The TV MegaSite's Thursday 5/30/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt is at Liam’s but he is in shower when Flo calls to see what Wyatt is up to. He says the time together earlier was remarkable. Xander slips up on Zoe and startles her while on the laptop. He tells her that he loves her but he is worried about her. Before he can finish Maya comes in and tells them that Hope is ending her marriage. Then Flo walks in and gets in on the conversation. She says she heard about it last night and it is definitely not right. Zoe chimes in that Hope can’t. Liam joins Wyatt and says he thought Hope would eventually come out of her grief and all would be fine, but in the end it was not that. It was Liam himself that she blamed for holding onto their dream for so long. She has now finally decided to make it final, they will part. He cannot change her mind. Wyatt says this is awful. But he cannot stay in a dingy motel so he hands him the key to his place. Liam is not sure what will happen next but he’d like one more night with Hope, not to try to persuade her, but to give their marriage a more dignified ending than they had with Beth.

Steffy tells Hope she may be doing what she thinks is right, but no one else thinks that way. She may be hurting Liam more than helping him. Alone, Zoe tells Flo this is damning. Something needs to be done. Flo has a right to blame her for not speaking up sooner. Zoe starts talking about moving and Flo says no her life is here now, she is not going anywhere. She says Liam and Hope would not be walking away from each other if they knew Beth was alive so she doesn’t see any other thing to do but tell them. Liam asks Wyatt about his father and he replies strangely enough he is happy these days which of course is not always a good thing. Wyatt lets the cat out of the bag that he and Flo are definitely getting closer after last night. Hope drops in on Steffy. The girls are napping so she won’t disturb them. But she asks Steffy if one of the guest rooms is made up, she thinks today would be a good time to start with Liam using one. Phoebe cries so Steffy gets her and Hope holds her and gives her the bottle. Steffy tells her again do not do this. Hope tells Phoebe that she has the best daddy in the whole wide world. And she asks Steffy if she can still come over occasionally. Hope returns home and she and Liam engage in small talk. He says she will not have to put up with his cooking anymore. She claims she loves him and his cooking. She is surprised that he kept so many mementos from their marriage. He says he is not so sure he can see his future without her. She cries as he comforts her. Xander overhears Zoe tells Flo that she will carry this ugly scar on her heart the rest of her life. Her dad is in London and this is his story to tell. She won’t tell and neither will Flo. When Flo leaves, Xander comes back in and confronts Zoe that he knows her secret, the one where she wakes up night after night and crying that Beth is alive. He insists on knowing the full truth.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack showed Tripp the passports he was looking for. Jack told him that he broke the law by marrying Haley and now he was trying to break the law helping her escape. He said he could help Tripp. Xander decided to keep Hollyís autopsy report so he could have something to hold over Kristen. John told Eve that he wanted to see her about Rolf. He said the diary disappeared and he thought she stole it. Ben told Marlena that he needed her to hypnotize him so he could find out who set the fire. She wanted to know why he wanted to go through that again. Ben told Marlena that Eve attacked him not too long ago. Marlena reminded him that he killed Eveís daughter. He said Eve should be mad. He said he would regret what he did. He said he wanted to give his life if he would help his victims. He said he would try to be a good person. He swore he would never hurt anyone again. He said he didnít set the fire to the cabin. He asked if she believed him.  She said there was no proof. He said Eve would find proof. Marlena said Eve couldnít convict him of a crime he didnít commit. Ben thought Eve would find a way. He said he had to prove that he didnít set the fire. Ciara gave Claire Maggieís figurine. Claire was grateful that she fixed it. Ciara noticed that something was wrong with Claire. Tripp told Jack that he didnít know where JJ and Haley were. Tripp asked if Jack followed him. JJ said he was there when Rory was at the station. Jack flashed back to when he listened to Roryís conversation. Jack wanted to know where JJ and Haley were. Tripp said that it was his fault that he was never going to see JJ again. When Jack was about to arrest Tripp, Jennifer showed up and hit Jack in the head. Eve wanted to know what proof John had that she stole the diary. He told her how she went to Dr. Burns office for three minutes and had time to steal the diary. She wanted to know why she would want the diary. He said that she knew that it contained the serum that Jack needed to get his memory back. He said Jack would go back to Jennifer. Tripp told Jennifer that he had to give JJ the passport. She told him to be careful and wanted him to tell JJ that she loved him. JJ and Haley kissed each other.  Marlena told Ben that the last time she hypnotized him there was no indication that someone else was at the cabin. He thought that it might unlock something. She was willing to do it. Claire told Ciara that she loved Tripp and he dumped her. Ciara understood. Ciara told her that she was going through a lot. Ciara suggested that she talk to Marlena. Claire thought Tripp put her up to talking to Marlena. Claire said they thought she was crazy. Ciara said she didnít think she was crazy. Claire said she was upset over her break up. Claire said she knew she could win Tripp back. Ciara told her to talk to someone. Marlena hypnotized Ben. Ben told Marlena what happened the night the cabin was set on fire. She took him out of hypnosis. He said there was nothing new. He said he was missing something. He wanted to be hypnotized again. She said she kept asking him to remember what he saw. She wanted to try something different. Jennifer tried to wake up Jack. When he woke up, she asked if he was okay. He said someone hit him on the head and thought it was her. She said she didnít hit him. He didnít believe her. Xander was there and said she was lying. Eve told John that she brought Jack home to Salem. She asked why she would keep Jack from getting his memory back. John thought she did it to get back at Jack. He said she had it all, but the diary would have ruined everything. He wanted her to give up the diary. She said she didnít have it, but he didnít believe her.

Xander told Jack that Jennifer hit him in the head. When Jennifer was about to leave, Xander said he was making a citizenís arrest. She wanted Jack to tell him to take her hands off of her. She said she was the mother of his children. Jack was willing to take her to the police station. Eve said she didnít have the diary. John wanted to know why she was there. She said she went to talk to Burns about doing something for Paige. She wanted to know why he was interested in the diary. He said Will had a brain tumor because of the serum. He said the only hope was to replicate the serum so it could save Will. He said finding the diary was a matter of life or death. Tripp showed up at the cabin with the passports. Eli wanted to know why Jack and Xander brought Jennifer to the station. Jack told him that Jennifer knocked him out to keep him from getting to Tripp and the fake passports. Eli asked if it was true. Jennifer wouldnít answer. Jack told him to book her and find out where JJ and Haley were hiding. Tripp told JJ and Haley that Jennifer knocked out Jack. Tripp told them that Claire was the one behind the recording that got Haley deported. Ciara and Claire talked about Hope not having her job. Ciara told her that Eve attacked Ben. Ciara thought that Eve would do whatever it took to attack Ben. Marlena put Ben under hypnosis again. He told her what happened and what he heard. He said he heard music. She took him out of hypnosis. Jack told Xander that he remembered him selling him to Eve. Xander said that it was matchmaking. He said Jack owed him. Jack said he didnít. He said Eve was there for him and supported him. He didnít know where he would be without her. Xander said he would be with Jennifer. John told Eve that they didnít want to lose Will again. Eve said she felt that way when Ben took Paige away from her. John wanted her to help someone in desperate need. She said she wish she could. He asked her if she would say something if she knew where the diary was. He left her office. JJ was shocked that Claire sold out Haley. Tripp said Claire would help them. JJ said he didnít trust Claire. Marlena wanted Ben to tell her about the music. He said it was a few notes. He hummed it to her. She said he believed him, but it didnít prove that someone else was there. He thanked her for helping him. She told him to stay in touch. Eli told Jack that Jennifer didnít know where Tripp was. Jack said she would say that. Jack asked about Rory. Eli said he was under orders not to say anything. Jack went to see Jennifer. He said he would let her leave if she told him where JJ and Haley were. She said she couldnít tell him. She said it was his fault that their son was a fugitive. He said he wanted to bring their son home. He told her to enjoy her night in jail. She said she would rather be in jail than be near him. Xander went to see Eve. She wanted to talk to him. He told her that Jennifer attacked Jack. Eve told him that he had something she needed. She wanted him to give her the diary.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jax explains to Nina that he bought Crimson and that he wants to work with her to keep the magazine going stronger than it already is. Valentin shows up and clearly gets jealous. Alexis warns Jax that Valentin is not a good person. Jax is up for. the challenge. Alexis meets with Lucas to discuss Wiley and discovers who the father is. Julian goes to Sam and asks for help and she accepts it after finding out that Shiloh is the father.

Jordan gives Franco an award. Franco goes to taunt Ryan. Ryan suggests that he enjoyed taking credit for his crimes. Curtis tells Ryan to give him the kidney. Lulu and Elizabeth want to save Willow's job. Chase offers to throw Finn an engagement party.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Rey tells Sharon about his job interview for the position of head of security at Dark Horse and she gives him her blessing if he wants to take the job. Nick tells Rey he woukld be in charge of security at Dark Horse but he also wants him to investigate Adam so that he can protect his family from him. Nick asks Rey not to tell Sharon he is investigating Adam because Adam is vey manipulative and could get the truth out of Sharon. Rey doesn't want to lie to Sharon but when Nick tells him he only wants to protect Sharon Rey agrees to take the job and investigate Adam. Victoria wants Nick to help her come up with a pkan to handle Adam but Nick tells her he can't do anything because Christian would be hurt by any plan against Adam then Victoria takes matters into her own hands. Nick leaves his phone in the office and Victoria finds Chelsea's number and heads to talk to Adam. Victoria offers Adam $50 million and gives him Chelsea's nunber to leave town and be witrh Chelsea and Connor but leave Christian with Nick. Adam tells her all deals are off if the number she gave him doesn't belong to Chelsea. Adam calls the number but can't bring himself to leave a message so he heads to Sharon's place where she leaves a message for Chelsea telling her that she needs to talk to her about something very important. Billy\, Kyle and Jack set out to find out who is behind the company knocking off their products. Jack tells Lauren the situation and she knows its Phyllis so she calls Phyllis and tells her they must talk right away at Crimson Lights. Lauren is livid and getsPhyllis to admit that she is behimd the company so Lauren tells her she is giving her twellve hours to shut down the website and get rid of all the inventory or she will tell Jack everything and she is only givingher this tome because of their friendship. Kyle tells Jack that the IT department found out that the website for the fake company was developed in Genoa City.

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