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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam comes straight from the airport to Wyatt’s house. He says he needs more information of just how far has Thomas gone to pursue Hope. Wyatt reveals that he doesn’t think Thomas had made any inroads yet. Just what Sally told him that Thomas confided in her that he is still in love with Hope after all these years. Hope continues to talk to Flo and says Thomas is a good person. Flo says yes but even good people do bad things. Thomas had no right to wait until Liam was out of town and then come in and swoop down on her and make his move. Hope defends Thomas by saying it wasn’t quite like that but he was talking about their future and maybe he was not wrong. Sally talks to Thomas and says Liam knows and will be heading home today. She knows this will all be settled even tho Thomas still feels it is best that Liam be with his sister and girls and he with Hope and Douglas. Zoe finds Flo in the guise of giving her some papers and manages to turn the conversation around to the usual – Hope. She says Hope lost her child and Flo corrects her by saying she did not lose her, Beth was stolen but Hope must never know. Liam tells Wyatt that he hopes he did not break up with Sally on his account. Wyatt says no but he does not know how they stand now. Liam confides in him that Thomas has done this before, long before Wyatt came to town. Thomas proposed to Hope but it never went anywhere as she was in love with Liam. And get this, the last thing Thomas told him before he went to Paris was not to worry, Hope would be in good hands. Now he knows he meant in his hands. But if he thinks he can bulldoze that marriage now in the guise of grieving for Caroline and wanting to give Douglas a mother, that ain’t gonna happen.

Liam calls Pam and asks if Hope is busy and then decides not to bother her and he will just surprise her. Zoe asks Flo if she was always this way, just thinking of the worst case scenario. This is a job at Forrester, a new life so just embrace it and forget all this other stuff. Wyatt calls Flo and asks when she has a chance can she stop by his house. Thomas brings Hope some fabrics and when he realizes she is busy he says he thought maybe they could have an early supper and visit with Douglas a while. She says she is busy with a lot of calls to make but she would not want Douglas to think she was too busy for him. Thomas says he understands that she does not want to disappoint Douglas but also does not want to encourage Thomas. Luckily Liam walks in and says he loved Paris but he loves his wife more. Hope rushes into his arms. Flo stops by and slowly Wyatt tells Flo that Sally walked out. She had been keeping a secret from him and thought that was more important than confiding in him. He thinks her first loyalty should be to him. He hates secrecy and is glad that was never something he had to worry about with Flo. Liam hands both Thomas and Hope a little present from Paris. Actually it was for Douglas and then that leads right into he missed his wife so much that he had to come back even though it was good to hold his girls in his arms again. Then he lowers the boom that he has heard that Thomas is putting the moves on Hope. As he goes on, Hope tries to stop him and defend Thomas. Liam points to Hope and tells Thomas this is his wife…..his wife! Thomas says yes they are a couple but they are not a family. He does have a family in Paris and should be with them. Liam is agitated and says again Hope is his wife and he will not stand by and let this weird scenario happen and Thomas better get that right now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ ripped into Eve about Jack. Eve reminded JJ that he told that Kayla was raped. She said he didnít bother to warn anyone that he was going to do it. Jack went to Kayla and told her that he didnít know that JJ was going to tell everyone what he did to her. He told her to put it to rest. He suggested that she put out a statement that they worked through the rape. She thought he wanted to do it to win the election. He thought if the people knew she forgave him, they would forgive him too. JJ said he didnít plan on saying anything about Jack and Kayla until they said what they said about Abe and Sheila. Eve told him that he knew what he was doing. She said they didnít do anything wrong by revealing that Haley had a fake marriage. He said they wanted to hurt Haley. Kayla didnít like the statement that Jack wanted her to sign. He said she forgave him and he was grateful for it. She said she wasnít going to release the statement to the press. Tripp went to see Claire. He wanted to give Maggie donuts from the pub. Claire wished that he was there to see her. He said he was there to see her. She said that she was scared that she wasnít going to see him again. She said they could sneak up to her room. He said they couldnít. He said he wanted her to explain why his picture with Haley was ripped. He asked if she tore up the picture. Claire admitted to ripping the picture. She was upset that she couldnít be with him. He asked if she hated Haley. Claire admitted that she doesnít like her. He wanted Claire to see Marlena about her problems. Eli confronted Abe about being with Sheila. Eli said he saw the picture. Abe said there was nothing between him and Sheila. He said it made him and Valerie realize that their relationship wasnít working. Eli said Abe was going to lose votes because of this. Kayla told Jack that she wasnít signing the statement. She ripped it up and walked away from him. JJ showed up. Jack asked him if he was happy with what he did. JJ said he didnít want to do that to Kayla until he did what he did to Abe. JJ asked if Jack wanted Kayla to sign something that said she forgave him. Jack said he did because Kayla forgave him. JJ reminded him what he did to Haley. Jack said she wasnít a victim. Jack brought up the election being tomorrow. JJ told him that he was cold. Abe reminded Eli about his relationship with Sheila. Abe told him what happened between him and Sheila. Eli said he would have asked Sheila about it, but he couldnít find her. Abe and Lani told him that Sheila left. Claire and Tripp argued over Haley. He told her that the best thing for him to do was to let her go because he didnít know when it would be over. She asked if he was breaking up with her.

Tripp didnít know how he could ask Claire to wait for him. He told her that lots of other guys would want her. She said she didnít want other guys. She said if he cared about her, he wouldnít do this to her. She said they would make it work. He told her to take care of herself before he left. She said she wasnít going to lose him to Haley. JJ went to see Haley. She told him not to feel bad about telling Jack about her. She said they were past it. Haley asked if Jack did that to Kayla. He said Jack did. He said that Abe was too good to reveal it himself. JJ thought that it would be a good thing if it helped Abe win. Eli apologized to Abe for going off on him. Eli said he would still vote for him.  Eli didnít want Jack and Eve to run the town. When Jack went back to the inn, Eve wondered what was wrong. Jack said no one wanted to shake his hand. She wanted to come up with something. Eve wanted to prove that Haleyís marriage was a business relationship. Claire showed up and said she could prove it. Will wanted to know if his tumor was smaller. Kayla told him that they hoped the radiation would have made the tumor smaller. She said it was the same. Will wanted to do it again. Kayla said she had to make the decision with Rex and Sarah. Lani and Eli talked about David. She said she wasnít getting too attached to the baby. He told her that he loved and missed her. She said she missed him too. Haley told JJ that she missed him. Jack wanted to know if Claire had proof that Haley married Tripp to stay in the country. Eve told Jack to go vote. When he left, Claire played a recording of Tripp admitting that he was with Claire. Eve wanted to know how long she had it. She said a few days. Eve wanted to know why she didnít tell her. Claire said she needed things. Eve wanted to know what. Claire said she wanted Tripp and didnít want him to know that she was involved. Eve said the recording was what Jack needed. Eve said to give her the recording if she was afraid to use it. Claire said she wasnít giving her anything until she told her what she had in mind. Eve told her that she was going to have Tripp to herself. Eve wanted to know if she was going to give her the recording. Eve said it would be the answer to their prayers. Claire sent her the recording. Tripp ran into Claire. He apologized to her. He said he missed her, but they should be proud that they helped Haley. When JJ and Haley were making plans to be together, they almost kissed. Eve walked in and almost saw them kissing. While Sonny and Will were talking, Will forgot about Holly being dead. Tripp told Claire that they could be together, but they had to wait. She said she would wait. Eve played the recording that Claire gave her to Haley and JJ.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon apologizes to Elena for kissing her and he explains that he was dreaming of Hilary when she awakened him and that is why he kissed her. Elena is understanding and is glad that Devon didn't kiss her because he felt sorry for her after they talked about her mother's death. Devon asks Elena on another date and Elena happily accepts his invitation. Ana tells Devon about her arguement with Mariah over Tessa's new look and Devon offers to talk to Mariah but Ana wants to handle the situation without Devon's help. Tessa finally gets Mariah to admit that the reason that she was angry with Ana was because she is afraid to lose her. Tessa asures Mariah that no matter what happens with her career she will always love her. Theo meets wth Summer and Kyle in New York and he thinks they are a couple but Kyle sets him straight and then much to Summer's disappointment Kyle wants t leave for home after the meeting instead of going to a club with Theo. Once Summer and Kyle are back in Genoa City Theo calls and tells Summer he is going to meet with them tonight in Geneoa city and bring an influencer with him,. Summer tells Jack Kyle isn't doing his share of the work on this project and Theo is on his way Jack tells her to find Kyle and make sure he makes this his number one priority. Arturo tells Lola he and Mia are going back to Miami and during their talk he lets it slip that Mia could go to jail if they stay in town and Lola figures out that Mia attacked her because she thought she was Abby. Abby overhears Lola confronting Mia and together she and Lola get Mia to admit the truth. Lola later persudes Abby not to call the police for the sake of the baby Mia is carrying she can't go to jail..

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