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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Justin and Bill continue their conversation and Justin advises him not to give up; keep plugging away at Katie since he loves her and wants to get his family back together. Bill says a big ring won’t do it; he needs something more. Justin says too bad, he would settle for a ring. Bill scoffs he is not wanting to marry him. Meanwhile Katie explains to Shauna and Brooke again that she wants to marry Bill but she needs to know she can trust him and his head won’t turn the first time any pretty lady catches his eye. Brooke is against this thinking as t might blow up in Katie’s face. But Shauna thinks it is sort of romantic and she can come on to Bill while he is most vunerable since Katie turned his proposal down. Bill dismisses Justin to work on another matter. Then Katie calls to make sure Will will make it home. He informs her that he will and then asks if she would like to come over as he is all alone. She makes up a quick excuse that she is at Brooke’s so another time. Katie and Shauna put their plan in action. Brooke still objects to Katie playing games. She should not be even thinking of marrying him if she has any doubts.

Shauna wastes no time getting all dolled up and drops in on Bill. He doesn’t mind and brings out his best wine. She says they have a lot to talk about since that time long ago. Bill laments that he is glad they are talking as women are always approaching him trying to make him their baby daddy. She pours more wine and in so doing gets a little too close to Bill and manages to spill it on him. He has to go upstairs and change. Shauna calls Katie and says Bill is upstairs and she will sneak up there if Katie will hurry. And she can leave the phone on so Katie can spy. Brooke calls Katie and says again she has a bad feeling about this so please forget it. Katie says for her and Bill’s future she has to know how he will react. Shauna walks into Bill’s bedroom and then apologizes as she thought it was the bathroom. She sees him without his shirt and she takes his T-shirt out of his hands and throws it on the bed. She says he does not need that. The years have been good to him and she would just like to stay and look at his hot body. It’s been a long dry spell for her. Katie is hearing everything on Shauna’s phone in her open purse. Then Shauna walks closer and kisses Bill.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ told Tripp that Haley confessed because Eve made her do it. While Eve and Jack were talking about the election, Jennifer asked what they did to Haley. Justin asked Haley why she admitted to her marriage being a fraud. He said there was nothing he could do to help her now that she confessed. She said she was going to be deported. Laverne showed up to rub it in that justice was being served. Justin didnít want her to rub it in to Haley. Laverne said she brought it on herself. Rafe told Lani that he was served when he was looking through papers. Laverne wanted Gabi to sign a statement that she committed fraud when she got married. Justin said Haley didnít have to sign it. Laverne told her they would go after Tripp if she didnít cooperate. JJ said there was a recording of Tripp saying why he married Haley. Tripp was surprised that Jack and Eve had a copy of that. Tripp had an idea where they got the recording. Lani was shocked that Hope moved fast with the divorce. Rafe wasnít surprised. She asked if he was going to fight it. He said he was tired of fighting. Melinda went to Hope and said she wanted to see Haley. Hope told her that Haley was going to be deported. Laverne told Haley that marriage fraud was a serious offense. Haley said Tripp had nothing to do with what she did. Haley refused to sign the statement unless Tripp didnít get in trouble. Eve told Jennifer that she and Jack didnít do anything to Haley. Jack said he was trying to protect his nephew. Jennifer didnít believe that. When Jack told Eve that he wanted to go to the room, JJ showed up and punched him. Eve stopped JJ from hitting Jack. JJ called Jack a coward for what he did to Haley. JJ hoped they were proud of themselves. Eve said Jack was following the law. She said he was defending a rule breaker. He reminded her that she was a prostitute and he was a rapist. He said he was done with both of them. He was going to see Haley. Jack stopped him from going. Haley told Laverne that she was taking pleasure in her arrest. Laverne said that she wanted justice served. Haley said she was going to be ripped away from her family and friends. Laverne told her that she could have applied for a citizenship. Haley asked her questions about America. When Laverne couldnít answer them, she said she was in the country legally. Tripp told Claire that JJ said Jack had a recording of him telling her that the marriage was fake. Claire said she felt awful about it. He asked if she did. He said she made two recordings of them together. He thought she gave Eve the recording.

Rafe talked to Lani that his marriage was doomed from the beginning. He brought up how he was with Sami. He said he broke the trust and didnít think it would work with Hope. He told Lani that neither one of his marriages worked. He told her about his marriage to Sami. He started talking about Hope. He thought the problem with the marriage was his. Jennifer went to Hope and asked if Haley was getting deported. Hope didnít know. Hope wanted to know why Haley didnít file the paperwork. Jennifer didnít know. They ended up talking about Jack and Eve. While they were talking, Hope brought up that she and Rafe were getting divorced. Jack didnít want JJ to go to Haley. JJ wanted to know why. Jack didnít want him in trouble. JJ was shocked that Jack was looking out for him. JJ said he hated Jack and was a worthy excuse for a man. JJ said he hated him. Claire denied giving Eve the recording. Claire said she wouldnít want to get him in trouble. He said leaving his name out made him suspicious. He wanted to know if she had anything to do with the recordings getting out. Claire thought Eve left a bug in the hallway. He said he never said it was the hallway. He wanted her to tell the truth. She said she was telling the truth. She confessed to being the one who sent the recording. He said he didnít have feelings for Haley. She said she was afraid she was going to lose him. She said she wanted to play the recording for ICE on his wedding day. He thought she was going to play the recording. She said she made sure he stayed out of it. She said she was going to be married for three years. She reminded him that he broke up with her. She said it was only a matter of time before Haley got him in bed. He said Haley had feelings for JJ. He wanted to know why she was being a b*tch. Melinda went to see Haley. Melinda wanted to know why Haley ruined things for herself. Haley told her she was being deported and was going to be alone. Haley brought up being in China with their parents. Haley said she missed them so much. Melinda said their parents would be disappointed in her. Haley told her not to blame herself. Haley said she did everything she could to save her. Melinda said that wasnít true. Hope told Jennifer that their marriage was over. Hope told Jennifer why their marriage didnít work. Eve told Jack that Abe was still ahead in the race. Jack was upset. Eve said there was a chance they could win. Justin told Haley that the judge ruled to deport her. He said it would be within the hour. Claire tried to explain why she did what she did. Tripp said he was trying to do something right. He said he would have made things work for them. She said she saved him trouble because Haley wasnít a problem anymore. He said what she did was unforgivable. He told her that they were done. Rafe went to see Hope. He told her about the divorce papers. He didnít want anyone to look at them. She was shocked that he signed the papers. Tripp told Claire that she was selfish and petty. She said she was a good person. He said she wasnít. She said she did it because she loved him. She asked for one more chance. He left her because he couldnít stand the sight of her. Laverne told Haley that she had to leave. Melinda interrupted and said that Haley was her daughter.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Yvonne and Mike bond with one another when Sonny shows up. Mike informs him that he is going to propose to Yvonne. Stella goes to visit Jordan and finds out that Kevin cannot be her donor. She is upset that Jordan is not telling Curtis the truth. Stella gets a call from Sonny and goes to see Mike with Marcus. They agree to let Mike and Yvonne do what they want because they don't know any better.

Laura and Curtis receive a call from April and go to see her. She is dead when they arrive and Curtis is knocked and whoever is there tries to go after Laura. Anna tells Robert, Felicia, and Mac that she doesn't want to get married again. Finn demands to have his ring back to propose to Anna. Sam convinces Shiloh to go to the Nurses Ball with her.

Carly is worried that Sonny and Jax will not get along. He comes home and is glad that he will be here for Joss. Jax might buy Kate's old house. This upsets Sonny. Valerie tells Brad and Lucas. about how bad DOD is. Brad refuses to listen. Willow later hears this and goes off on them. Lucas tells her to leave them alone. Brad has a hissy fit over being told not to go to DOD. Chase finds out that Wiley is Willow's son through Willow.

Kim and Drew go through Oscar's. things together looking for things that Drew might like to keep. Curtis shows up and Drew offers to pay for Jordan's surgery if they need it. Curtis thanks him. Jason breaks into DOD as Sam is going through her initiation. He informs her that they have Kristina back. He tries finding her pledge but it has been replaced by blank papers.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Michaael and Nick give Phyllis the same advice that everyone she loves has given her to make her own company and not depend on Jabot or anyone else for her success. Michael goes even further telling her she could get sued if she sells knock offs of the Jabot Collective line. Summer tells Jack that Kyle isn't happy partying with clients because he wants to spend time with Lola so maybe he should do all the office work relating to Jabot Collective. Jack agrees to give Kyle new responsabilities and Summer calls Theo asking him to come to Geneoa City. Nick tells Summer and Phyllis that Adam is alive and Phyllis later tells Micheal the news. Summer worries about what will happen with Christian now and Nick's anxiety about losing Christian grows. Kyle and Lola decide to find their own place as they take the next step in their relationship and move in together. Arturo and Rey take a paternity test a d are told that in twenty four hours they will know the results. Cane tells Traci he got a letter from Lily telling him she and the kids are settling in to their new home. Traci tells Cane not to get his hopes up about Lily. Traci continues writting her book and adds a spunky secratary whom she sees as herself in her fantasies. Cane arrives with an idea fior her book which she likes but Traci becomes nervous when Cane is talking to her and she imagines him naked. Jack gets an invitation for a party celebrating Ashley's company and it says she will have the top influencers in the world..

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