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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Hope that he loves her and no matter what Thomas says they will be all right as long as they stay together. Thomas jumps back in and says Liam has another life where he should be. Quinn tells Eric that Sally moved out and is not standing around waiting for a reconciliation. It makes her happy. She informs Eric that she invited Shauna over and she should be there any minute. She springs it on him that she loves it here but the house is pretty quiet. He senses that she might want Shauna to move in with them. She would love that as now they are practically a member of the family now that Flo knows she is a Logan. She would like to repay them for the space they gave to her in her life. He tells her this is her home so she is not overstepping. If it makes her happy then he is all for it. She hugs him and says she cannot wait. She runs to the door and hugs Shauna. She calls it a palace and Quinn cannot wait to show her around. Wyatt and Flo continue to kiss. He gets around to Sally and wonders why she kept a secret with Thomas and not confide in him. He knows he set the bar high with Flo because she was always so honest with him. Hope finally speaks up and says her first responsibility is to her husband and their marriage. She is sorry for Thomas and that Douglas is hurting but she will spend as much time as she can with him for his comfort. Shauna is impressed with Eric’s mansion and for Quinn’s portrait above the mantel. Eric slips into it easily and says they love it here but were just discussing they would like others round….like her and her daughter. Shauna is besides herself for such an offer to live here and immediately says yes.

Flo says she thinks that sometimes people do not turn out like they hoped and she hopes she will not disappoint Wyatt. He says he does not know what the future holds but he feels this happened for a reason. Liam tells Hope that he understands Thomas wanting a mother for Douglas but his ideas are ridiculous and he is taking advantage of Hope. He is so uncomfortable now that he doesn’t even want to live on the same property. He opines to Hope that he’d like to talk to a realtor. Wyatt asks Flo out on a date and she accepts if it means they can start with where they left off. Then Shauna calls and tells her something incredible happened and she is moving in with the Forrester’s and she’d like Flo to come over as soon as she can. Hope confides in Liam that she disagreed on a lot of things Thomas said but he was right about one thing; the girls need him. Liam says sure he will always be in their lives. Steffy will be back soon and their lives will continue as normal. He just does not trust Thomas. Thomas plays with Douglas and talks about Mommy Hope and how much they all love her. When Douglas sees her again he hopes he will tell her how much he loves and needs her. He suggests another picture project. Then he thinks to himself this is going to work out just fine for everybody.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani tried to make Rafe feel better about Holly being dead. He kept blaming himself for what happened to Holly. When Ted was on the phone talking about Holly possibly being alive, Hope walked in on him. She wondered if he had reason to think that Holly was alive. Ted said he had no doubt that Holly was alive when she was put in the vehicle. She said he was going over every small detail to see if there was something they could have done. Sarah went to Ericís place to get a file. He told her that Nicole blamed him for what happened to Nicole. Sarah tried to make him feel better about it. Xander saw Brady and Nicole together. He said he was there because of Holly. Nicole wanted to know why he would be there because of Holly. He brought up how Holly died in the crash. He said he had to be there for Victor and Maggie. Brady wanted to know why he would be there for Victor and Maggie. Xander said he had something to tell them. He said he would tell Nicole first since she was there. He said he was sorry for her lost. He said they were happy. She told him that they werenít happy together. She said he was blackmailing her to stay with him. He said Brady was the one blackmailing her. He reminded her that he was supposed to be in love with Eric. Eric told Sarah that Maggie told Nicole that Brady was the one who tried to fight for Holly. Sarah said Brady was the one who caused the trouble. Rafe told Lani that he was having problems with Hope. He said he didnít think they could fix their marriage. Lani noticed that his ring was gone. He told her that he threw the ring off the cliff. Ted told Hope that he should have fought Rafe more over going after the van. She said she suspended Rafe.

Ciara went to Rafeís house to see if Ben could see David. Lani said Ben couldnít see David. Ciara tried to convince her to let Ben see David. Lani lied to her and said David was sick. Sarah continued to tell Eric that it was Bradyís fault that he didnít get Holly. Nicole told that she took the proof that she killed Deimos from him. She said it burned in the fire. He showed her that he still had proof. When Ben went to the police station, he saw Xanderís file. Ted wanted to know what he was doing. Ben wanted to know what Xander had to do with Hollyís death. Sarah told Eric that she was going to talk to Nicole. Eric didnít want her to do it. He apologized for how he treated her. She said she would be okay. He wanted to know what she was going to tell Rex before all of this happened. She said she was going to marry Rex. She said it was best. She said she and Rex would be there for him and Nicole. Xander told Nicole and Brady how he got the recording back. Brady wanted the proof, but Xander wouldnít give it to him. Ted wanted to know why Ben was looking at confidential information. Ben said he was signing his statement. Ben ended up leaving. When Lani and Rafe were at the pub with David, Rafe had food on his face, Lani wiped it off of him. Hope walked in and saw Lani wiping Rafeís face. He saw her looking at them. Hope noticed that he took off his wedding ring. He said he did. She told him that said it all and left the pub. Nicole told Xander that she wanted a divorce. She said that he better listen to the recording to remind himself what she was capable of if he didnít divorce her. She left the Kiriakis mansion. When Xander went after her, Xander wanted to go after her. Brady stopped him from leaving. Hope called Belle and told her that she wanted to file for divorce. Ted overheard her talking on the phone. Brady wanted Xander to give him the recording. Xander agreed to it, but he wanted something in return.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Joss is not able to deal with a volley ball practice and tells Jax she is sorry that she couldn't handle it. Jax thinks it is fine. Carly and Sonny are worried about Joss but Sonny thinks it is the best thing for Joss to continue trying to move forward. Kim and Drew are at the Quartermaine house when Ned and Olivia announce that they are having Oscar's memorial. Cam tells Franco to leave him alone and Trina shows up to take him to the memorial. Terry and Elizabeth decide to go together.

Olivia and Ned host the memorial where they celebrate Oscar's life in a party format. Drew, Kim, and Cam, and Joss all say something about Oscar. Oscar wants Drew and Jason to build a treehouse together which they agree. Ned and Olivia unveil Oscar's Meadow at the park where they all plant flower seeds. Drew and Sam talk about Scout. Sonny and Kim share a moment together at the memorial.

Lucy demands to know what is going on with Ava and Kevin as she and Scott have breakfast together. Scott confronts Ava but she plays stupid. Ava is singing at the Nurses ball and assumes that she will get a good seat because of how much she contributes. Laura runs into Robert who asks if she wants to go to the Nurses Ball with him. Curtis decides to go look for Ryan again in Canada. Laura is going to go with him.

Willow tells Kristina about Shiloh and DOD and how she came to be in the trust. Kristina doesn't believe her at first but starts to listen. Peter and Maxie go on their first date together. Peter takes her to Paris and wants to do everything with her.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Sharon is shocked to see Adam, who apologizes for startling her. Adam tells her he doesn’t remember anything before the explosion. He admits that seeing Victor didn’t help either. Sharon points out that he tossed photos except for the one of Christian and that it must mean something. But Adam only says he is sad for Christian not knowing his dad. He admits that he searched on his name and didn’t like what he found and would rather leave everything in the past. Sharon informs Adam of his complex past with Victor as well as his past with her. Adam tells her he was homeless and ended up gambling which he was good at and made money, and then more money. Sharon asks him to come home and then leaves. Adam looks at the photo of Christian and goes to pack a suitcase. Sharon reports back to Victor via phone and informs him that she asked Adam to come home.

At the Abbott house Kyle and Lola are flirting and discus going for a swim. They both have their suits on when Summer barges in and claims that she didn’t close the deal and that Kyle needs to get back to work. Kyle calls her bluff by making a call to Theo to make sure it was ok that he left and that he looks forward to working with him. A defeated Summer then leaves and Lola and Kyle then head upstairs to the bedroom. Back at Nick’s, Nikki and Nick fill in Victoria and Billy on Adam surviving the explosion. Later, Victoria and Billy discuss Adam at Society, Victoria is relieved that Adam is not dead. She then tells Billy they will get through it and that they make each other stronger and they kiss. Over in the bar section Summer receives a call from Theo and she asks him over for a nightcap.


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