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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Thomas that he is self serving if he thinks he can wait until he was gone to Paris to make a play on his wife. Thomas stands there as if he has done nothing wrong and says trying to find a mother for his son is not self serving. Liam tells him again this will not fly. Hope takes Liam by the arm and says they all need to pull back. Thomas says it is okay. He will not deny that Liam is correct. He has always loved Hope. Liam jumps in again and says this is not okay. Thomas is standing there making it sound like this is an everyday occurrence. It is not, this is his wife he is talking about. Thomas takes umbrage that Liam came charging back into town trying to reclaim his wife after leaving his girls and Steffy behind. And he may love Hope and want her now but he is still in love with Steffy too. Liam says he understands Thomas thinks he is trying to get a mother for his son but he really is after Hope for himself. And he is not going to feel guilty for fighting for Hope. Quinn comes around Sally to find some of her jewelry and Sally says she knows that Quinn must know about Thomas and why she and Wyatt have broken up. Quinn tells Sally she ought to be talking this over with Wyatt. He believes in transparency and if she cannot give that to him then there is another young lady out there who can. Wyatt continues to talk to Flo and says he is glad she is back. They know each other like few people do and he trusts her completely. They cannot turn back the clock but the way she looks right now is like they have never been away at all. She is sweet and beautiful. They kiss. Quinn tells Sally that she is not an unfeeling shrew. She only wants what most parents do, what is best for her son. And there is a woman out there who will not disappoint him.

Wyatt tells Flo that he does love Sally and cares for her but he feels they have something special too and feels they should explore that. Liam tells Thomas that he knows him. He has had his share of loves and yet that did not end well and he is back after Hope now. Thomas pulls out a hand drawn picture by Douglas showing stick figures of Hope in hand with Douglas and Thomas. He says he did not coach that. He called her mommy and that is what he wants her to be. Surely Liam cannot deny that. Sally tells Quinn that she still loves Wyatt and she may have moved out but she is not giving up just yet. Wyatt says he thinks he and Flo belong in each other’s lives. She is not sure. She is afraid if she opens up her heart again to him it will be shattered again. He says he has feelings coming up and he feels she feels the same way and they need to see what happens. He kisses her again and she clings to him. Thomas tells Liam that part of being a parent is putting the kids first. He will speak for Hope and says that after they lost Beth she even put her feelings aside. She is the one who told him to go to Steffy and the kids. Thomas laments that it is time for Liam to man up and go back to Phoebe and Kelly. That is what Hope wants. She has a child in her life now – Douglas. Liam has to move on and let Hope have the family she desperately needs. Hope says nothing and Liam has to ask her if this is what she wants. He knows how she feels about the children. But they said vows and he knows they have had obstacles, but they can still have a good life together and have happiness if she will just believe in them. This is not the end. Her guilty eyes dart from Liam to Thomas.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve played the recording for JJ and Haley. They thought it was a fake recording. While Claire and Tripp were talking, Melinda caught them. She wanted to know what they were doing. Nicole and Maggie comforted each other over Holly.  Nicole told her it was Eric’s fault that Holly died. Eric went to Brady and told him that Nicole blamed him for Holly’s death. Brady said Nicole was grieving. Eric said what Nicole said was true. Nicole told Maggie that Eric should have protected Holly. Maggie told her that Eric wanted Holly to be with Parker. Nicole wanted to know why no one tried to protect Holly from the drug cartel. Maggie told her that Brady did. Eric was upset with himself for not letting Brady take Chloe out of the DiMera house. Brady blamed himself. Melinda told Claire and Tripp that there was a video talking about his marriage to Haley being fake. He wanted to know who made the video. Jack asked Jennifer if she came back to vote against him. She ripped into him for using photos to get people to vote against Abe. Jack said it proved that Abe wasn’t a saint. Jack said if he lost it would be because of something that happened years ago. He said he wanted Kayla to sign a statement about it. Jennifer was upset about it. He said Jennifer and Kayla both forgave him. He said he should be mayor. She said his wife was why he shouldn’t be. JJ wanted to know when the recording was made. Eve said right before Haley’s wedding. Haley said she would be deported. Eve said it didn’t have to be used. JJ wanted to know what she wanted. Eve wanted Haley to confess to the wedding being safe. Eve said Haley could confess to seducing Tripp so he wouldn’t get in trouble. JJ wanted to know why she was protecting Tripp. Melinda told Tripp and Claire that Jack and Eve were the ones who made the recording. Melinda told them that they were trying to go after her sister. Melinda said she erased the recording they were going to use at the press conference they had weeks ago. While Jack and Jennifer were arguing, Abe thanked her for her support. Abe told Jack that he was still in the race. Jack told him not to count him out either. Eric continued to blame himself for not fighting for Holly. Brady told him that it was okay. Eric thought he was paying for what he did to Daniel. He said Holly was gone and he lost Nicole too. Eric said he was the one to blame. Nicole was shocked that Brady was the one who tried to protect Holly. Maggie told Nicole that Brady tried to get Chloe in the Kiriakis mansion when he Chloe was in danger. Nicole started to cough and needed some water. Nicole took Maggie’s glass and found out that she was drinking vodka.

Eve said she and Jack were trying to protect Tripp because he is Jack’s nephew. JJ didn’t believe that. Eve said Claire would be in trouble too. She said Haley wouldn’t want that after what Claire has done for her. Haley said she didn’t want to hurt Claire. JJ said it was too late to try and get votes. Eve said the polls weren’t closed yet so Haley had time to confess. Brady tried to make Eric feel better about Nicole blaming him for Holly’s death. Nicole asked Maggie why she was drinking. Maggie told her she was upset about Holly. Nicole asked she wanted to go to a meeting. Maggie said she wanted to go home. Abe told Jack that it was too little too late for him to do something to win the election. When Eve showed up, she wanted to talk to Jack. Abe asked Jennifer if he should be worried. Jennifer thought he might have been. Haley told JJ that she needed to make a decision. He told her not to let them win. He told her to let it play out. She didn’t want Claire and Tripp to do down for what she did. He said she would be deported. She said she had to do what she had to do. He wanted her to think about it before she regretted it. Melinda told Abe that she wanted to thank him for supporting her sister. He said she deserved to live in peace. She said she voted for him. Eve told everyone that they had a special announcement to make. Haley showed up at the conference. Nicole took Maggie home. Eric thanked Brady for listening to him. When Eric wanted to look for Nicole, she came in the living room. She went over to Brady and hugged him. Tripp saw Haley at the press conference. Jack wanted Haley to speak up. Melinda wanted to know what she was doing. Haley said she was doing what she had to do. Eric told Nicole that he was worried about her. She said she wanted to be alone. She wanted to thank Brady for looking after Holly. Brady said they all tried to keep Holly safe. Brady said Eric really did, but Nicole thought it wasn’t enough. Eric wanted to go somewhere and talk. She said she wasn’t going anywhere with him. He said if he meant anything to her she would go. Tripp asked JJ if he knew what was going on with Haley. She made a speech at the conference. She talked about when she came to America. She confessed that her marriage to Tripp was fake. Eric tried to get Nicole to talk to him. She didn’t want to. He wanted to know what she needed. She wanted him to leave. Haley said her marriage was a fraud. She said she tricked Tripp. She said she wanted him to think that she loved him and tricked him into marriage. She said it was her fault. She said she was ready to face the consequences. Brady told Nicole that Eric wanted to be there for her. She didn’t want to hear him defend Eric. When he hugged her, Xander interrupted them. He told Brady to take his hands off his wife.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Curtis and Laura search multiple homes in Canada for the woman that might be helping Ryan out. They find a promising home but it clearly has been abandoned. Someone is watching them from inside. Maxie and Peter go to their hotel room and they had a wonderful day together. Maxie goes to find something sexy to wear to bed but comes back with Laura and Curtis to stay with them for the night.

Ava and Kevin continue to post on social media to keep things going. Ava kisses Kevin and then tries to again and he rejects her. Ava admits that she fell for a man she thought was Kevin. It is hard to just give him up willingly. Kevin finds out he is not a match for Jordan because he is pre-diabetic. Jordan learns but promises TJ that they will find a way to save her. Sonny and Alexis freak out with Neil over the prospect of Kristina going back to DOD. Kristina tells Shiloh she is not returning and goes home to Alexis. Shiloh tells someone on the phone he has Kristina's pledge if they ever need to use it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis asks Summer to help her get her accessories line into Jabot collective but she tells her no because she loves her job and its all she has left. Phyllis then calls Ashley in Paris to make her pitch fopr her new business.. Theo and his client arrive in Geneoa City and are impressed by Society, Abby, and Lola's cooking and Summer does her best to hide her jealousy. Kyle decides not to go back to New York with Theo, Summer, and Theo's client and stay with Lola. Lola is hurt that Arturo and Rey didn't trust her sooner with the fact that Mia attacked her they should have known she would never tell the police for the sake of the baby. Paul questions Mia and after Paul sees her story has a lot of holes he persudes her to tell the truth. Lola then starts having contractions and Paul takes her to the hospital and calls Rey to let him know that Mia is on her way to the hospital. Sharon poersudes Victir to back off of Adam so she can try to get through to him. Adam sends Sharon a text telling her to meet him at his hotel room. Sharon goes to Adam's room and Riza answers the door and doesn't give her any information about his new life. Once Sharon is alone in the room she finds an envelope of pictures amd looks through them. Sharon is shocked when the door opens and she sees Adam but his face insn't shown to the audience.

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