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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Ridge are smooching in the office and she says she can always count on him brightening her day. He tells her that she better sit down as he has something to tell her. They were almost married one time…..well Thomas never got over Hope. Everybody knows Hope is married to Liam so she says this is ridiculous. He says they will all do what they want so just be prepared. Sally says she did not think it through and she regrets not telling Wyatt about Thomas’s plans for Hope. She made a mistake and that is all she can say. Wyatt rants that she knows he cares about his brother and yet he had to find out about this from her cell phone. She feels like he is saying that he can no longer trust her. She admits that maybe his mother is right that she should move out and give each other space. It could be good for both of them. Thomas tells Hope that he knows it is not the right time but he wants her to know how committed he is to her. She says the ring is beautiful and she cannot believe he still has it now. But he said it himself, she is already married. He shrugs for now. She says again that she is touched by all he has said and she wants to be there for both him and Douglas. But this is about his love for Douglas and not for her. He says he loves her today as much as he did back then. And his love will never be divided between her and another woman. Liam will never get over Steffy. He reminds her how his father and her mother were shuffled back and forth for so many years and the bad places it put them in and he knows she does not want to go through that again with children.

Liam confides in Amelia that he misses Hope but he thinks the space will do them good and she is feeling better. Amelia says again she has come to know him and Steffy a lot this last year and Steffy would not admit it but she thinks the two of them are still in love with each other. Thomas puts in more for his cause. He says they will be doing it for Caroline too, reuniting and Hope will be doing destiny a favor by being with him and Douglas. He holds out the ring but Hope can finally do no more and picks up her purse and walks out. Sally picks up her purse too and cries to Wyatt that she betrayed him and she hurt him and that was the last thing she wanted to do. She hates to leave but she feels by staying she will only make things worse. He picks up the phone and calls Liam. He says it is about Hope….Thomas is making moves on Hope. He just found out but Liam needs to come home now. Liam says okay he will get a flight right now before Thomas can blink. Thomas sits and mulls over all they said, Hope walks in and apologizes for walking out. She kisses Thomas and he responds. Then he wakes up, but smiling while still holding the ring. He seems satisfied in himself.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric told Nicole that they were going to be a family with Holly when they found her. Rafe called Hope. He told her he was pursuing the kidnapper. He said there was a terrible accident. Kate ran into Victor at Dougís Place. Victor told Kate that Nicole was alive. Rex told Sarah that Eric and Nicole would get married after Holly was found. Sarah said she and Rex could get married after Holly came home. He agreed to get married. Maggie thought that Rex was forcing Sarah to get married. Hope told Nicole that Rafe told her that he saw the kidnapper put Holly in a car. Hope said that the kidnapper drove over an enbankment. Nicole wanted to know what happened to Holly. Nicole wanted to go to Holly. Hope took Nicole and Eric to see Holly. Ted left a message for Xander. Ted told Xander that Rafe chased the kidnapper. He said he wanted Holly. He wanted to know where he was. John and Marlena celebrated their anniversary. Sarah told Maggie that she wanted to get married. Maggie apologized, but she didnít see why Sarah and Rex were making wedding plans. Victor told Kate that Sarah yelled at him by defending Nicole. Kate thought Sarah had a reason to defend Nicole. Hope, Eric and Nicole showed up at the crash site. Ted showed up too. Eric and Ted went in the ravine to look for Holly. Victor told Kate that Sarah cheated on Rex. Kate wanted to know with whom. Victor told her that Sarah cheated with Xander. Kate was upset. Sarah asked Maggie if everything was okay with her and Victor. Maggie said that Victor hired Kate to work at Titan and she couldnít let it go. Maggie said he did it for Philip. Sarah thought that wasnít enough of a reason to do it. Sarah wanted to know why Maggie put up with Victor. Maggie said she loved him. Now Maggie thought that Victor didnít love her. She said he wasnít there for her now that Holly was missing. She wanted to know why he didnít care. Hope asked Rafe what happened. He told her that he followed the kidnapper. Nicole smelled gas. Rafe yelled at Eric and Rex to get out of the ravine. There was an explosion.

Victor wondered what Kate was going to do to Sarah. Kate said she was worried about Rexís happiness. Kate wanted to know when Sarah cheated on Rex. Victor told her that Rex knew about it and forgave her. Kate wanted to get him to unforgive her. Victor thought Sarah would ruin things. Maggie talked to Sarah about not being with Eric. Sarah didnít want to talk about Eric. She said she forgave Rex and they were fine. Sarah didnít want Maggie to remind her of Rexís shortcomings. Maggie wondered if Rex knew how she felt about Eric. Maggie thought he had a right to know. Rafe and Hope stopped Nicole from going after Holly. Eric told Nicole that he couldnít see inside the car. He thought they cut themselves out of the car. Nicole wanted to know where they were. Hope said they would find Holly. Nicole didnít want Holly to be gone. Eric told her that she had to have faith. Victor and Kate talked about Philip. Kate wondered if Victor hired her to get back in Philipís good graces. Victor said that was part of the reason. He said she was good at what she did. He wanted to take down DiMera. She was willing to do it. Maggie wanted to know why Sarah was in a rush to get married. Sarah wanted to get married. Hope told Nicole and Eric that the fire chief recovered two bodies from the van. She said one was an adult and one was a child. Nicole broke down and cried. When Kate kissed Victor on the cheek, Maggie saw it. She told them that Holly was dead. Nicole wanted to see Holly, but Hope stopped her. Ted went back to the hotel room. Xander told him that Holly was on her way to another family.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Arturo asks Abby for one more chance but she tells him to accepttheir relationship has ended and Nate asks Arturo to leave the resturant. Mia has an equally bad day when Phyllis tells her she isn't a good fit for her new company. Arturo and Mia see each other later and compare their terrible days then they have sex and disccuss going back to Miami together. Nate asks Abby for a date but she says she is on a break from dating but she does give him a free dessert and a drink to thank him for helping her with Arturo. Abby sits down for a bit with Nate she also has a drink and they talk about Neil and how much they both love their jobs. Kyle tells Lola about his business trip to New York with Summer and she thanks him for his honesty and tells him she trusts him to go on the trip. Abby later shows Lola a picture of Summer and Kyle that Summer posted on social media and Lola starts to worry and regret that she told Kyle to go on the trip. Sharon leaves a message for Spider aka Adam to tell him that she is someone from his past and would like to meet to talk to him. Nikki arrives in Vegas to talk to Victor and get conformation from Sharon that Adam is alive. Nickki calls Nick and tells him that Sharon has heard Adam's voice on voicemail and he is alive but Nick still thinks this is a scam. Adam sends a text to Sharon's phone telling her to meet him at a park and she agrees with Victor that she should go alone like Adam asked despite the fact that Rey and Nikki think that Rey should go with her. Phyllis tells Jack about her new accessory company and wants to become part of the Jabot collective and offers to give him thirty percent of her sales but he tells her not in a millon years would he do that so she tells him she doesn't need him. Phyllis uses Summer's username and password to get into Jabot's server and find out all the details of Jabot collective.

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