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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With her voice breaking, Hope tells Steffy this is what she has to do for the two girls. She knows it is a lot to process. Steffy says she had no idea Hope was thinking this way. And even if Hope leaves Liam does not mean she will end up with him. She has made her choice to live her life alone and is doing that. Hope begs again to please consider everyone, the girls and Douglas and be with Liam. Not long afterwards Ridge stops by to talk and she says if it is about Hope and Liam then she already knows. Thomas and Douglas drop in on Hope who was almost ready to cry. Douglas says he missed her and loves her so much; he can’t stop hugging her. She admits he gives the best hugs in the whole wide world. Flo and Wyatt come in from their swim. He says he promised to take her on a date so they can go out anyplace she’d like. She says they have the whole place to themselves and a chef’s kitchen so she’d like to just stay here and cook for him. He says she does not have to do that but if she does, then dessert is on him. Steffy tells her dad that Hope is in turmoil. It’s getting very complicated. She thinks she is denying Liam being a family with his girls and wants to free him to do that. Flo and Wyatt kiss and after a while he says he thinks it is getting pretty hot in here. She says they probably should slow it down a bit. She knows he has gone through a lot with Sally but Wyatt says she knows they are seeing each other. He had to be totally honest with her as that is so important in relationships. At the word honest she grabs him and kisses him again before he can say more. Then she takes his hand and leads him upstairs.

Thomas comes back to Hope’s. She was not expecting anyone and was already dressed for bed in a little frilly thin short outfit. He says he got Douglas’s bath but then Pam stopped by giving him this freedom for a minutes. He remarks that he thought he spotted something about her earlier and wants to know if all is okay. She confides that she and Liam are ending their marriage. Flo leads Wyatt to her bedroom and they keep kissing and she says she will never stop loving him. Both start peeling off each other’s clothes. Ridge tells Steffy that it might surprise her but he has to believe Hope has thought about this long and hard and this is what she really wants. Brooke disagrees of course but he is thinking of his child too and maybe she and Liam can find their way back to each other. Thomas acts like he is speechless. He says maybe Liam finally realized he is doing the best thing going to the girls. Hope says she too did not want to spend one more day keeping him away from his family. She recalls what Caroline said in the letter and she wants to be that woman. That is what her life is about now. He is happy - from the time he got back to L. A. and she reached out to Douglas with her heart and made him feel loved again. It is an opportunity for everyone to be happy. He can never thank her enough. He hugs her and he looks at what she really almost has on and kisses her. She’s not sure what to do but looks at him intently.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric wondered why Xander tried to get Holly’s autopsy report. Sarah wondered if he thought Holly wasn’t dead. Kate ran into Will. He said he didn’t remember Tom and Alice. Will wanted to know what was happening to him. Kate asked if he remembered her. Brady told Victor that Nicole kissed him. Victor was suspicious of Nicole and Xander. Brady asked if he thought Nicole and Xander were working together. Victor said she probably was. Xander was impressed that Kristen was able to pull off being Nicole. Kristen told him that she would never die. She told him that she was never leaving the room again. He wanted to know why she wanted to come back as Nicole. She said she needed someone who was her height and built who was dead. He thought she wanted to do it to be with Brady. He told her to be with Eric, but she wasn’t interested in him. Will knew that Kate was his grandmother. He remembered that Tom and Alice were his great grandparents. Will thought he might not remember anyone. He said he would rather die than go through memory loss again. Sonny walked in Brady’s room and saw Maggie with the vodka. She said it was Brady’s. Brady defended Nicole to Victor. Victor thought Nicole wanted him for his money. Eric told Sarah and Rex that Xander wanted to let Nicole believe that Holly was alive. Sarah asked if Xander wanted to be with Nicole. Kristen said Holly was in a safe place. Brady talked to Victor about his relationships blowing up in his face. He said Maggie was the one who let him know why his relationships didn’t work. Victor said Maggie wouldn’t be in Brady’s bed if she was good at relationships. Brady wanted Victor to go easy on Maggie. Victor said she was tough. Brady told him that he was playing with fire by hiring Kate. Brady told him not to take his marriage for granted. Maggie thought Brady went through a lot and wasn’t surprised that he fell off the wagon. Sonny was glad that Brady had her as a sponsor. She said she loved Brady and would take him to the next meeting. When Sonny left, she drank the vodka. Hope and Ted met to celebrate. Will asked Hope if she was on a date with Ted. Xander told Kristen that she was going to a lot of trouble for Brady. She said she knew Brady loved her. She said what they had was real. He thought she was being unrealistic. She said he wanted to be with Sarah. She said Sarah was torn between two men. Eric told Sarah and Rex that he believed his theory was right. He wanted to warn Nicole. Rex stopped him from leaving.

Kristen told Xander that Eric would try to go after Sarah if she broke up with Rex. Xander didn’t like that. She said competition would be good for him. She said everything was working out for them. She mentioned how Ted ended up working for them. She was happy with how everything was working out. Xander thought their luck would come to an end if Ted found out about Holly. Will ripped into Hope for being with Ted after what he did to him and Sonny. Kate came by and asked if Will was okay. Will apologized to Hope for yelling at her. Kate said what Will said was true. Sonny confronted Brady about what Maggie told him about drinking again. Brady lied and said he was about to drink. Brady wanted to talk to Maggie. Maggie called someone so she could get a ride. Xander told Kristen that she would have a big problem if she got Brady back. He said Nicole would have Brady. Xander told her that Brady would notice that she wasn’t Nicole. Kristen said she made modifications to her body. She said Brady wouldn’t question being in bed with her. Xander thought Brady wasn’t smart which was why he would be able to run Titan. Rex didn’t think Eric should talk to Nicole. Kate called Rex and told him what happened with Will. She said his condition was getting worse. She asked if he found anything out with Rolf’s paperwork. He said he didn’t because it was in storage. He said he was going to get it. Maggie went to see Kate. Sarah wanted to know if Eric was going to see Nicole. He said he didn’t know. She said he would never give up on Nicole. He said he was sorry. She said she was sorry and that the kiss wouldn’t happen again. She wished him the best with Nicole. Brady went to check on Maggie and saw that she was gone. Kate told Maggie that she was drunk. Maggie said it was because of her. Kate said she was drunk because of what happened to Holly. Kate said Victor told her that Nicole blamed her for what happened to Holly. Maggie said Victor wouldn’t have told her that. Kate said he did. Kate told her to go see Nicole. When Xander tried to make a move on Kristen, she told him to leave. Maggie showed up at Kristen’s door. Kristen answered the door. Maggie was shocked to see her. Ted asked Hope if she was having second thoughts about being with him. She said he put his old ways behind him. He said he wouldn’t disappoint her. Kristen slammed the door in Maggie’s face. Xander ran into Eric. Eric told Xander to stay away from Nicole. Xander said Nicole was done with him. Maggie told Kristen to open up before she called the police. Nicole answered the door and didn’t know what she was talking about. Nicole called her a lush and told her to go home.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Kristina admits that she wrote an offering for Shiloh and it was about Alexis. Alexis is shocked to hear this. Sam and Jason get confirmation she was drugged. Sam admits to Shiloh that she had been playing him all this time and Jason and her reveal that they recorded her. They have proof to get him locked away forever. Shiloh tells them where to look and they find the offering at the light house. Drew and Kim prepare to leave for the mountain. They give a guitar to Joss before leaving.

Curtis tells Jordan what is going on with her heart and Ryan. She still doesn't want to stop working but Curtis forces her. Ava doesn't want to plead innocent but Scott gets Julian to convince her otherwise.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane signs his divorce papers from Lily and he admits to Michael he will always love Lily but because he loves her he has to let her go. Michael tells Cane that he is mentiooned in Neil's will but he doesn't have to go to the reading of the will if he doesn't want to he can tell him right now what Neil left him. Cane tells Michael he wants to go to make sure Lily is okay because she will always be important to him. The Abbott's face the heartbreaking decision of putting Dina in a memory care facility and in a moment of lucidity Dina says she knows what they want to do and tells them she doesn't want to leave her home. Dina locks herself in the bathroom and climbs through the bathroom window and runs away to the park. The Abbott clan is frantic looking for her and Canre arrives at the Abbott Mansion to talk to Traci and she tells him what is goijg on with Dina. Cane cal,s Traci down and assures her Dina will be found and stays with her until she gets news from the family. Cane tells Traci about signing the divorce papers and going to the reading of Neil's will later today. Jack finds Dina in the park listening to Tessa sing the music has calmed Dina and Tessa promises to go sing for Dina at the memory care center. Jack thanks Tessa for her help and tells him it has meant a lot to his family. The Abbotts gather to say a tearful goodbye to Dina with Jack taking it the hardest because he feels he has let down Dina. Abby tells Tessa she can also sing at Society as well as waitress as a thank you for helping with Dina. Nick tells Nikki that Adam wants custody of Christian so they will soon go to war over it and he just wanted her to prepare herself. Nick decides to hire Rey as head of security at Dark Horse. Nick also wants Rey to investigate Adam as part of his new job.

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