The TV MegaSite's Friday 5/17/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope drops in on Brooke and finds Justin and Donna there. She senses they are in deep conversation so Brooke fills her in. She tells her that Bill proposed but Katie turned him down. But that was not the end of it, then she talked Shauna into going and trying to seduce him to prove he would either stray or be trusted. Hope says this might backfire on her and Brooke says she knows. That is why they are worried. At that moment Shauna comes back and is reluctant with Hope there. Brooke says it is okay they are all waiting to hear. Shauna says Bill passed with flying colors. He is totally committed to her sister. Bill and Katie kiss passionately and then she admits she did something a little underhanded and she hopes he will understand why she had to be sure. She explains she sent Shauna over to try and seduce him and she would hear it all on her cell phone. She asks for him to please understand. He acts like he is annoyed but seems to be pleased. She asks for his forgiveness and he says she really did not have to test him that way. He explains that it initially was Shauna that approached him at the bar and he would have told Katie if she had said she had seen them. Bill tells Katie that he never makes a business deal without a little negotiating and what is better than a marriage arrangement. And it was rather a turn on for him for her to go to that limit. Bill gets a phone call from the father of the boy Will is staying with over night. The son is not feeling well and the father wants to know if it is okay if he drops Will back off at home. Bill tells Katie well there goes their sleepover. Flo moves into the Forrester’s and right behind her shows up Zoe. She wants to know if they are alone. Flo says yes Eric and Quinn left and it is the maid’s day off. Zoe says she cannot move in here. Flo says she knows she is bothered and does not want her father to be implicated but she will be careful.

Will is delighted when he comes home and finds out his parents are together. He says perhaps they can have their own sleepover with video games and old movies and his mom can stay. She asks if this involves popcorn. When Bill answers of course she says she would have to look at her schedule but she thinks she can squeeze in tonight. Bill tells her to include a sleepover and explains to Will that she will be staying here full time soon. He gushes that is the greatest gift they could give him to be a family again. Katie calls Brooke and leaves a message that she told Bill everything and he understood. Bill and Katie tuck Will in bed and Bill tells him a long fairytale of a King…..King Bill who lived in a big castle and had a gold throne with lots of land with horses and peasants but he was very lonely. So he checked with the Wizard and they found him a fair Queen to wed and they had a son Prince Will. Will says he left one thing out and that was they lived happily ever after. Before she leaves Zoe says one more thing in that she hopes Flo will stay away from Wyatt. Flo says no, Sally has moved out and she does not know where this is headed but she is going to see Wyatt more now and he even asked her out on a date. Zoe is upset and tells Flo that the more she is around others the more chance the truth will come out and mentions the name Beth. Hope comes in at that moment and demands to know what they were talking about as she heard the word Beth. Flo and Zoe throw darts with their eyes at each other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate told Victor that Xander was back at Titan. Brady walked in and said he did it. Xander saw Sarah at the pub. He told her that his ship was coming in. He told her that she would realize that he was a catch. She said she was engaged. He said he was married. Nicole was at the DiMera mansion. She stared at Stefanoís picture. Stefan told her that Holly used to do the same thing. Jennifer wanted to know what Melinda was going to do. Melinda said she was going to make Jack and Eve pay for what they did to Haley. Stefan talked to Nicole that Holly thought Stefano was Santa Claus. Nicole said she knew Stefano. Nicole thought Stefan cared about Holly. He said he did. He said she needed Chloe right now. Chloe saw Nicole in the mansion. Victor wanted to know why Brady wanted Xander to work for him. Kate told Victor to put her in charge before Brady screwed things up. Sarah told Xander to leave her alone. He wanted to be back with her. Eric punched Xander when he tried to be with Sarah. Xander told Eric that he had a meeting to attend before he left the pub. Brady wanted to talk to Victor alone. Brady told Victor that he offered Xander a position so he could hand over the proof of Nicole shooting Deimos. Victor thought he should have come up with another idea. Brady said that Victor needed to let him handle things his way. Chloe told Nicole that she was sorry. Nicole told her that she went to the funeral home and found out the clothes Chloe wanted her buried in. Nicole thought clothes wasnít going to make up for getting Holly killed. JJ and Haley went to a hotel. She told him that he broke laws. He said he would do it again. She didnít want anyone else getting in trouble. He thought they werenít in that much trouble. Melinda told Jennifer that she wanted Jack and Eve to pay. Melinda told Jennifer that Haley was her daughter. Melinda said she wanted Jack and Eve dead. JJ and Haley were surprised that Jack won the election. He blamed Jack for what happened to her. He told her why he wanted to run off with her. She said she was lucky that he wanted to help her. She was still surprised that Melinda was her mother. Jennifer tried to talk Melinda out of shooting Jack and Eve. Melinda told her what happened when she got pregnant. Melinda said she had nothing to lose so she was going to help her daughter. Chloe said she loved Holly and wanted to protect her. Nicole told her that she could have put Holly somewhere safe. Nicole ripped into Chloe for trying to get Stefan. Nicole walked out of the mansion. Sarah told Eric that she made things worse for him with Nicole. Sarah said she made Nicole think that something was going on between them. Brady and Xander met. Brady gave Xander divorce papers. Nicole showed up. Xander said he wasnít letting go of Nicole.

Brady asked if Xander wanted the job. Xander said he changed the terms. Brady said if he wanted what he wanted, he had to divorce Nicole. Xander agreed to divorce her. Brady told him that he needed the recording. He wanted to know if there were copies of the recording. Xander said there was one recording. Brady told him not to be lying to him. When Xander left, Brady said he would destroy the recording. She asked if she could do it herself. She told him that she could always count on him. Eric and Sarah saw them hugging each other. Haley told JJ that her past was a lie. She couldnít believe that Melinda was her mother. Haley felt that Melinda hated her. Haley didnít know if she could get over it. Melinda was determined to make Jack and Eve pay. Jennifer tried to stop her from shooting Jack. Melinda wanted to make sure that Jack wasnít sworn in. Jennifer told Melinda that killing Jack wasnít going to change the fact that Haley was getting deported. Jennifer told her that Jack and Eve didnít hurt Haley. Jennifer said Melinda hurt her. Stefan comforted Nicole. Nicole didnít want to be around Eric. Eric wanted to talk. She didnít want to. She blamed him for giving Holly to Chloe. Nicole said he had a new girlfriend. Sarah said she was marrying Rex. Nicole blamed Eric for Holly being dead. Nicole thanked Brady for everything he did. Victor told Kate that they were stuck with Xander. Xander walked in while they were talking about him. Xander told Victor that he was going to make him see that he would be a better CEO than Brady. Melinda told Jennifer that she did what she wanted to help Haley. Jennifer reminded her of the way she treated her when Haley was being deported. Jennifer told her to put Haleyís needs first. Melinda told her that she should have told Haley the truth. Melinda said she wasnít a mother at all. Jennifer told her she could start by giving her the gun. Chloe told Stefan that she should have let Brady take Holly. Stefan tried to make her feel better. Eric said that Nicole was right about him. Sarah and Brady tried to make him feel better. Xander went to see Nicole. He wanted her to ask him in her room. Melinda thanked Jennifer for helping her. Jennifer told her to be Haleyís lawyer. Jennifer got an alert that JJ and Haley were on the run. Stefan told Chloe that he thought he could be a family with her and the kids. He said he still had the hope. H said he would take care of her and Parker. Victor wanted Kate to watch Xander. She told him he could count on her. Brady told Eric to give Nicole time. Nicole told Xander that her plan went off without a hitch. He said it was their plan. He said she couldnít have done it without him.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The paternity results are in and Arturo is the father of Mia's baby so Arturo and Mia make plans to go back to Miami and raise their child together. Rey admits to Sharon that he is happy and hurt at the same time that he wasn't the father of the baby. Sharon tells Rey that he would be a great father and asks if he wants to spend more time with Faith because she has been asking to spend time with him. Rey tells Sharon he would love that and thanks her for being so supportive. Victoria tells Billy she doesn't want to marry him but she does want him to move back into the house because they don't need to label their relationship. Victoria also wants to have a party to let their friends and family know they are a couple again. Victor forces Nick to allow Adam to meet Christian to see if that will jog his memory but nether Adam or Nick think that is a good idea. Nick eventually gives in and bring Christian down to meet uncle Adam for a short but tense few minutes. Adam then goes back to the tack house and tells Victor coming to town was a mistake and tells him he is going back to Vegas. Nick answers a text from Chelsea and tells her Adam is alive and then he goes back to playing with Christian. Someone knocks on the tack house door and when Adam answers it he is shot in the stomach by a person who isn't seen by the audience..

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