The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 5/21/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt continues to talk to Liam about how Thomas is manipulating Hope and being so blatant about it. Liam says yeah it is funny but Thomas lost Caroline and he and Hope lost Beth. He used to have a lot of sympathy for Thomas because of his loss whether he was romantic with Caroline or not. They both adored Douglas and shared a lot of history. But his sympathy has run out now and that guy just has to stay away from his wife. Liam laments that Hope is doing all she can each day to get through it and now Thomas is taking advantage of that. But how does one guy just stand there and let another guy ruin his marriage. With Thomas by her side, Hope holds and reads the letter from Caroline that Thomas forged and made sure she found. She is positive she is the woman in the letter that Caroline says she has a dream about picking to be a mommy for Douglas if something happens to her. That would be her hope. It gives Hope chills. She feels like Caroline is talking about her and who she had in mind. Thomas looks on soulfully. Hope says it is like Caroline knew the future and what might happen and here they are. She lost Beth and Douglas lost his mommy. Eric and Quinn welcome Flo and Shauna into their home and enjoy drinks. Quinn says it is really happening. Eric says they have talked about it and it really put a smile on Quinn’s face knowing they would be living under the same roof. He tells them of the gorgeous sight they are going to see when they wake up in the morning and see outside their window. Shauna says all of this came at a good time and they are ready to put their past behind them. Shauna asks if there are any rules about when to come in and gates are closed. Eric says no rules, just treat the place like their own as it is now. Quinn says she does not want them to be intimidated so just relax, put their feet up and live here like anywhere else. Shauna chirps it will be the Quinn and Shauna Show again. Flo keeps thanking them and Quinn says she needs to stop that. No one benefits more than she does. She has everything in Eric and this house. He fulfills all her needs but one thing….girlfriends. She needs that to have her back and she will have theirs. She says they have worked so hard and are such amazing women and she is so glad she can repay them for their goodness and honesty. So welcome to their new home and all that comes with it. And she is hoping that Flo and Wyatt will be close again now that Sally has moved out. Quinn wants a woman for him that will be principled, truthful and trustworthy exactly like Flo. Wyatt gets more drinks and Liam says he doesn’t know which is worse, a dude in the background trying to steal his wife or one upfront that just tells him what he is doing. Wyatt says well he knows both of them have been blindsided and learned their lesson. He says he would never defend Thomas but just listen perhaps part of this is trying to help his sister. They all know how he feels about her and that Liam belongs with her, Kelly and Phoebe. He has to be honest and ask if part of him feels that way too that he should be with them instead of Hope. He really is not doubting his love for Hope and knows he is devoted to her. But they really are not the same people they were before they were in Catalina. Liam says they can’t be; their daughter was born dead. Wyatt says that is not fair but then along comes another little girl and Liam has a second chance to have a daughter like Phoebe. Liam scoffs that he wishes he could clone himself. Wyatt says seriously Hope has told him he could be with Steffy and the kids and he can see him being pulled in that direction. Wyatt says he knows he will always have Kelly and Phoebe but there will always be that love between him and Steffy. Liam thinks it over and asks if what Wyatt is saying is that Thomas is right and Liam needs to go be with Steffy and the girls and Hope be with Thomas. Thomas continues to feed on Hope’s devouring the letter and when she says some things are just meant to be and finds you. As they ponder that point Douglas cries out for mommy.

Thomas and Hope run to Douglas in bed. He obviously has had a bad dream. He says he wants his mommy. Thomas sits on the bed and assures Douglas it was just a dream but he will be okay. Mommy is in Heaven but she is looking down on him and protecting him. Douglas pulls the covers over his head and says he wants to see his mommy. Hope then sits on the bed too and talks to him. She wants to see his face. She says if he shares the dream with her it will go away. It takes away the power. She says they can hold hands and she is going to send him so much love that he won’t be afraid again. He starts smiling and tells her that it did go way, just the way his mommy made it go away. Wyatt remarks to Liam that cannot be his call. He is just trying to be supportive to his brother and be his sounding board just now. Liam says of course he misses Kelly and Phoebe. They are growing up so fast and he does not want to miss a second of it. And yes he misses Steffy. He loves her spirit and the way she makes him laugh. And being apart from them is weird. Wyatt says as much as he disagrees with Thomas, he wants that too. Everybody just wants what is best for the children. Hope lays down besides Douglas and says she is sorry his mommy is in Heaven but she promises his nightmares will go away and he will be smiling and having fun again soon with his dad. Douglas wants to know if she will be there too. She assures him that she will never leave him but now it is time to go to sleep. He wants her to stay with him until he does so Hope snuggles in.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara talked to Ben about Claire and Tripp breaking up. Jack went to Rafe and told him that JJ ran off with Haley. Jack wanted Rafe to find them. Rafe told him that Hope was his boss and he was suspended. Jack said that he fired Hope. Lani wanted to know why. Jack said Hope didnít want to work with him. Jack wanted Rafe to be police commissioner. Claire went to see Eve. Claire blamed Eve for why she lost Tripp. Eve wanted to know what happened. Claire told her what happened. Claire also warned her about what would happen when she was upset. Haley told JJ that they would go back to Salem. She was afraid they were going to get caught. JJ said they could disappear. Rafe turned down the job. Jack said someone was going to get the job if Rafe didnít want it. Ciara told Ben that she wanted to be best friends with Claire again. He reminded her about the things Claire did to her. Eve didnít want Claire to do anything. Claire threatened Eve if she told Ciara what she did. Eve said the secret was safe. Claire said she did that before. Claire wanted her to fix it. Eve didnít know how. Claire told her to tell Tripp that she forced her to make the recording. Eve didnít think talking to Tripp would help. Claire told her that she was alone. Eve said she was there for her. Eve wanted her to accept what happened and let Tripp go. Claire said that wasnít going to happen. Eli went to Tripp to find out where JJ and Haley were. Tripp said he didnít know. Claire showed up. When Eli left, Claire apologized to Tripp for what she did. She asked him for another chance. Ciara told Ben that she was going to talk to Rafe about him getting to see David. Lani asked Rafe if he was going to consider the job offer. Rafe didnít want the job. She told him to take the job. Rafe didnít think he would want to work for Jack. Lani said she had his back no matter what he decided. Jack and Eve talked about who was going to be the police commissioner. Haley told JJ that she felt bad for ruining Trippís life. JJ felt bad for what Jack did to her. He couldnít believe the people voted for Jack. He said he didnít want to go back. He said ICE would never stop chasing them. He said they could go to Canada. He said he could go with her.

Ciara went to see Rafe. Rafe told her that he and Hope were getting divorced. Eli told Jennifer and Hope that Tripp didnít hear from JJ and Haley. Eli told her that he wasnít giving up. Hope told her that they were going to find JJ. Hope told Eli that she was about to be fired. Ben ran into Eve. Eve said she couldnít believe that he was a free man. She thought things might be different now that Jack was mayor. He said they couldnít do anything to him since he didnít do anything. She said he killed three people. He said he was sorry for that. She said her daughter was dead because of him. She reminded him about the fire. He said he was sick when he killed people. He said he was better now. She didnít want to exist with him. He said they had to co-exist with each other. She slapped him. Haley asked if JJ would give up everything to be with her. He said he would. Jack stopped Eve from attacking Ben. Ben told Jack that she attacked him before. Jack told him to leave or he would have him arrested. When Ben left, Jack told Eve that they had the power now. Ciara told Rafe that she thought he and Hope would work through their problems. Ciara said she felt sad. Rafe said they had too many problems to overcome. Tripp told Claire that he was never taking her back. She told him that he was acting as if he never made a mistake. He said Haley was gone because of her. He said JJ was in trouble and could go to jail. Claire said it wasnít her fault. He told her to go home. She said the loft was her home until he kicked her out. She said he hurt her when he did that. She told him that she wanted to stay. He said he hated her. She said she wasnít leaving. He said he would. Jennifer showed up at the town square. Jack asked her about JJ. She said he didnít care. He said he did. She ripped into him for what he did to Haley. She blamed him for why JJ was gone. Jack said Haley admitted to using Tripp and now she was using JJ. He said he loved JJ and wanted him back. He said they were on the same side. She said they werenít.  Eli and Hope were trying to find a clue as to where JJ and Haley were. Eli told her that he knew where they were. Jack was sworn in to office. Jack told everyone that he was removing Hope as commissioner. He said he had a qualified replacement. Rafe wondered why Ciara was there. She told him that she came by to talk to him about letting Ben see David. She told him that Lani said David was sick. Jack announced that Eve was going to be commissioner. Claire got Trippís clothes and threw them on the floor. She was going to light them on fire. Ben showed up at the loft before she could light the clothes on fire.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Finn proposes to Anna on stage at the Nurses Ball and she accepts. They go to a hotel room and celebrate in private. Cam goes to visit Joss at Sonny's house and gives her a DVD that Oscar made her. Oscar tells her she needs to be able to move on without him and wants her to perform their son at the ball. She goes to the ball where Cam sings a song. Franco also performs with Obrecht.

Laura and Curtis wake up and call the police. They try to warn Kevin but Ryan ends up at the Metro Court and knocks out Kevin backstage while Ava performs on stage. Chase is made aware that Ryan is alive. Nina discovers that Willow had a child and Shiloh overhears them talking.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lauren tries to play machmaker between Jack and Claire one of her most trusted Fenmore's employees Claire likes Jack very much but when she tells him Lauren mentioned he likes Thai food then he knows Lauren set him up with Claire. Claire gives Jack her card in case he is ready to date in the future and later Jack tells Lauren that he is taking himself off the market for now because he wats to concentrate on business. Abby, Nikki, Nick and Victoria go into protect Victor and the family mode when they find out from Victor that Adam's memorysuddenly returned after he got shot. Victor makes it clear to his family that he doesn't need to be protected from Adam and he demands that everyone help Adam return to his life. Nick tells Victor that he may never be able to make them a familywith Adam because he has hurt them all too much. Adam calls someone to tell them he has been shot and although he is fine he knows who shot him and he needs to find a fall guy to shut down the police investigation. Victoria visits Adam in the hospital to let him know that she will never forget all he has done to hurt the people she loves.

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