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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope pulls away when Thomas kisses her. But he continues to tell her that Liam is where he should be with Steffy and her girls. He and Douglas will be here for her and they can help each other and be together. She tells him no, she is married but he digs in deeper and keeps telling her this is what needs to happen. Sally comes back to Wyatt’s house. He is surprised and she says she knows especially the way she stormed out the other day. He says they had a lot to think about. She walks over and puts her arms around his neck. He pulls away and says as tempting as that is, he thinks they need to talk. She says okay if he wants to hear a boring old apology. He’d rather have the truth. He says they had agreed to be upfront with each other and yet he knows she is keeping something from him. Finally she says okay, it is Thomas’s secret. He shared something with her, like his vision for the future. And no it was not her, but Hope. He is still in love with Hope. Quinn was wrong, Thomas has no feelings for her or her for him. Douglas is going through a very bad time and Thomas only wants to help. Wyatt says yes he wants to help himself and can’t she see how wrong that is. Hope is married to his brother. She says she knows and Thomas asked her to keep this secret and she did. Wyatt says then keeping her promise to Thomas was more important than him. She knows how much he cares for his brother and Hope and their marriage and she was here when Liam came and talked to them and still she did not say anything. He cannot believe she would do that. Thomas spends the next twenty minutes trying to explain to Hope why he came back to L.A. He keeps coming closer to her and she keeps backing up. He says there is something he needs to tell her but he did not want to put any pressure on her. He and Caroline talked about her, how wonderful she is and the kind of influence she was on Douglas. Caroline thought if anything ever happened to her that she’d want Hope to take her place and be in their lives. So that is exactly the situation they are in now. Hope laments that she does not know what to say since Liam is Caroline’s cousin. Thomas says yes and she respected their marriage but children always come first. She admits that but says Douglas has Steffy, Ridge and Thomas’s mother. He says that is not an easy place to fill.

Hope says she is touched and Thomas replies that he never knew until now how Douglas would respond to her. And the first time Douglas put his little hand in Hope’s that is what Caroline would have wanted to see him smile again. Her heart breaks with what Douglas is going through. He replies that Douglas is heartbroken too when he sees how sad Hope is over losing Beth. He wants to help her like she has helped him. Thomas says he can see an empty place in her heart but the three of them can heal and she can be a mother again to Douglas and be a family with him. Sally declares that she is not sneaking around behind Wyatt’s back to see Thomas. They work together. That is all. Wyatt says Liam actually trusts that guy and thought it was helping Hope being with Douglas. Sally says she does seem happier at work now. And as for Thomas she is not defending him and she told him he was not thinking clearly but he really is not a bad person. He’s just a father trying to do what is best for his son. And when she looks at it from his prospective she can see why he is pursuing Hope. Thomas keeps inching closer when Hope says she is touched that he cares so much. That’s why he ended things with Sally just trying to put his family back together. But he could not get past the lie that Caroline told him yet co-parenting worked for them. It was good for Douglas but when he reflected on it and what he wanted it always came back to Hope. She says she can still be part of their lives. He says it is beautiful especially with her own loss; they can heal together. She took off her ring and tried to give it to Liam because she knew it was the right thing to do. He says it is the right thing to do, let Liam go. Let him be a real father to his children. He says he knows this will sound self-serving but when you have a family you put your kid’s best interest before your own. She has that instinct. That is what she is doing with Phoebe and Kelly. She replies all children have that need. He says adults do too. They need that closeness, that connection, that companionship. He wonders when is the last time she felt that way. She is stuck but she doesn’t have to be. Liam is right where he needs to be. And he and Hope can build a future together. He confesses that he loved her years ago and he still does. The three of them can be happy. Wyatt tells Sally that Liam would be on the next plane home if he knew Thomas had eyes for his wife. She tells Wyatt that this could be the best situation for everyone. She is trying to make a point here that the girls need a father and Douglas needs a mother. She says she is sorry but her conversations with Thomas was only a couple of times and had nothing to do with their relationship. She says they have been so good and she does not want to lose him over this. She needs to hear him say he understands. Hope walks away but Thomas follows. He says he understands. She made vows and she cannot be with another man. If he has to wait, he will. She tells him this is a very confusing time since they both lost someone. He repeats that he is not confused over his feelings for her. They just re-surfaced and she is the only one for him and Douglas. He would devote his life to her if she would consider it. He says he knows he is getting ahead of himself but all the pieces fit. She can be a mother again and Liam can be a father to those girls. He reminds her of the time he proposed to her on Cabo and he kept something. He pulls out the ring. Hope seems dazed. As the stone shines in her eyes he says he is totally committed to her, only her, always will be and he knows they can make a happy family.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe and Ted argued over Ted knowing more than he let on about Hector. Ted wanted to go after Hector alone because he was the only one Hector trusted. Rafe didnít think that was a good idea. Ted said he needed Hopeís permission. Hope didnít like it, but she let him do it. Rafe was upset about it. Victor blamed Nicole for why Holly was kidnapped. Stefan told Gabi that he didnít want to sleep with her again. Brady comforted Chloe about Holly. While Sarah and Marlena were talking, Rex came in. Sarah lied to him about her issue with Eric not being resolved. When Rex left, Marlena thought that Rex would talk to Eric. She said she couldnít tell him the truth. Nicole reminded Victor about what Brady and Xander did to her. He reminded her that she killed someone. He said the police should find out. When Brady was about to leave the DiMera mansion, he saw Stefan and Gabi coming down the stairs.

Eric and Nicole tried to stop Victor from calling the police. Nicole tried to plead her case to him. He told her that it was her karma for everything she has done. Sarah and Rex walked in while Victor was yelling at her. Sarah yelled at him and told him to apologize. Victor wouldnít do it. Stefan went to talk to Chloe. She told him the update on what the police were doing to get Holly. Gabi and Brady talked about her being with Stefan outside. Brady wanted to tell Chloe what was going on. Gabi stopped him from telling her. She told him the plan was his idea. She wanted Stefan to pay for what he did to her. She said he would look jealous if he said something. She said she and Stefan didnít sleep together. She said she seduced him. She lied and said Stefan wasnít into her. When Chloe went to make a call, Stefan went to find out what Gabi told Brady. She said she told him everything. Sarah tried to make Nicole feel better about what Victor did to her. Ted went to Xanderís room. No one was in the room. Rafe ended up following him. Ted told him to leave before Hectorís associate saw him. Ted said the associate didnít want any cops there. While they were talking, Ted got a call. Gabi told Stefan that she lied to Brady. Stefan didnít understand why Brady would believe it. She said she told Brady that she threw herself at him. Nicole and Eric went to see Hope to find out what was going on. Hope told them that Ted went to make the deal to get Holly back. Gabi was determined to go along with her plan to get back at Stefan. Rafe called Hope and told her that he followed the kidnapper. He told her that there was a terrible accident.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Rey and Sharon are in Las Vegas. Victor knocks on their hotel door and asks to speak to Sharon alone. He leads up to what he has to tell Sharon that will have a huge impact on her. He tells her “Adam is alive”. He fills her in on Adam’s underground gambling ring and of him going by the name of Spider. He also tells her Adam has no memory from the night of the explosion. He explains that he came face to face with Adam but that Adam didn’t recognize him. Victor is hoping that based on their past history together that Sharon can help Adam remember. Sharon can’t help but wonder what remembering and helping Adam will do to her life. Victor tells him to let him know her decision. Rey arrives back and Sharon fills him in. Rey questions why this would impact Sharon so and she admits her history with Adam and that she was in love with him, but Rey only supports her. At the penthouse, Devon presses Jeff for info on Elena, and discovers her mother died and that Elena blames herself for being so wrapped up in her career and not finding her mother in time to save her,

At Crimson Lights Mariah and Tessa are discussing Tessa’s upcoming recording session, when Elena arrives. After informing Mariah that Elena is dating Devon, she is off to her recording session. Mariah introduces herself to Elena and is protective of Devon as she questions Elena to make sure she isn’t just after his money. At the studio Tessa makes several weak attempts at her song until Ana tells her to go home. Later at home, Mariah is on edge after receiving a threatening text and a run in at the coffee house where a man came in and sat at a table staring at her, before running off.. Nick arrives and Mariah tells him that Sharon is in Vegas with Rey. Meanwhile Ana returns back home and fills in Devon on what a disaster the session was with Tessa. Devon advises her that Tessa just needed warming up and to not give up too soon. Ana heads back to the studio and Elena arrives, furious that Devon asked Jeff about her behind her back when she had told him she didn’t want to talk about her mother. She is mad he went elsewhere for info and Devon sincerely apologizes and heads upstairs. Meanwhile, Nick receives Sharon’s shocking phone call that Adam is alive. She explains that she wanted him to know and assures him that she feels Victor is telling the truth. Sharon then phones Victor. While she makes no guarantees, she will do whatever she can to bring Adam home to his family,


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