The TV MegaSite's Thursday 5/16/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

When Shauna pours wine on Bill and he goes upstairs to change shirts, she calls Katie and tells her to give her a minute and she will follow him and catch it all on her phone. She ends up kissing Bill and he does not resist. Justin and Donna stop in at Brooke’s and she fills them in on what Katie is planning to do to see if she has a future with Bill. Justin says he was just there and there is no other woman in Bill’s life. He is practically a hermit. Brooke tells him otherwise. She happens to know that Shauna is on her way over to try and seduce him. Bill eventually pulls away from Shauna and says he cannot do this. He tells her that he is in love with his wife. Katie hears this on Shauna’s phone in purse. Justin cannot believe Katie is testing Bill’s integrity; he needs to know. Donna reminds him this should be between Katie and Bill. Justin says if he makes the wrong move just one time it will all be over with Katie. Bill tells Shauna that he has been an out of control playboy most of his life but he regrets that. That is a mistake and he does not want to be that man again. He wants love, he wants his family and he wants Katie. Tears come to Katie’s eyes as she hears this. He tells Shauna she is a knockout but he has so much love for Katie he cannot even consider this. He has changed and he doesn’t want to disappoint Katie again. Shauna says she is so glad he is saying these things; it is so good to hear.

Shauna goes back to Katie’s to make sure she heard everything that proves he loves Katie and only wants her. Just believe him; he is a good man. She is sure Katie will know what to do now. Katie thanks her. Brooke tells Justin again that Katie just wanted to be sure Bill’s heart was in the right place. Justin says it is a tough call how he will handle Shauna. He is not in a relationship with Katie now and this little trick may backfire. Suddenly Katie shows up in Bill’s bedroom. He is surprised and says Will is on a sleepover. She says she knows but she came to see Bill. Embarrassed she says she has given him the benefit in the past but this time she couldn’t. She was scared to give them another chance. She kisses him and says she is not scared any more. She wants him and their family back. Justin tells Donna and Brooke that they have to have faith that the old Dollar Bill has more integrity. They will know soon enough if that family is at stake. Katie cries that she was terrified of being hurt again. He says he knows he made many mistakes and he regrets that. She says she thinks they can put all of that in the past for their son. She feels loved and she is not afraid. She did not trust him in the past but she believes in him now and wants their love back. He asks her to come home. She says she is ready to be his wife again. He is not sure what convinced her but he is so glad. He says he will spend every day of his life earning her trust because he loves her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ted told Hope that ICE was there to escort Haley to the airport. Hope told him that she and Rafe were getting a divorce. He said he was sorry, but she said he wasnít. Eve told Jack that he won the election. Claire talked to herself about Tripp dumping her for Hailey. Claire threw things in Victorís house. Ciara wanted to know what was going on. Melinda told Laverne and Haley that she was her mother. Ciara stopped Claire from throwing things. Claire told Ciara that nothing was fair. Claire wanted to know why Ciara was there. Ciara said she was there to see her grandfather. Ciara wanted to know what was wrong. Claire said everything was wrong. She said Tripp dumped her. Melinda told Haley that she was her daughter. Laverne didnít care to hear it until JJ told her to give them time. Haley wanted to know what Melinda wanted to tell her. Melinda didnít know where to begin. Haley told her to start at the beginning. Hope told Ted that he was glad that her marriage was over. Ted said that her marriage was over. Jennifer told Abe that she was sorry that he lost the election. He saw that Jack was the official winner. He said he had to concede. Melinda told Haley about how she got pregnant with her. Hope told Ted that she didnít want to talk about her divorce. She said Jack winning the election was going to shake things up. He thought she wanted him to leave. He wanted to be there for her. She agreed to go out to eat with him. Claire told Ciara how Tripp blamed Haleyís deportation on her. They talked about him marrying Haley. Ciara wanted to know why he blamed her for what happened. Ciara asked if she did something. Melinda continued to tell Haley about what happened when she got pregnant. Melinda said she was sorry. Haley wanted to know why she didnít tell her.

Jack and Eve ran into Hope and Ted. Hope told Jack that he should be ashamed of himself. Hope brought up what Jack and Eve did to Haley. Laverne told Haley that the plane was ready to take her. JJ told Laverne about the new information. He wanted to see what Justin would say. When JJ and Laverne left, Haley told Melinda that she should have told her the truth. Haley thought this might not have happened if she told her the truth. Hope told Jack and Eve that he was corrupt and dishonest. Jack said he was going to ask her to stay in her job, but she disappointed him. He told her that she was fired. Ted defended Hope to Jack. Eve said the people deserved a better commissioner. Jack was willing to let Hope save face and resign, but Hope didnít want that. Ted told them that they would have to fire him too. Ciara wanted to know if Claire did something to make Haley confess. Claire didnít tell her what she did. Ciara thought she should talk about it. Claire told her that she was upset that Tripp was going to be married to Haley for three years. Claire said she recorded Tripp saying the marriage was fake. Claire said she gave it to Eve. She said Eve exposed it. She said she wanted to protect Tripp. Ciara was shocked. Claire thought Ciara was going to judge her. Ciara said she was sorry. JJ thought Melinda being a U.S. Citizen should help Haley. Laverne said it didnít help her because Melinda wasnít a citizen. Haley told her goodbye. Hope told Ted that he wasnít quitting. Jack and Eve didnít want him too. Ted said he would leave if Hope did. Jack said he wasnít begging him to stay. When Jack and Eve left, Ted said he and Hope would stop them. Hope said she didnít want him to quit over her. JJ apologized to Haley for what happened. Ciara told Claire that she didnít think she was a monster. Ciara said she understood what Claire did. Claire told Ciara that she had something else to tell her. Ted told Hope that she might have had a job if she didnít have dinner with him. She told him not to blame himself. He brought up her marriage ending that hurt her. She said she and Rafe were great friends. She said she and Rafe supported each other. Ted said Rafe wasnít there for her when she needed him. She agreed with him. She agreed to sign the divorce papers. Claire said she did horrible things to Ciara. Ciara said she forgave it. Jennifer ran into Melinda in the park. Melinda was holding a gun. Jennifer wanted to know what she was doing. Tripp showed up before Haley left. JJ pushed Tripp out of the way and grabbed Haley. They ran off.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Anna tells Peter that she thinks that Robert is going to try and propose to her. Peter goes on a mission to find Finn. Finn and Chase try to get the ring back but Chase thinks all he needs is to propose. Finn explains that the ring is from Monaco and that is where this started. Peter finds Finn and Finn says he does want to marry her. Mike and Yvonne show off the ring to Sonny and Michael. Carly later joins them. They later find out the sex of the baby.

Lulu and Maxie discuss Maxie's first date. They also discuss how lonely Lulu is without her husband. She misses Dante and wants him home right now. Sam and Jason prepare to expose Shiloh with Spinelli. Kim and Drew go through Oscar's things and decide to climb the mountain and pour his ashes. Julian agrees she should do it.

Robert tries to convince Anna to consider looking into proving Peter isn't her son. Anna has no intention of further investigating though. He might not be but she wants to be there for him. Peter throws a fit over this. Finn wants to spend time together later on. Mike and Sonny have breakfast and Sonny goes to talk with Robert about Dante. Mike finds Finn's ring.

Kim goes to see Shiloh who tells her about Oscar's time there. Lucas confronts Julian about Brad. Brad shows up and Lucas tells him that things will be fine with Wiley. Willow and Chase try to figure out how to help Wiley without getting sued. Sam thinks she needs to go through with the initiation so she can blackmail him. Kristina shows up at DOD.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Arturo, Mia and Rey have an honest talk about their past. Arturo and Mia tell Rey they love him and never meant to hurt him when they slept together. Rey tells Mia that he should have been honest with her sooner about the fact that he was in love with Sharon and maybe the could have avoided some pain. Arturo and Mia tell Rey they are going back to Miami hoping for a fresh start but Mia worries about going to jail. Rey talks to Paul who agrees there isn't enough evidence to press charges since neither Abby or Lola want to testify against Mia because she is pregnant. Nate asks Abby out for drinks and she tells him she has taken a break from men so they agree to just be friends for now. Adam finds a picture of Delia on the floor in the tack house and asks Sharon who she is so Sharon takes him to talk to Victoria. Victoria and Adam and Billy talk at Society and Abby is shocked when she sees Adam. Abby is once again hurt that Victor told everyone in the family Adam was alive but her and calls Victor to give him a piece of her mind. Billy tells Adam the details of Delia's death and warns him that if Sharon is right and Victor left Delia's picture at the tack house to jog his memory then Victor will try to control him. Adam confronts Victor to tell him to stop trying to control his life. Adam goes to Sharon's house and interrupts a romantic reunion with Rey to talk to her. Sharon explains to Adam that Delia's death changed him because he felt deeply remorseful and was trying to become a better person. Victor is worried that Nick hasn't returned any of his messages and he tells him that he has to talk to him right away.

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