asked if he believed her. He said she was drunk and didnít realize what she saw. He said he was going to go to the room and check. He told her that if she went downstairs to drink, he wouldnít believe anything she said. Will passed out while he and Sonny were watching movies. Eve told Xander that Jack didnít want his memory back. Xander said he did. She said he was the mayor and had her. Xander said he would want his life back. Eve said Jennifer was an old hag who Jack wouldnít want. She said Jack wouldnít want the serum if it would give him a tumor. Xander thought Jack would be upset with her if he found out that she had a way to get his memory back. She said he was going to give him the diary anonymously. She said he would be free and clear. He said he liked having the diary so she was out of luck. Jennifer told Jack that he didnít have a choice when it concerned his memory. Jack wanted to know where JJ was. She said she didnít remember. He was going to get the guard to take her down stairs. Xander told Eve not to ask about the diary or he would tell Jack the truth. She said she would make him pay. While they were talking, Jack walked in. Jack wanted to know what she was doing with him. Jack wanted to know why Xander was with Eve. Xander said he was congratulating Eve. Xander said he would testify against Jennifer. Xander said he owed him. When Xander left, Jack asked if he was harassing her. He asked if something was wrong and she said it was. Will and Sonny were at the hospital. Kayla said his vitals were fine. Sonny said he wasnít fine because he passed out. Kayla wanted to do tests on him. Kristen told Eric that she wanted him out of her life. He told her that he was thinking about her. He wanted to help her. She didnít want his help. She said she hated him. He said they talked about spending the rest of their lives together. While they were arguing, Brady showed up and wanted to know what was going on. Jennifer said she was going to make sure that she brought Jack back. Eve told Jack that Will was one of Benís victims. She said it was good that one of his victims were brought back. She said that Will had a tumor. Xander wasnít ready to give the diary for him or anyone else. Kayla told Will that his tumor was growing. She said it was pushing on other areas of his brain. She said if it continued to grow that it wouldnít be good. Will wanted to know how long he had. She said it could be days. Eric struggled with Kristen and she lost her balance and fell. Brady broke in the room and wanted to know what Eric did.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lola teaches Kyle how to paint as they work together to paint the focal wall that Lola wants to haves in the apartment then they make love. Nate and Abby have their first date when Abby closes Society early for their first date. Abby and Nate share bad date stories with each other. Mariah and Tessa work together to find a new image for Tessa and then they drink wine and make love after a long day of choosing Tessa's new wardrobe. Rey comes home to find Sharon talking to Adam and after Adam goes home Rey tells Sharon Nick wants him to keep an eye on Adam for him. Sharon tells Rey that she was calling Chelsea for Adam because he couldn't bring himself to tell her he is alive. Once Rey and Sharon have shared their day with each other they spend their night making love. Devon and Elena both have a bought of insomnia so they sit on the couch and talk Elena tells Devon how much she misses her mother. Devon tells Elena how much he misses Hilary and Neil and they decide it is great to have someone to talk to that understand s their grief. Devon asks Elena to dance to one of Neil's blues records and then Devon and Elena kiss. Devon imagines Hilary standing at the top of the stairs watching him and Elena dance. Elena wonders what is wrong and then gets flustered about the kiss and tells him she wasn't thinking then she goes upstairs leaving Devon wondering why he is seeing Hilary. Adam has a dream about Chelsea in the dream he keeps calling out her name and chasing her suddenly Chelsea turns into Sharon who tells him she love him. Adam dreams that he and Sharon are making love but he is started awake when in the dream he hears a gun shot. Sharon comes downstairs and hears her phone when she picks up her phone it is Chelsea and Sharon tells her that there is something important she needs to know. Adam arrives home from his walk and answers a call the man on the phone tells him that he was right Chloe is alive and he has found out her whereabouts..

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