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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope walks in and demands Zoe and Flo tell her why they were talking about Beth. Zoe practically chokes on her words but just says the same old thing; they are so sorry for what Hope has had to go through the last few months. She looks at Flo but she says nothing, just takes a big gulp. Wyatt says he feels like kicking Thomas’s ass himself. Liam says at least Thomas is right up front and acknowledging it. Meanwhile Thomas is looking at one of Caroline’s letters and trying to copy her handwriting. Flo finally says just what Zoe said, they feel so sorry she has to go through this and knows no words will make it better. Hope admits this is the hardest thing she has gone through and she is always emotional. They are so glad when Hope leaves and they know she will never just resume life as she knew it. Flo still says she wishes she could tell her the truth. Liam tells Wyatt that he and Sally had a very good thing and he wants Wyatt to make sure he wants to throw that away. And Flo, where does she fit in. Wyatt says they will take it slow but he wants to take her out on a date and see where it leads. They were each other’s first loves and may always be. Shauna comes in and Zoe says Hope just left and it was a close call. She mentions again that she still suggests they go back to Vegas but Shauna says none of that, they are staying right here. Zoe says they are just tempting fate. Shauna throws it back to her that perhaps she is the one who needs to go back to London and be with her daddy, the baby switcher.

Thomas catches Hope when she returns to Brooke’s and he says she is crying and he knows she is thinking about her little girl. She says she tries not to think of that night but something happens and she cannot help herself. He says he understands. It is that way with Caroline being gone. He tells her that he received a big box today of Caroline’s belongings. He is going to wait and show Douglas tonight and he asks if Hope would please be there. Knowing how Caroline adored Douglas he is sure there is something very important in there. Flo tells Zoe that her dad took Beth away from Hope and if Steffy knew she would give her back in a second. Thomas escorts Hope upstairs and says maybe they should open the box now. She replies yes. Thomas reads the letter out loud how Caroline saw this day possibly coming and her wanting a loving woman out there who needs a child and Douglas needs a loving mother. That would be ideal. Hope listens in silence and when he is done she says she thinks she is that woman Caroline is talking about.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John and Marlena talked about Jack and Eve winning the election. Will and Sonny joined them. Sonny told them that the first round of radiation didnít shrink the tumor. Will blamed himself for why he had the tumor. Maggie walked in on Kate and Victor talking. She wanted to know what was going on. Rex wanted to know where Sarah was. She said she was with Eric. Brady told Eric that he got Xander to divorce Nicole. Nicole told Xander that her plan went off without a hitch. He said it was his plan too. Will told John and Marlena that the serum he took to get his memory back was the reason why he had the tumor. Marlena said it wasnít his fault. Will blamed her for why he had the tumor. Victor told Maggie that he and Kate were talking about Titan. Maggie thought Kate should have spoken to Brady. Kate said they were talking about Brady. Maggie thought she was trying to undermine Brady. Kate said he did it to himself when he hired Xander. Nicole and Xander continued to talk about having it all with their plan. He told her that he enjoyed being her husband. He said he would be a better CEO than Brady. She told him that good things come to those who wait. Brady and Eric talked about Nicole. Eric told him that it might be over between him and Nicole. Maggie didnít believe that Brady would hire Xander. Kate said he did. Maggie wanted her out of her house. Will yelled at Marlena for giving him the serum. He told her that he forgot about Holly being dead. John stopped him from yelling at her. He said Will begged her to give him serum. Will ended up forgetting that he yelled at Marlena. Sarah told Rex that Xander was back in town. Rex didnít like it. She said Xander made a pass at her. Xander told Nicole that he got what he wanted. She said he was arrogant and annoying. He kissed her. She told him that she would screw things up for him at Titan. He didnít think she would. She told him that she would make sure he was out at Titan. He said he would rock her world. He said he made women happy. He said he made Sarah happy. Rex was upset that Xander made a pass at Sarah. She said nothing happened. He wanted to punch Xander. She said Eric already did it. Brady continued to make Eric feel better about Nicole being distant to him. Eric told him that he wasnít going to the funeral. Brady convinced him to go. Eric wanted Brady to talk to Nicole.

Will didnít remember what he did. Sonny said he blamed Marlena for the tumor. Will said he wouldnít do that. He realized that he did. He apologized. Marlena said it was all right. Will thought it was the same thing that happened with Holly. He apologized again. She said she loved him. She said they would sort everything out. They all took Will to the hospital. Brady agreed to talk to Nicole, but he didnít want to do it right away. Eric wondered if he should go to the funeral. Brady thought he should go because it would be important to Nicole if he did. Nicole told Xander that she enjoyed ripping into Eric. Xander said Eric was a wimp. Nicole agreed that he was a wimp because he didnít stand up for himself. She said Sarah could have him. Maggie told Kate to leave. Maggie told her that she wasnít welcomed in her home. Kate said it was Victorís home too. Kate wanted to get past this. Maggie didnít want to. Kate reminded her that their children were going to get married. Maggie said Sarah was making a mistake marrying Rex. Kate said she was going to leave. Maggie told her not to come back. When Kate left, Maggie ripped into Victor for not seeing what was going on with Kate. Victor knew that Kate was going after Bradyís job. Maggie said Kate was after him. Sonny told everyone at the hospital what was going on with Will. Kate asked Rex if he knew anything about the serum since he worked with Rolf. Rex was going to check his notes to see if he noticed anything. Victor told Maggie that Kate wasnít interested in him. Maggie said Kate was always being inappropriate with him. She reminded him that he stayed and drank with Kate when Holly died. Xander told Nicole that he was better for Sarah than Rex. He thought he would have had seconds with Sarah if Eric didnít walk in. Nicole was surprised that Eric moved on from the love of his life. She thought she was able to move on too. She thought he wanted her to get Eric out of the way. She said Rex was in the way. Xander said Eric was the one in the way. When Maggie cried over Hollyís picture, she noticed her figurine in the garbage. She called Kate and blamed her for breaking her figurine. Kate denied doing it. Maggie said she did it to hurt her. Kate didnít have time to listen to her accusations. She told her that Will was in the hospital. Maggie wanted to know what happened. Kate said he had a setback. Kate hung up on her. Maggie touched a bottle of alcohol. Nicole wanted Xander to leave. She thought Maggie would provide them with some excitement. She told him how Maggie was about to drink. Marlena told John that they needed Rolfís diary. John thought it was easier said than done trying to find it. She was determined to find it. He said he would find it.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

The Nurses Ball starts. Epiphany and the nurses start the evening off and everyone applauds. Kristina and Joss watch from home and Kristina notices that Sam is with Shiloh and starts to freak out when no one takes her seriously. Alexis and Neil end up sitting at the same table and Jax talks with them for a little bit. Sam and Shiloh are informed by Peter what is going on with Molly's story. Maxie thinks that Sam is involved with a cult leader. Kristina shows up and tells Shiloh to get away from her.

Finn finds the ring and tells Sonny what is going on. They are able to convince Mike to take the ring that Robert bought him. Anna confronts Robert about them not being together anymore. Robert allows Finn to propose. Cam finds Joss and tells her that he has a message from Oscar about her performing.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Sharon hears the gunshot and calls out to Adam. Sharon then rushes to the tack house to find Adam on the floor and calls for help. Meanwhile Phyllis is working on her laptop when Summer arrives. Summer hates the tension between them and asks how she can make it up to her. Phyllis responds with “come and work with me”. Summer feels pressured and manipulated. Phyllis insists that Summer will never be properly recognized at Jabot. They debate back and forth and Phyllis yells that she was the one who got fired when they all did worse things than her. She also tells Summer that she ruined her plans by ratting her out to Jack. She later launches her website. Elsewhere Victoria and Billy are in each other’s arms confessing how much they have missed each other. At Crimson Lights, Mia and Arturo tell Lola and Rey they have come to say goodbye. Mia thanks them for not sending her to jail. Rey is aloof until Lola takes him aside and asks him to be the bigger man. The two brothers eventually hug. Lola tells Mia she wants lots of baby updates. Lola cries as they leave.

Meanwhile Victor arrives at the hospital. Adam is taken into surgery. Victor pleads for his son not to die. Sharon answers Paul’s questions about Adam’s shooting and is stunned when Paul is skeptical. Victor steps in on her behalf and Sharon thanks him. Nick and Victoria arrive at the hospital. Nick comments on all the trouble Adam has caused and warns Sharon to walk away. At Jabot, Kyle and Jack are admiring the Jabot Collective logo. Billy barges in with news of Adam being alive and how skeptical he is of Adam’s amnesia. Kyle later complains to Jack about being demoted and that how he thought Jack would move Summer instead. Jack tells him he will have more time to spend with Lola. Summer arrives and Kyle retorts that they are no longer a team and she has gotten what she wanted. Summer then goes in to warn Jack about Phyllis. Meanwhile Paul concludes that Adam was clearly a target. Back home, Sharon fills in Rey on Adam and he wishes he were still on the force and able to help. At the coffee house, Victoria and Nick discuss Adam when Billy arrives. Nick asks if there is any chance he shot Adam but Victoria tells him that Billy was with her. Elsewhere Lola texts Kyle for emotional support. He is already behind her and the two embrace. At the hospital Victor is at Adam’s bedside when he wakes up and says “Dad”?


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