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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope slips out of Douglas’s bed when he falls asleep. Thomas thanks her. He says he is glad she was here and she calmed him down just like Caroline would have. Flo is happy to be at the Forrester’s but she tells her mother that she has a problem knowing all she knows about Beth. Shauna tells her what she always does. Do not think of the past. She heard Quinn wanting her and Wyatt to get back together so she would be crazy to turn all of this down to just worry about Hope finding Beth. Shauna says she does not want to argue but they have worked so hard and deserve this. Hope returns home. Liam says he tried to text her. She says she went up to the main house and yes Thomas was there. Liam questions that with is it wise considering she is in Thomas’s orbit when he is going around telling everyone that he is in love with Hope. She says she knows he has a problem with that but she is beginning to believe that other forces are in play here. Wyatt talks to Sally and says from day one they said they would be truthful with each ther. She says she never wanted to hide anything from him. She knows she made a mistake. He says he too is not going to hide anything from her. He and Flo have agreed to see each other. Liam asks if Thomas made any moves on her. She says no, this feeling is all hers. Douglas needed her. No one is ever going to replace Beth in her heart but this is for the greater purpose. She says Liam is the only man she will ever love but now the children come first. He says it is not the ideal situation. He has lost a mother too and no matter the age, even an adult child – it sucks to lose your mother. This moment is too complicated for Douglas to understand but Douglas, Kelly and Phoebe will all understand in time.

Wyatt does not want to be cruel and he still cares about Sally a lot and this is only one date. She says she does not need details; she understands they have a history. Thomas sneaks back to Douglas’s room and re-reads the letter from Caroline that he wrote and forged her signature. Liam says he understands Hope wanting to help Douglas but she can without leaving her marriage. She says she knows what she has to do. She sees it so clearly. She has to end her marriage and let Liam go. The girls deserve him totally in their lives and Douglas needs her as his mother. Sally says actions have consequences and now she will have to pay for it. But she wants him to know that her feelings for him has never changed and never will. She kisses him. Flo keeps telling Shauna that all of this is her fault. If Hope knew the truth about Beth she would not be with Thomas. Douglas wakes and tells Thomas he was glad Hope was there, he loves her. Thomas ends up saying if that is the case then he will do all he can to make sure she is always there for him. Liam tells Hope that he cannot let her do this. She says do not try to stop her. Kelly and Phoebe adore him and she cannot give him that. Her mind is made up. He says this does not feel right and he does not want to cause her more pain and he sees this is killing her. She cries while he says but it cannot end like this. He needs one more night for them to close the world out, have a good dinner, watch a movie and be with each other. She cries all would be different if they had not lost Beth.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer was upset that Jack appointed Eve the commissioner. Jack said it was his decision. Jennifer said Eve didn’t have experience. Eve said she didn’t need it. Jennifer thought she was going to commit a crime before she solved one. Jennifer thought it was a mistake to pick Eve. Hope and Eli questioned Tripp about where JJ and Haley were. Tripp wouldn’t tell them. Hope said he would be in trouble like JJ and Haley if he didn’t help them. Ciara told Rafe that Lani lied to her about David being sick to keep Ben from seeing David. Ciara begged Rafe to give Ben a chance. Rafe said he would talk to Jordan to see if it was okay. Ben caught Claire while she was in the middle of burning Haley’s clothes. He told her he understood why she would do it since Tripp expected her to wait around for years for him. He told her that he didn’t like Tripp ever since he framed him for burning the cabin down. He told her that the lighter she had was the one that made him look guilty. He wanted to see the lighter, but she wouldn’t let him. When Hope and Eli were about to arrest Tripp, she got a text saying that she was fired. JJ took Haley to Smith Island. He told her they would be safe there until they went to Canada. He talked to her about his parents. Eve told Jennifer that he ruined things for Jack. Jennifer said Eve ruined things for Jack. Jack interrupted their argument. He wanted to talk to Jennifer in private. He told her change came to Salem. She said Eve wasn’t the right person for the job. She said she wasn’t going to let him ruin lives with the decision he made. She said she was going to reveal that they are con artists. When Jennifer left, Eve told Jack that killers like Ben wouldn’t walk free. Jack said he had the power to get rid of Ben. Eve said Ben was going to pay. Claire told Ben that she threw the lighter out so she wouldn’t smoke. He said he wished he saw it before she threw it out. She said they wouldn’t have believed him.

Lani apologized to Rafe for lying about the baby. She told him that Ben wasn’t stable enough to be around the baby. Rafe said it was his decision. Hope told Tripp that she couldn’t arrest him because she wasn’t on the force. Eli was willing to let him go since he didn’t have the order to arrest him. Hope warned him that he could go to jail with JJ and Haley. Eve thanked Jack again for giving her the power. She said her first order was going to be to get Haley. He brought up JJ. She said she wasn’t going to go easy on him. Jack said JJ could go to jail if he helped Haley get away. Lani told Rafe that he should have taken the job as police commissioner. He said he didn’t want to work for Jack. She hoped Jack would reconsider and give Hope her job back. When Hope and Eli went to the station, they ran into Jack. Jack asked if she got his text. She said she did. Eli told him that she was the best boss. Eve told her to turn in her badge and gun. She told them that she was the new commissioner. Tripp called JJ and told him that the police were looking for him. Tripp told him that Jack fired Hope. Hope was shocked that Eve was the police commissioner. She said it was nepotism. Eve said he didn’t hire her because she is his wife. She said she was going to take care of the bad guys. Hope gave Eve her gun and badge. When Jack and Eve left, Eli apologized for what happened to her. Rafe told Lani that Jack would never change his mind about Hope. Eli called Lani and told her that Hope was fired. She said she heard. She said Jack stopped by Rafe’s house and offered him the job. Eli told her that he met the new commissioner. Eve walked in while he was talking about her. She told him that his priority is to find JJ and Haley. Tripp went to the loft. Claire wanted to be civil with each other. He said he couldn’t look at her. She said he would have to because he couldn’t afford to move. He said he could get a second job. She said she was going to prove to him that she was worthy of his love. He told her not to bet on it. Jennifer and Hope met to talk about Jack giving Eve Hope’s job. Jennifer said she tried to talk Jack out of it but it didn’t work. Jennifer was afraid that Jack and Eve were going to make JJ and Haley suffer. Hope told her that they had a lead on where JJ and Haley were. She told her that they went to see Tripp and took him at his word.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle and Lola look for an apartment but they can't agree on an apartmet they both like to start the next step of their relationship. Sharon and Rey go to the park with Faith and it gets a little tense but Faith tells Sharon that Rey seems like a good guy and she thinks nd they he makes Sharon happy. Faith suggests they move in together and after Reyand Sharon have a talk they decide to move in together and Rey suggests that Sharon rent the apartmwnt to Kyle and Lola. Billy confronts Victor and makes it clear to him that he will do anything he has to do to protect his family from Adam Jett decides to go on tour but Elena decides to stay in town and think of her future. Michael persudes Devon to schedule Neil's will reading and tells him that he has a lot of life to live and Neil and Hilary would want him to be happy. Adam tells Victoria that he wants to talk to her and Nick as soon as he is recovered from his injuries. Victoria and Billy discuss a plan of war against Adam and they plan to strike before Adam can hurt them. Victor is happy that Nate tells him Adam coud get out of the hospital tomorrow because there isn't much time left. Victor also asks Nate if the test results are in and Nate tells him the results could be in tomorrow Adam gets a text from someone telling him that a fall guy has been found to take the blame for shooting him.

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