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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke bursts in on Liam and says this has gone too far. He has to change Hope’s mind. They cannot play musical chairs. Wyatt and Flo continue their bedroom antics. Thomas makes a cute little speech to Hope thanking her for making the decision to leave Liam. It only makes him love her more. That seems to suddenly wake her up for a moment. Liam tells Brooke that Hope made her decision very clear. She says he still has to fight for his marriage. Because Thomas has it all figured out that Hope will be his with Douglas and Liam will fall back to Steffy. Liam says he will always love Hope and he has done everything he can think of and she is still not listening to him, but he won’t give up. Thomas tells Hope that was a huge step for her leaving Liam and he is getting ahead of himself perhaps but he cannot help but think in time they will be in synch. She says there is something he needs to get straight now. The man she loves, the man she will always love is Liam. He has an unhappy determined look. Afterwards Wyatt and Flo lay and have a little pillow talk. All is sweet until he gets a sudden phone call from Liam saying Hope is ending the marriage. When he repeats that to Flo she has an abrupt reaction and says he cannot let that happen. He does sense she is too emotional over his brother’s marriage but he appreciates her concern.

One more time Liam tells Hope that he loves her and he knows she loves him so this is not the way to end things. She says of course they love each other so do not doubt that. He says that is the hard part, as much as he does not understand her feeling, he knows this is tearing her apart too. She says every day that he is away from his kids she can not handle that. Those kids are depending on him and Douglas is depending on her. He says they can do all of that without tearing them apart. She cries again this is not about her feelings for him as she does love him. He repeats again that they can figure this out together. She waxes on about life would have been so perfect with Beth in this cabin but all of that flipped. It isn’t fair. Their lives would be so different if they had Beth. Wyatt tells Flo to tell him why she is feeling this way. She says too it is not fair that Liam and Hope are breaking up. He says he cannot think of anyone more loving and honest than Flo. He wants to know if this has anything to do with Phoebe. She says she got herself into a situation she could not handle. He tells her to leave it in the past. He is not going to let anything or anyone take that away from her. Hope looks at the ultrasound of Beth and then cries in Liam’s arms who is trying to hold it together.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire tried to find out through Tripp what he knew about JJ and Haley. Tripp refused to tell her anything. JJ and Haley tried to come up with a disguise for their photos. Marlena and John tried to figure out what happened to Rolfís diary. Jennifer asked Eli if there was any word on JJ. Eli thought JJ might have reached out to Rory for help. She said Rory was a drug dealer. When Eli showed her a picture of Rory, she didnít want to answer him. Eli said it would be better for him to bring JJ in than ICE. She said it was him. Jack wanted to know why Eve was obsessed with Ben. She said Ben killed her daughter. Jack wanted her to focus on finding Haley. She said she wanted him to pay. She said she had a way to bring him down. Jack wanted to know if she was going to frame him. Ciara told Ben that Hope was fired. He wanted to know why. She said to replace her with Eve. He thought that Eve hated him more than Hope. She said it would be okay. Ben noticed a smell on his clothes. Claire told Tripp that she wanted to help JJ and Haley. While they were talking, Tripp noticed a smell on his socks. She said she had a confession to make. Jack wanted to know if Ben set the fire to the cabin. Eve told him that Ben was a killer. Jack didnít want any secrets between them. She told him that Ben didnít set the cabin on fire, but she knew who did. Claire told Tripp that she spilled nail polish remover on his clothes. She told him that she dropped Maggieís figurines. He told her that he was a long way from forgiving her for what she did. He said Kayla told him that he was wrong for expecting her to get over him marrying Haley. Claire wondered if he was going to forgive her. Ben told Ciara that Claire used nail polish remover the day he went to the loft. He told her that Claire had Trippís clothes on the floor. Ciara wanted to know what he was saying. When JJ got off the phone from Rory, Eli ran into him. Eli questioned him about JJ. Rory said he hadnít heard from JJ. Eli wanted to check his bag. Rory didnít want him to check the bag.

Eli found weed in Roryís bag. Rory wanted his ticket, but Eli wanted to arrest him. John and Marlena were looking at Sethís surveillance. They saw how Eve stole the diary. Jack told Eve that she should say something if she knew who set the fire. Eve said the person who did it didnít deserve to suffer. He said he needed to know who set the fire. She said she needed closure for what happened to her daughter. He was willing to let her fry Ben. Ben told Ciara that he asked Claire about the lighter he had, but she got defensive. He told her that he noticed her weird behavior ever since he worked with Claire to break up her and Tripp. Ben wondered if Claire set the fire that almost killed her. Jack asked Eli if he found JJ. Eli said he didnít. Jack wanted to know who he had in the interrogation room. Eli said it was a friend of JJís. Rory called JJ and told him that he got arrested. Rory told him where the passports were. Claire told Tripp that she wanted another chance. He didnít know if he could ever forgive her for what she did. He said it was partly his fault. He said he would try to forgive her. Ciara couldnít believe that Claire would set the fire. Ben was convinced that Claire could have set the fire. JJ asked Tripp to pick up the passports from the park. Eve told Claire that she was going to get her off the hook for setting the fire. Eve told her that she wanted the lighter. Ciara told Ben that Claire wouldnít try to kill her. Ciara said Claire was capable of murder. He said he didnít think he was either. She said he was mentally ill. He said Claire might be too. He thought it was worth looking into. She didnít want to talk about it anymore. Jennifer told Eli that she might be able to get Rory to talk. Eli agreed to let her talk to him. Jennifer went to see Rory. John went to see Eve. She told him that a lot of criminals were going to get what they deserved. He told her to start with herself. Ben called Marlena. He told her that he needed her help. Jennifer tried to talk to Rory. She told him that she needed to find her son. She said he was in trouble. She wanted him to tell her where JJ was. Tripp looked for the passports, but couldnít find them. While he was looking, Jack had them.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam and Jason return to Shiloh's room where they inform him they found the paper and took everyone else's. Margaux comes to see him and is insistent that it must have been Jason who did this to him. Shiloh insists that Margaux needs to throw out any case or evidence made against him if Sonny brings one against him. Sam goes to see Kristina and gives her, her pledge. Kristina burns it. Sonny finds out that it was about Alexis and not him.

Jax goes to see Sonny and Carly about the importance of keeping a united front. Sonny and Carly seem to agree with him. He still wants to move in next door. Nina thinks that Sasha and Michael should be more than friends. Sasha insists that they have agreed otherwise. Nina goes to see Willow who is hugging Michael and she takes it the wrong way. Jason gives Willow her pledge for helping Kristina. Jax shows up in Nina's office.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil leaves very special and personal gifts to his family and friends the most significant are that he leaves the bulk of his estate to Lily so she can go out and find her happy ending. Neil leaves Jack as the head of the charitable foundation they started to help other people. Jack decides to name the newest treatmwnt center after Neil. Neil leaves Mattie and Charlie a college fund and a trust fund and he leaves the same bequest to his son Moses. Neil leaves Devon his share of Hamilton Winters but he wants him to put his cousin Nate on the board of dorectors Nate is nervous but Devon is happy to have him on the board. Neil challenges Devon to pay it forward and do random acts of kindness every day and always pay it fprward to those in need. Devon decides to make Ana Co- Director of LP the streaming music service because he has to spend more time keeping Hamilton Winters afloat. Neal also leaves Nate his penthouse and Nate is very touched by Neil's gifts to him. Lily makes it clear to Cane that she still wantsa divorce and then makes a quick exit after the reading of the will. Cane takes his ring off and then calls Traci because he needs to talk. Ashley tells Jack that there is a company in china that appears to be coping his logo and his products from Jabot collective Jack tells Ashley he isn't worried but after Ashley leaves to go to the airport he texts Billy and Kyle telling them he needs to have a meeting. Sharon shoes Mariah Drucilla's jewlery that Neil left her to remember her friend Dru. Mariah tells Dru that ever since she encountered the stalker she has been considering a career changeand Sharon encourages her to find something she loves to do. Devon is listening to one of Neil's records alone whenElena arrives and he asks her to dance with him. Lauren warns Phyllis she is headed for a fall if she continues to seek revenge against the Abbotts and Jabot but Phyllis insists she is doing nothing wrong.

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