The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 5/8/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Flo tells Hope she is excited about working at Forrester as Hope shows her around the place. She hopes to use Flo on her HFTF line. In a brief moment Hope mentions something about her grief and Flo feels badly and gives Hope a big hug. Then Hope wants to tell her more – Liam is coming home today but she wonders if he should not stay in Paris with the girls. She feels guilty that he is not. Flo asks if Liam knows. She admits not long ago she took off his ring and told him to go. She says she knows Phoebe is not biologically his daughter but he thinks of her that way as sister to Beth. Wyatt calls Quinn over to his place and says he has something to tell her about Sally and him. She jumps on him that he is not getting engaged or married. He says no quite the opposite. She took her things and moved out so do not look so pleased. Quinn says she is not going to pretend to be unhappy about that. And as far as young women there are plenty available in L. A. and one in particular close by that still has feelings for him. So hear her out, this is a great opportunity. He says Sally just left so give him time before she throws more in his face. Quinn keeps telling Wyatt that years ago Flo was his world and he was hers and she thinks they still love each other.

Sally barges in on Thomas at work and says they need to talk. She says he is a perceptive man when he says she sounds upset. She tells him she kept something big from Wyatt by keeping Thomas’s secret. He does not feel that is his fault that she chose to share with Wyatt and he felt the need to call Liam. He needs to know exactly what she told Wyatt. She says everything. That Thomas still loved Hope and wants her for his own and for Douglas. She cannot believe she agreed to keep this from Wyatt. Wyatt thought the two of them were having an affair so she felt she had no choice. She never should have promised Thomas that she would keep the secret and in fact he should not have even asked her to. Wyatt tells his mother that Flo was his first love but Quinn cost them their future. She says she realizes that and it cost him dearly and she will carry that guilt forever but it is not too late now to get back with Flo. She is beautiful, sweet, kind and most of all truthful. Hope confides in Flo that it feels so good to be able to talk to her like this as cousins. She tells her more about Thomas and Douglas. And maybe Thomas is right that Douglas was sent to her right now so it feels like fate. Thomas believes they can heal two families. Flo says that is a terrible idea. That is no reason to come together just for the children. She thinks that would be a disservice to Beth and she will not let her do that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben and Ciara didnít know how to tell Chloe and Stefan about Holly. Nicole was upset that Holly was gone. Nicole wanted to know what happened. Nicole told Hope that she said everything was going to be okay with Holly. Hope apologized to Nicole for what happened. When Eric and Nicole left, Rafe asked Hope if she thought he made this happened. She said he did. Victor tried to make Maggie feel better about Holly. When Victor blamed Chloe for what happened, Maggie said it was her fault. When Ben and Ciara went to Stefanís house, they told Chloe and Stefan that something bad happened. Hope blamed Rafe for Holly being dead. He said he couldnít let Ted walk in the situation alone. He said Ted wanted to meet with the kidnapper alone. Ted asked Xander who the partner was. Xander said it was Julie. Ted realized he was lying. Xander said he would be better off not knowing who the boss was. Victor wanted to know why Maggie blamed him. She said it was his fault because he wouldnít let Chloe move in with them. Xander told Ted that the plan was working in his favor. Ted thought Rafe and Hope would be over. Ben told Chloe and Stefan that there was an explosion. Ben said there were two bodies found. Chloe wanted to know if Nicole knew. Ben said she did. Nicole told Eric that she wished she blew up in the building. She said she thought Holly would be safe with Eric. She didnít understand how he let Chloe take Holly from him.

Hope suspended Rafe indefinitely. She said his insubordination led to the death of a child. He gave her his badge and gun. He wondered if she was taking things out on him professionally because of personal issues. He told her they should make their separation permanent. She asked if that was what she wanted. He asked if she wanted it. Ben talked to Ciara about spending tine with David. Kate told Maggie not to blame Victor for what happened to Holly. Kate ripped into Maggie for blaming him for what happened. Victor stopped Kate from attacking her. When Maggie wanted to leave, he didnít want to go with her. He wanted time alone. Eric told Nicole that he didnít raise Holly because Maggie didnít want him to. He said Chloe and Brady wanted to fight him. He told her about the letter she wrote wanting Chloe to raise Holly. Nicole said she wrote that when she was with Xander. He said Chloe loved Holly and wanted to raise her. She wanted to know why he didnít do anything when he found out about the drug cartel. Xander gave Ted his money. Hope went in the room. She said she didnít expect to see him there. He said he wanted to see what he did wrong. He said it felt bad causing the death of a child. She said it wasnít his fault. He said Rafe had to feel terrible. She said she suspended him. She also told him that her marriage was over. Maggie poured herself a drink. Eric told Nicole that Chloe took care of Holly. Nicole was upset about the job Chloe did. He said it wasnít Chloeís fault. Nicole said she couldnít blame Chloe for Hollyís death. She said she blamed him. Ted apologized to Hope. He comforted her about her marriage. Rafe threw his ring away. Nicole yelled at Eric and blamed him for what happened to Holly. She wanted to get away from him. He wanted to be there for her. She yelled at him for breaking his promise. She walked out of his apartment.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly is glad that Jax is staying but she is worried about how much he and Sonny don’t like each other. She knows that he can rise above it. Jax just cares about their daughter’s happiness. Jax walks downstairs and rushes over to Jax. He hugs her.

Drew is asleep on the couch at the Quartermaine mansion. Kim puts a blanket on him. Drew wakes up and thinks it is Oscar. Kim explains that it is just her.

Chase suggests that he and Willow get dessert at Kelly’s. Willow didn’t take him for a sweets guy. Chase thinks that she stepped up. Willow doesn’t think it is over for her anymore than it is for her.

Sonny tells Kristina that she can always stay with him if she wants. Alexis says that she is staying with her. Alexis will order pizza. Kristina is glad she saw the light. Kristina asks if Sam has seen the truth about Shiloh.

Shiloh gets ready to tattoo Sam. Sam doesn’t think that anything will shake her commitment. Shiloh starts to do the tattoo.

Jason busts down the DOD front door and walks in with his gun. Jason knocks Shiloh out. He tells Sam that it is over.

Kristina is sure that Shiloh has a particular interest in Sam. It is crazier than his interest in her. Neil wants Kristina to just focus on herself tonight.

Valerie tells Wiley that it has been to long. She always has time for him. She has been by a few times the past few weeks. Brad explains that he has been taking classes at DOD. Valerie tells him to stop. He wants nothing to do with those people.

Kim is sorry that he disturbed him. Drew is glad that she did. He has been slacking. Kim needs his help sorting through this box of stuff. She was hoping to find some of Oscar’s stuff to give him. He made her an ashtray and she never smoked. Kim explains that the telescope was actually his.

Jax wonders how Joss is. Joss misses Oscar. Jax knows. They were together constantly and now he is just gone. Jax asks if she wants to tell him about it. He wants to know everything. Jax has all the time in the world.

Chase needs Willow to realize that Shiloh has no idea that she had a baby. Willow thought that as well until her mother came looking for her. She is forever Shiloh’s number one fan. She knew that she was pregnant. She still thinks she will turn back to DOD. Willow doesn’t think that she will say anything to him. She was jealous when Shiloh turned towards her. It didn’t work though and it was sick. Willow is pretty sure that she wouldn’t want him to know that she had a child. Just to be safe she claimed she had a miscarriage.

Valerie explains that DOD uses sex to get what they wanted. Brad tells Lucas that Shiloh has been hitting on him. Lucas points out that he might not be his type. Brad doesn’t think that he could possibly be taking this seriously. Brad thinks that all the good they put into the world is super suspicious. Brad doesn’t want her to tarnish her detective credit. Valerie wants her to watch her back.

Jason tells Sam that Kristina had a break through. Jason tells Sam that she is bleeding. Sam tells him to go get Kristina’s pledge. They will figure this out later. She tells him to get the hell out.

Valerie tells Chase she finds out that she has family with DOD. Willow can keep a secret. Valerie says that Brad won’t listen to a bad word. Chase thinks they might have a witness. Kristina just walked away from DOD.

Kim explains that he gave it to her when they went on a hike. They could practically see every thing in the sky. It must have been mixed up in her things. By the time she found it he had already been deployed. She thought that he should have it. She didn’t tell him that it was his. She had forgot that he even had it. Drew finds a picture of when Oscar won an award. Drew guesses that Oscar still wanted them nearby. Kim wonders if there is anything else that was left at the house. Drew goes to answer the door. Curtis is there. He meant to come by sooner. Drew claims he is fine. Drew doesn’t want him spreading lies about his friend. He hugs him.

Joss tried to be there for Oscar. Joss asks if this is what happened with Grandma. Jax explains he would sit there and just go on this as if it were all normal. She would say stuff like don’t go surfing. Carly thinks that Lady Jane was one of a kind. Jax explains a few times she asked for her grandfather. She wanted to know where Jerry was. Joss asks what he would do. Jax would say that he got Jerry. She would go to sleep. Joss thinks he knew exactly what to say. Joss says that he liked the book that she read him. That beautiful green country side sounded really nice to him. They almost finished it. She read it to him and then she fell asleep for a minute. When she opened her eyes he was just lying there smiling. He was so still. She didn’t want it to be true. She knew though. Jax hugs her. Jax promises that Oscar felt her love and feels it now too.

Chase offers to take her home. Willow doesn’t want to be alone. Chase suggests coming home with him. Willow is sorry she is such a basket case. He wants her to stop selling herself short.

Lucas wonders why Brad spends so much money at DOD. He is defending the guy blindly. Brad thinks he has helped him. His anxiety is finally under control. Chase guesses it seems like he is more calm. Willow tells Brad to keep Wiley away from Shiloh.

Sonny is so proud of Kristina. He will be back tomorrow. Kristina promises to do nothing crazy before then. Alexis will walk him out. Kristina thinks now would be a good time for a drink. She asks if he is carrying.

Sonny thinks they need to make sure that Kristina doesn’t bolt. He thinks that she could go back to him. Sonny will see them tomorrow he guesses.

Jason goes down the hall at DOD and tries to pick the lock. He goes into the room.

Shiloh wakes up. Sam guesses he is up. She wants him to take it easy. He asks what happened. Sam asks what he remembers. He started the initiation and then he heard a smash. Sam is glad he is awake. He assumes that this was Jason. Sam says when Jason comes after you he doesn’t miss. It was some guy who said that he ranted and raved about something he did to his kid. She threw the vase at him. She didn’t want to keep him here alone. She suggests calling the police. Shiloh will turn the other cheek. They will finish what they started.

Neil is sure that Kristina can get coffee. She asks how well Alexis knows Neil. Valerie shows up. She knows she called her. She doesn’t have to explain. She was glad to find her. Valerie asks how she reached her. Kristina committed her number to memory. Valerie is sorry that they had a falling out. She wants to help her. Valerie says goodnight. Kristina does have one thing she could do for her right now.

Willow told him to stay away from DOD. If he doesn’t believe her then he needs to listen to Chase and Valerie. Having Wiley around Shiloh boarders on abuse. Lucas tells her to back off on how they parent Wiley. Willow thinks they are no parents at all if they have him around Shiloh. Lucas thinks that this is none of his business. Willow doesn’t think that she knows what is right for their son. She needs to stay away.

Curtis hugs Kim. He is sorry about Oscar. He was a great kid. Kim thinks it is good to see Curtis. Drew knows that Curtis is dealing with his own crisis because of him. Curtis reminds him that it wasn’t his fault.

Jax suggests that Joss try going back to bed. Joss cannot sleep. She keeps dreaming about Oscar and thinking he is still here. Jax thinks that he still is in her heart. Lady Jane is still in her heart. He sings to her.

Sam is worried about him. Sam wants to get ice on his head.

Valerie asks what she needs. Kristina needs legal advice. Valerie wonders why she cannot ask her mom. Kristina needs to ask a friend. She wonders what happens if she gave someone something but the individual won’t give it back. She asks what she would do under those circumstances. Valerie thinks it is blackmail.

Alexis is worried that her daughter might go back to Shiloh in the middle of the night. Neil thinks that she needs to learn from her mistakes. She needs to not feel such a horrible feeling. If Kristina isn’t feeling guilt then what does she get out of it. Alexis thinks a lot of things are confusing.

Chase gives Willow a glass of water. Chase gets it. She is watching them do everything that she tried to avoid. It is personal for her.

Drew is just waiting to make sure the donor is suitable. Drew is here to spread love. Drew has a big influx of capital. He wants to help out. He feels responsible for him. There is a little less good in the world today than yesterday.

Sonny walks into his living room to find Jax. He asks when he got here. He offers him scotch. He wonders if there were any problems on the trip. Jax had a few extra problems at customs. He hears that he has another baby on the way. Carly told him. They click glasses. Sonny thinks Joss needs him here. Carly walks downstairs and asks if they are getting along alright. Sonny says peachy. Jax thinks they are keeping it to small talk. Jax is going to check into the Metro Court. Jax is looking for properties. He noticed that Kate’s old place was for sale so they might be neighbors.

Sam tells Shiloh to take it easy. She is going to get some ice. Shiloh thanks Sam. She saved his life. Sam thinks him. DOD saved her life everyday.

Curtis thinks what Drew is offering means everything. They aren’t even there yet. He promises to call him though on the condition that he will call if he needs him.

Kim calls Shiloh. She wonders if they can meet. She would like to talk with him about her son. Shiloh promises that his door is always open. Sam walks back in and gives him some ice. Shiloh hopes she is not this disappointed. He knows they will finish what they started. Sam doesn’t doubt that.

Brad would do anything for Wiley and him. Lucas wonders why Willow would be so worried about him taking Wiley to DOD. Brad doesn’t feel so good. Brad gets out his phone and makes a call. He thinks it is time that he had a conversation about him and his family.

Chase wants to be there for him in any way he can. He wants to chime in on a few things. Chase knows that there are other kids running around DOD. Yet, she hasn’t thought out those parents like Brad. Chase asks if it is because Wiley is the same age as her child would be. Willow thinks he knows why. Wiley is her son.

Alexis thinks that Neil is supposed to be working for her daughter not her. Neil says they will start work again tomorrow.

Valerie says that she has to accept the blackmail material will see the light of day. Kristina thinks it is late. She doesn’t want to keep her up. Valerie wants her to be able to reach out to her.

Carly thinks if Jax wants to buy the house they will have to deal with it. Jason tells Sonny that Shiloh replaced the papers. Carly asks if they are back to square one then. Sonny points out that Shiloh was only safe when Kristina was around. He doesn’t have her anymore though.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon tells Cane that he shouldn't try to change his entire life to try and get Lily back because that is a dream that mty ay never come true. Cane once again leans on Traci to be a listening ear but this time he also asks her how she is doing and she tells him about Dina's condition and that she is writting a book loosely based on him and Lily. Devon decides to have a tribute concert to honor Neil at Society and also dedicate the stage to Neil. Elena and Devon talk about the loss of Elena's mother and later Devon dreams about Hilary. Elena awakens Devon because he is crying in his sleep and he sees Hilary and kises Elena. Sharon goes to meet Adam who decides to leave shortly after he sees her so Sharon heads back to the hotel to tell Rey the details of her relationship with Adam. Sharon assures Rey that her helping Adam won't affect their relationship at alland they make love. Sharon is awakened by a noise but their isn't anyone there when she opens the hotel room door. Tessa decides to text Mariah's stalker back once Mariah tells her she got to more texts from the atalker. Tessa tells Mariah she has a plan to find out the identity of her stalker.

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