The TV MegaSite's Friday 5/24/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy finds Liam still at her house when the girls go down for their naps. He says yes he just wanted to be around his daughter. She asks if it would help if she talked to Hope but he says he doesn’t think so. Brooke and Hope continue and Brooke reminds her that Liam is not Phoebe’s father. Hope replies but it is better that he be there for both of them. And it will be better for Douglas too. Ridge tells Thomas that it is true that Hope is drawn to Douglas for all that she has gone through. Feelings evolve and he understands how Thomas is feeling. Hope is suffering and Thomas thinks this is the answer to all the problems. Liam and Hope care for each other and he wants them to be happy but Thomas keeps saying it is the right thing to do for Hope, for Douglas and for his nieces. Brooke tells Hope that she does not care for Thomas like she has loved Liam all these years so this won’t work. Steffy tells Liam that Hope did this before in taking off her ring and gifting him back to her. She says she had no idea Douglas was so interested in Hope or she would have said something to Thomas. Guess she needs to talk to her brother. Liam says yes and expect to hear from the husband too.

Brooke wants to talk to Ridge and says it is about Hope. A lot has happened and she thinks she wants to end her marriage. Thomas tries to draw but Liam walks in and asks why he is smiling so much. And what got into his head to go to Hope and put all these ideas in her head. Oh he knows, it was for Douglas, of course. But he has caught Hope in her grief and added to her pain by bringing Douglas around so much. Liam says do not pretend to be so concerned. Thomas says he will never be happy that Hope is in pain but he thinks he has the answer to all of that. And Liam’s focus should be on Steffy and the girls, that is where his future is. Hope stops in on Steffy. Hope says that is the reason she came here when Steffy says Liam was here and she assures her that he can see the girls all he wants to and still be a husband. Steffy questions Hope about Thomas and surely she does not have feelings for him. Hope assures her she does not but this is the best solution for all the kids. This really is the way it has to be. Steffy says if this is the excuse Hope wants to use to end her marriage she will understand, but that does not mean she will end up back with Liam. Steffy goes to Phoebe and brings her out and Hope cannot wait to hold her. They talk about Phoebe being a Logan through Flo and Hope guesses she felt that the first time she saw her and held her. And she came to them now at the perfect time. And she is grateful to Steffy for opening up her home to her. Phoebe is so lucky to have Steffy raising her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie took a drink. She blamed Victor and Kate. Kate told Chloe that she should go home to see what was going on with Parker. Chloe agreed to leave. Victor thought Kate was up to something. Stefan and Gabi kissed each other. Nicole and Brady kissed. Eric told Sarah that he messed up with Nicole. She said he was a good man. They ended up kissing each other. Rex wanted to know why Xander had Hollyís file. Rex wanted to calls security. Xander said he could explain. Xander said he needed to check the file because Nicole was his wife. Rex said Nicole hated him so why would he want to check the file. Rex looked in the file. Eric apologized for kissing Sarah. He said he loved Nicole and couldnít give up on her. Brady stopped himself from kissing Nicole. She said she needed him. She asked if he was rejecting her. He said she was grieving. She told him to forget about Holly. She apologized for what she said. He said having sex with him wasnít going to help. She thought he turned her down because of what happened. She said she cheated on him with his brother. She said he hated her. He said he didnít. She wanted to forget about the past. Kate told Victor that she felt bad for Maggie. Victor said she was fragile. He told her that Maggie thought she was after him. He asked if she was. Gabi asked Stefan what he saw in Chloe. He told her why he was interested in Chloe. Chloe walked in and saw them in bed together. Chloe confronted Stefan about sleeping with Gabi. He wanted to explain what happened. Rex wanted to know what Xander was up to with the file. Xander said it was a family matter. Rex told him that he would call security if he didnít tell him the truth. Brady didnít want to sleep with Nicole. She thought it would get them through the pain. He said he couldnít do that to Eric. She said Holly was dead because of Eric. Brady said Eric loved her and Holly. He said what happened to Holly wasnít Ericís fault. He said Eric should be the one comforting her. Brady left the room.

Brady found Maggie passed out. He wanted to know what was going on. He wanted to know what was happening. She said she didnít have a drink. He said she was. Xander told Rex that he was doing something nice for Victor. Xander said Victor refused to believe that Holly was dead. He said if he had proof that Holly was gone, Victor would accept the truth. Rex said Maggie was upset, but he didnít realize Victor was. Rex told him to go to the police about the file. Rex warned him to stay away from Sarah. Chloe told Stefan that he hated Gabi. He said he did. He said it meant nothing. He tried to justify having sex with Gabi. Chloe was upset with him trying to blame her for why he had sex with Gabi. Brady wanted to know what was going on with Maggie. Maggie said Nicole blamed her for Hollyís death. She said Kate wanted to be with Victor. She said he refused to see it. She said she needed him, but he chose Kate. Brady said it was her imagination. She said she lost Holly and now she was losing Victor too. He tried to make her feel better about slipping. He wanted to help her. He said they were going to a meeting tomorrow. She asked him not to tell Victor. He said he wouldnít. He wanted her to sleep it off in his room. When they were on their way upstairs, Victor walked in and wanted to know what was going on. Brady said she was going to rest in his room. Victor wanted to talk, but she didnít have anything to say to him. Sarah apologized for the kiss. He said it was both of them who did it. She said she had a wedding to plan and he loved Nicole. She said the kiss never happened. She said it never would again. Rex showed up and asked what was going on. She said it was a tough day. Eric and Sarah said Nicole kicked them out of the funeral. Xander went to Nicoleís room and told her that he changed the autopsy. He said he was caught by Rex. He told her that lie he told Rex. He said that Rex was upset about being with Sarah. Nicole wanted him to be focused. Gabi and Kate met to talk about Chloe catching Gabi with Stefan. Kate told her that Chloe might forgive Stefan. Gabi didnít think so. Kate still thought Stefan would convince Chloe to take him back. Gabi thought that she would marry Stefan and take all of his money. Kate said that he might blame Gabi and she would lose him. Stefan let it slip to Chloe that he was with Gabi before. She was upset that he was with Gabi. He told her what happened when he saw Gabi in his room. He said he would never be with Gabi again. Rex told Sarah and Eric that he met Xander. Rex told them about the lie Xander told him about looking at Hollyís file. Nicole told Xander that she only wanted Brady. Brady told Victor that he needed to fire Kate. Victor said there was nothing going on between him and Kate. Brady said he needed to fire Kate. Victor said he would fire Kate if he fired Xander. Brady said he couldnít. Victor said Kate was going to stay. Nicole told Xander what happened with Brady. She thought Brady would give in to her. Chloe told Stefan that nothing was going to happen between them. She told him she was moving out because he had sex while she was grieving a child. He said he would do anything. She said to stay away from her. Kate warned Gabi that she might fall in love with Stefan. Gabi said she wanted the money and power.  She said she would kick Stefan to the curb after she got what she wanted. Brady told Victor that he couldnít fire Xander because of what would happen to Nicole. Brady said Nicole kissed him. Nicole Xander that she kissed Brady. She told him that the plan was about Brady. Nicole turned out to be Kristen.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mariah comes face to face with her stalker an obsessed fan named Jarred and just before Mariah gets in real danger Tessa arrives and takes a picture of the guy and tells him that he doesn't leave town and stay away from Mariah they will call the cops. Mariah thanks Tessa for rescuing her and then Tessa tells Mariah that she doesn't like the changes Ana made to the song. Tessa also shows Mariah the wardrobe changes Ana wants to make which are not really her either. Mariah accompanies Tessa to Ana's where Ana tells Tessa its my way or the highway so Tessa tells Ana to burn the contract and walks out. Rey tells Lola he is moving in with Sharon and gives them the keys to his apartment.. Kyle moves in and Lola takes the night off to celebrate but she burns dinner because she is concentrating too much on Kyle. The happy couple decide to make love first and order dinner in later. Rey moves in with Sharon and Faith and they welcome him home with a hand drawn welcome home sign. Rey gives Faith two books as a gift and then they go over the house rules. Adam meets with Nick and Victoria and he demands three things to leave town $500 million dollars, Connor and Chelsea's whereabouts and custody of Christian. Nick tells him that he isn't getting custody of Christian and he intends to fight for his son. Nick tells Victoria he doesn't know where Chelsea is but she texted him recently but she doesn't want to get Chelsea involved in this mess. Victoria tells Nick that Chelsea deserves some warning that Adam is looking for her and she knows he will make the right decision. Nick gives the situation some thought and then calls Adam to tell him he has made a decision.

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