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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is curious how Katie and Bill are getting along. She says fine; he is spending the day with Will and that certainly makes him happy. But as for her and Bill, she is still not sure he is to be trusted. Shauna tells Quinn she cannot believe this is happening. Both would be happy if Flo and Wyatt got back together. Flo knocks on the door and they invite her in. Shauna tells her things are more than okay; they are moving out of that apartment and in here with Quinn and Eric. Justin tells Bill he is doing okay as a dad but he will give Katie a little more time to change her mind since she turned down Bill on his marriage proposal. Katie tells Brooke that before she even considers a future with Bill, he has a past with Shauna and they need to talk. Flo is not sure what to say and Shauna tells her that she is over thinking. She just needs to thank Quinn for her generosity and say yes. Bill tells Justin it is not just his love for Katie but the little things she brings…like them putting Will to bed, discussing the day’s activities and patting her as she maneuvers her way to the kitchen. Justin chides him that he never thought he’d see the day that Bill would pay homage to domestic bliss. She has spent a lot of time by herself so she will come around and see the difference in Bill like Justin does. With Shauna urging her to say yes it doesn’t take Flo long to accept and say yes. Quinn rushes off to tell Eric and makes plans for them to move in immediately since they have no furniture and little to move. Shauna glows that they now live in Beverly Hills, Flo is working at Forrester, she is a Logan and she and Wyatt are back on track. Flo still knows she is keeping a secret and Shauna tells her not to think about that. Quinn is right that they worked hard their whole life and they both deserve this chance at this kind of happiness. Katie interrupts and asks Shauna if they can talk in person.

Shauna tells Brooke and Katie of her wonderful offer to move in with Quinn so now they will be neighbors. Katie begins by saying she just happened to see Bill and Shauna together at a restaurant and wondered if there was anything going on between them. She is asking as she is thinking about putting her family back together but she needs to be more secure about Bill’s feelings. Shauna says absolutely not; she just happened to run into Bill that that. Katie believes her and asks if she can ask a big favor of Shauna and she is free to say no if it bothers her. Bill tells Justin he is fine with putting in the time and effort to get Katie back. He will walk the walk as he was the one at fault. He’s ready to go on with his life but he hopes it won’t be without Katie. Katie explains to Shauna that she has been burned more than once by Bill, his being with other women and she does not want to put her son through that again either. She needs Shauna’s help. Shauna doesn’t understand how. Katie says she needs to test Bill’s resolve. She has a past with Bill and could come on to him. That would test his commitment to Katie, their son and their marriage before she makes any plans to get back together.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady wanted Xander to give him the recording of Nicole’s confession. Xander wanted something in return. He wanted Brady’s job. Nicole wanted to know why Sarah was at her room. Sarah wanted to know if she was okay. Nicole told Sarah that she lost two children, but this was worse. Marlena went to see Eric. She said she was sorry about Holly. Eric said it didn’t feel real. Marlena told him that Nicole was going to need him. He said it was the worse thing that could happen. Chloe talked to Stefan about Holly moving up in school. Gabi showed up while Stefan was comforting Chloe. Sonny and Will told Rex that he was having memory issues. Will asked if the tumor was growing. Rex said it wasn’t. Will told him that he wouldn’t be able to handle losing his memory again. Rex said he wouldn’t. When Rex left, Will felt Rex was keeping something from him. Marlena told Eric to give Nicole time and space to deal with Holly. Marlena tried to comfort Eric about Nicole. Eric blamed himself for what happened. Sarah told Nicole that she wanted to help. Nicole blamed Sarah for not trying harder to fight for Chloe. Nicole yelled at Sarah that Brady was the only one who tried to fight for Holly. Brady told Xander that Victor wasn’t firing him. Brady said he couldn’t give him the job as CEO. Xander said Nicole was going to prison and it would be on Brady’s head. Xander thought Brady wasn’t done punishing her because she was with Eric. Eric told Marlena that Nicole blamed everyone for what happened to Holly except Brady. Sarah tried to convince Nicole that everyone did what they could to save Holly. Nicole didn’t want to hear what Sarah had to say. Nicole wanted to know why it mattered how she felt about Eric. Chloe left Stefan and Gabi alone. Stefan wanted to know why Gabi was at the mansion. She kissed him. He stopped kissing her. He said that it wasn’t happening again. Stefan said Brady almost caught them last night. She reminded him of what happened on his first date with Chloe. They continued to kiss each other. When he found one of Holly’s stuffed animals, he stopped himself. He said he couldn’t do it now or ever again. Kayla told Will and Sonny that she was studying Will’s case. Kayla told them that the pathologist couldn’t discover where he got the tumor. She said the compound was in the serum that he took to get his memory back.

Will asked Kayla if the drug he took to get his memory back gave him the tumor. She couldn’t say for a fact. Sonny wanted to know what that meant for his treatments. She said she didn’t know what to do. Will couldn’t believe the drug he took to get his memory back was causing him to lose his memory. Brady offered to buy the recording from Xander. Xander didn’t want the deal. He wanted his family to respect him. Brady said he couldn’t give him the CEO job, but he could give him a position. Brady said it was the best offer he was going to get. Eric told Marlena that Sarah went to talk to Nicole. Marlena apologized for telling Sarah how Eric felt about her. He thought it wasn’t important. She said it was. She said he had feelings for him. She said he couldn’t turn off his feelings for Sarah. He wanted to know if Marlena was trying to tell him to be with Sarah. Nicole wanted to know how much time Sarah spent with Eric. Sarah told her that she and Eric were good friends. Nicole said she was cozy with Eric when she first came home. She asked if there was something going on between Sarah and Eric. Marlena told Eric that Sarah was marrying Rex. Sarah said there was nothing going on between her and Eric. Sarah said she wouldn’t be there for her if she were interested in Eric. Nicole told Sarah that Eric was all hers. Gabi told Stefan that he was going to comfort Chloe, but wondered who was going to comfort him. He wondered what she was up to. Kayla told Will and Sonny that the drug most likely caused the tumor. She mentioned that they needed Rolf’s diary so they know what they were working with. Sonny said they had to keep fighting. Marlena told Eric that she wouldn’t tell Nicole about his feelings for Sarah. Eric said she said that before. Marlena told Eric about her being in a similar when John came to town. Sarah told Nicole that she loved Rex. Sarah told her that she didn’t trust anyone right now. Nicole said she wouldn’t forgive any of them for costing her her daughter. She kicked Sarah out of the room. Xander didn’t want to work for Brady. Brady said it would looked good with Victor. Xander agreed to take the deal. Brady wanted the recording. Xander said it stayed with him until he got the contract. Sarah told Eric that she went to see Nicole, but she made things worse. Brady went to see Nicole and told her that Xander wouldn’t hurt her. Nicole thanked him for what he did. Will and Sonny wondered where Rolf’s diary was.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nina and Valentin are asked to a school meeting where Franco and Liz are also there along with Bianca's parents. Willow and the principal are also in attendance. Bianca's parents are upset that a book that featured a same sex family was in the classroom. Nina goes off on the parents. Willow thanks her but Nina isn't doing this for her. She still hates her. The principal says that Willow is not welcome back next year. Michael and Sasha have dinner and Valentin afterwards tells Sasha she is not going to be around along much longer.

Laura and Curtis play games with Peter and Maxie. The storm clears up and Laura and Curtis leave. Maxie and Peter finally end up in bed together. Laura and Curtis go back to the ladies house and she answers the door. She slams it on their face. Ava and Kevin are in the park and Julian assaults Kevin. Ava and Kevin press charges to make a point against Ryan. Robert and Mac find a fake ring to replace Finn's real one that has gone missing. Anna sees this.

Jax shows up at Sonny's house where Carly finds him. Joss is asleep so the two talk with one another. Carly explains that Joss needs him right now more than ever. Jax wants to help in anyway possible. Kristina realizes that DOD is not a good thing and chooses to go back to Alexis and Sonny. Chase shows up Kristina claims she was not kidnapped. Willow and Michael go. to Kelly's where Nina has a fit because she wants Sasha will Michael.

Maxie admits she hasn't been to Paris aside for work. Peter thinks that he wants to show her everything. Maxie has second thoughts but she is ready. Joss wakes up and sees Jax. They hug and he talks with her. Anna admits to Finn that she thinks Peter is Alex's son but it doesn't change anything.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle asks Lola to move in with him after they have a romantic lunch by the Abbott pool. Summer tells Jack that Phyllis used her password to try to get into the Jabot computers to try and see the new Jabot clothing designs so that she could coordinate her acessories to compliment the clothes. Jack tells Summer that she has proven to him that her job means a lot to her and he won't forget what she has done. Jack then send sa text to Phyllis who arrives at his office quickly because she considers the text he sent her a threat. Adam arrives in Genoa City and asks to meet his family one at a time. The first person he meets is Nick who tells him he doesn't think his story is true and warns him he will be keeping a close eye on him. Victoria and Nikki are also on guard to protect Victor because they know that Victor doesn't think clearly when it comes to Adam. Adam tells Sharon he wants to see her house and says he feels a connection to the house. Victor moves Adam into the tack house where Adam sends a text message to someone after he returns from Sharon's house.

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