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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy and the girls are home safe. Hope shocks Brooke by saying she made a tough decision by telling Liam that she is ending their marriage. Brooke takes a big breath and says she cannot keep doing this to Liam. Hope says yes she married Liam but circumstances have changed. Likewise Thomas ends up talking with his dad while they are working and he says things are going great with Hope and he hopes Ridge will see it that way too; best for Liam to be with Steffy and the girls and Hope has said as much. And Hope wants to be the mommy in Douglas’s life so all will be happy. Ridge says of course he wants everyone to be happy but he has learned over the years that no one can accept everyone’s advice and re-position their lives to suit others. Liam tries to tell Steffy his news about Hope but Steffy is super busy with her girls and can’t settle down to listen just to him. He’s going nowhere and keeps suggesting she could take a nap while the girls are down or will be there when they do wake up. Thomas tells Ridge that he and everyone else knows how he loves Hope so he hopes he won’t interfere. Ridge says surely he knows that Hope is in love with Liam, always has been. Thomas throws out some psychobabble and Ridge says he has been listening to his mother. Thomas says yes she trained him well. Brooke tells Hope that she thinks the only thing in the way here is that Hope does not feel good enough, but she is. Slowly Liam says more about Hope and how devoted she is to Douglas. Right now he is the only child she can think about and he feels the same for her. And he knows Thomas is her brother but he has his own agenda. She and Hope are now on the same team and are pulling together for Liam to be with Steffy and his girls and she with Douglas. Steffy says Thomas can be tenacious but he can be told no. Liam says yes but not if Hope doesn’t want to tell him no.

Hope tells Brooke she will always love Liam but she cannot give him what he wants and needs so she is doing what he does want, his family with Steffy. Brooke tells her if she goes through with this she will be making a mistake. Hope replies that the only mistake she made was going to Catalina and then losing Beth there. Steffy can focus on Kelly and Liam will have both Kelly and Phoebe and Hope will have Douglas who is yearning for a mother. It is the only way she can ever live with herself. Phoebe wakes up and Liam goes to get her and gives her a bottle. This leaves Steffy alone and she quickly looks at the fantasy photo on the wall. He waxes on that he missed her and the girls so much. And he does not want to hurt Hope but the more he fights for his marriage the more he feels like he is tormenting her and not accepting her wishes. So maybe Hope is right that love is just not enough to build a sturdy marriage on. Steffy assures him that her door is always open and he can spend as much time as he wants with Kelly and Phoebe no matter where he sleeps at night. Her heart just melts when she sees him with the girls. This will always be his home.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rex and Sarah tried to convince Eric to go to the funeral. Eric said he wasnít giving up because Brady was going to talk to Nicole. Chloe went to see Brady. She told him that Nicole ripped into her. Chloe told him that she wanted to see Maggie. Maggie saw Victorís note that he had an errand to run. He said he would meet her at the church. Victor met with Kate. She told him that she saw Xander with Nicole. Xander went to see Nicole. He was upset that she was wearing a red dress. He told her that she lost her mind. Gabi went to see Stefan. He told her that it was over and that he was committed to Chloe. Maggie was drawn to the alcohol. Before she could go to it, Chloe walked in to check on her. Chloe gave Maggie the necklace she gave Holly. Chloe said she wanted to bury it with Holly, but Nicole didnít want her input with the funeral. Xander reminded Nicole that no one was supposed to know they were working together. Brady showed up while they were talking. Kate told Victor that Xander came out of Nicoleís room. She said they were shaking hands. He wanted to know if she heard what they were saying. She said she didnít. He wondered what they were up to since Nicole canít stand Xander. Nicole let Brady in her room. Nicole told him that she kept thinking of Holly. She wanted to know how she was going to say goodbye to Holly. He said Eric wanted to come to the funeral. She said no. He wanted her to consider it. He tried to convince her to let him come. She agreed to let him. He wanted her to forgive Eric. She said she would never forgive him. Eric told Sarah and Rex that she only wanted to be around Brady. Sarah thought it was weird that she felt that way about Brady since she hated him. Eric said Brady fought for Holly. Eric was glad that Brady got Xander out of Nicoleís life. Brady offered to give Nicole a ride home. She said she needed to be alone. He noticed the cologne in her room and asked if someone was there. Gabi told Stefan that she didnít want to see him for sex. She said she wanted to see Chloe because she lost Holly. Gabi said Arianna was best friends with Parker. Gabi suggested bringing Arianna over so she could spend time with Parker. Stefan was surprised. Maggie talked to Chloe about Kate trying to ruin her marriage. Chloe told her that she should stop her. Kate wondered why Brady gave Xander a job. Victor wouldnít tell her. Victor thought something was going on between Nicole and Xander. Eric found out that he could go to the funeral. Rex couldnít go because he had to go to the hospital. Sarah said she would go with Nicole, but she didnít think it would be right.  Nicole wanted Xander to go to the hospital and break into the files so it could look like Holly died.

Gabi ran into Kate. Gabi said they were on the same page about getting revenge on Stefan. Kate told her that she should have learned her lesson about scheming. Gabi said she would never give up getting back at him. She apologized for blackmailing her. She wanted to be friends with Kate again. Gabi said she missed her. Kate told her not to make her regret it. Eric tried to reach out to Nicole. She told him not to hold his breath. She wanted him to leave. Sarah tried to defend him, but she wanted both of them to get out of her face. Gabi told Kate her plan to get back at Stefan. Kate warned her that she could fall in love with him. Gabi said she wouldnít. Gabi said Chloe is in the way of her plan. Gabi wanted her help to get rid of Chloe. Kate was willing to help her. Xander broke into the hospital. He found her file. Nicole told Brady that Xander was out of her life. Victor showed up and asked why they were chummy. Gabi called Stefan. He wanted to know why she was calling. She lied to him to get him to come home. He said he would come home. When Chloe came out, he lied to her about taking care of DiMera business. Victor told Nicole that she was shaking hands with Xander. She asked if he was spying on her. He said Kate saw them. Maggie showed up and asked if Kate was his errand. Nicole said Xander tried to kiss her. She lied about why she shook hands with Xander. Brady said it was enough. When Maggie tried to defend Nicole, Nicole ripped into her. She blamed Maggie for not looking out for her daughter. She wanted Brady to get her out of there. Rex caught Xander at the hospital. Rex realized that he was the one who slept with his fiancťe. Victor apologized for Nicole attacking Maggie. Maggie yelled at him for meeting with Kate. Kate showed up and wondered why she was yelling. Maggie continued to yell until she left. Eric told Sarah that Nicole hated him. Brady took Nicole back to her room. She said she appreciated him helping her. When Maggie went home, she poured herself a drink. Kate lied to Chloe to get her to go back to the mansion. Gabi tried to keep Stefan from going back to the funeral. She tried to come on to him, but he didnít want her to. He ended up kissing her. Eric kissed Sarah. Rex confronted Xander about hitting on Sarah. Xander apologized. Rex saw the file he had and wondered why he had it. Brady apologized for everything he did. She said that was in the past. She ended up kissing him.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Chase tells Michael to take Willow home which she is reluctant about. Brad and Lucas argue over the fact that Willow is clearly Wiley's mother. They run into one another and Willow continues to make her case to Brad who doesn't want to listen to them. Jason and Sonny listen in on Shiloh and Sam. They go after them when they think Shiloh is about to rape her. Shiloh sneaks her out though and takes her to the light house.

Laura finds Kevin and discovers what happened in town. Jordan finds out and goes into cardiac arrest. Monica says she might not have more than a week if she doesn't get a transplant. Curtis points out that Ryan is a match. Ava pulls a gun on Ryan as they talk.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nate goes to Society to check on Abby and she unburdens herself to him about her latest crisis while doing so she cuts herself and Nate bandages the cut so to thank him Abby asks him to dinner as friends and Nate is happy to say yes to her invitation. Jack visits Adam at the hospital and he fills him in on everything that has happened with his sisters and brother since he has been gone. Jack asks Adam if his memory loss was real and assures him that he won't tell anyone the truth. Adam swears to Jack that his amnesia was real but now he doesn't know what he will do with the rest of his life. Jack advises Adam not to get involved in the Newman Enterprises chaos again and use this second chance as a fresh start to his life. Paul arrives after Jack leaves to go home and take care of Dina because Traci called and said she needs his help with Dina. Paul tells Adam someone confessed to shooting him but Paul thinks the story is to easy but he shows Adam a picture of the guy and Adam tells him the guy was mad because he won a lot of money from him. Nate tells Adam that he can leave the hospital but he has to take it easy and take some medication. Cane tells Traci that the man he coached at his new job got the job he wanted and he feels like he made a difference because he helped a former prisoner get a fresh start in life. Traci imagines kissing Cane and then gets flustered and leaves Cane to go back home. Jack doesn't want to put Dina in a facility but Traci persuades him it is for the best given today's incident where she couldn't find the bathroom and got a bit aggressive with Traci but the two siblings are unaware Dina is listening to their conversation. Jack also calls Ashley who is on her way home to help them pick the best place for Dina. Adam texts two people and says he wants to meet with them at Newman Enterprises. Adam also texts the person helping him and thanks the person for getting a fall guy and that the man has already been arrested. Adam also tells the person that plans have changed and he won't be going back to Vegas. Adam thanks the person for all they have done to help him and tells the person good-bye. Adam late heads to Newman Enterprises looks at the picture of Victor and tells the picture he is sorry but he is about to let him down.

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