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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy remarks to Hope that it is nice that she has that bond with Phoebe. Hope thanks her for letting her spend all this time with Phoebe, means more than she can ever know. Flo is glancing around the house when Wyatt walks in. He says he had forgotten that she was living here now but he is glad to see her. And when he finds out all the others are gone and they are alone, he is even more glad he came. Ridge tells Brooke that he knows this is not what she wants to hear but perhaps it is the best that Hope’s marriage is ending. She wonders if someone has gotten to him. She says they should be supportive and not encouraging a breakup. She’s her mother and she is not going to give up. Ridge says he has two kids involved and Steffy is all alone. Brooke says that was her choice. That is no reason to gift her Liam. Hope can not give up on this marriage. That would be like putting a band-aid on a huge wound. The girls and Douglas will be fine and they can all still continue to be one big, loving family. Liam keeps ranting at Thomas for manipulating Hope when she is still going through her grieving stage after losing Beth. And now he knows what Thomas said about leaving Hope in good hands meant leaving her in his hands. And yet no one ever asked Liam how he felt about leaving Hope and going to Steffy and the girls. Liam says everyone knows Hope has the biggest heart and of course she would want what is best for the girls and for Douglas. But this is not the way. Thomas says he is not making Hope do anything she does not want to do. Liam says she may love Douglas but she will never love Thomas.

Steffy tells Hope that she does not need to give up Liam. She can come visit the girls anytime. Hope explains that she knows many will not understand this but she will try to pull back from so much with Phoebe and she does love Douglas so maybe he is the one she is meant to help raise. Caroline and Beth are gone but she and Thomas and Douglas are here and she cannot live with herself feeling this way. This is the only thing that takes her out of her darkness knowing all the kids are okay. She cries to Steffy to help Liam understand this. Wyatt asks Flo if she has been in the pool yet but she says no, but she is thinking about it today. He says they should go for it now. He even knows where they keep the guest swim suits. She says gosh she was hoping he might have to strip down to his skivvies. His eyeballs just about pop out of his head when she walks down the stairs in a gorgeous blue bikini. He strips down to a little more appropriate wear. Think someone is in for a fun afternoon. She's on!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Show is pre-empted today for French Open

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Show is a re-run today; find the original recap here

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Nate’s stops in to see Victor to deliver bad news to which Victor asks what the options are. Abbey and Nate flirt and Abbey offers to text him with plans for their date. Kyle and Lola wake up in the apartment, with Kyle teasing Lola that she snores. They flirt and make breakfast. Kyle suggests they remodel and Lola agrees. Kyle later texts Abbey asking if she can get Lola out of the apartment for a bit. Abbey shows up and suggests that she and Lola go shopping. When they are gone Kyle goes back in and begins unsuccessfully putting together a bookshelf. Lola returns and tells him she couldn’t love him more right now as they then make love. At Crimson Victoria fills in Billy on Adam’s demands. Victoria realizes how hard this must all be for Billy but he assures her he will not let his anger swallow him again. Meanwhile Nick shows up at the tack house and shoots down Adam’s requests. Adam encourages him to reconsider.

Victoria stops in to see Victor and demands to know if she is looking to hire Adam in a position above her. Victor gives her a response that she has certain qualities and so does Adam, which makes Victoria angry, and she tells him of Adam’s demands. Victor laughs at the demand of $500 million, as Adam arrives. He confirms everything that Victoria said and told him Nick has refused his demands. Speaking alone with Victor, he tells him he just wants to see how far his siblings would go. He is still determined to have a fresh start with Chelsea. Adam tells him that if he will help, he is all his and Victor winks at him. Later, Victoria meets Nick and fills him in on Adam and Victor. After she leaves, Nick makes a phone call and asks the caller to meet with him about Christian. Meanwhile Billy finds a frustrated Jack at Jabot. Jack fills him in on Dina and how it’s not safe anymore for her to be around people who care about her. Billy mentions Adam, but Jack tells him they will have to differ on that topic. Billy then tells him about the commitment ceremony with Victoria. Jack insists he isn’t interested in anyone when Jack asks him about women. Later, Jack picks up Claire’s business card but ends up calling Lauren instead.

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