The TV MegaSite's Friday 5/3/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Shauna tells Flo to think about it. All the Forresters and Logans want her to join. Hope more than the others keep saying they will look forward so much for her to come be with them. Ridge says she does not have to answer now. Shauna says there is no way she will pass up this opportunity. Flo says she will try to put the past behind her and embrace her future and she will accept this wonderful opportunity. Hope takes her hands and hugs her and says she will never regret this. A moment later she hears Shauna say it is Flo’s birthday so they all join in that they have to get a cake and celebrate. Flo assures them she does not need a cake. This already is the best birthday she has ever had. Hope says they can stay and celebrate but she needs to go as she promised Douglas she would come straight home and meet him. Actually Thomas has already called Pam to make sure Hope will be there on time. Thomas calls Paris and leaves a voicemail for Steffy. He ends with saying to please send a picture with Liam with the girls; would be nice to have that to show Douglas. Douglas comes in with crayons and wants to draw. Thomas convinces him it would be nice to draw something for Hope that shows how much he loves her…..and they settle on a heart. Thomas even teases that they need to tell her how much they love her and who knows someday maybe she could be Douglas’ mom.

Ridge’s model comes in to show him a gown. Shauna says it is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. Ridge tells the model he will come look it over later and make revisions. As soon as she leaves Shauna makes an excuse to go make some phone calls. Flo is alone basking in the fact that she is a Logan and has just accepted this job. Shauna comes back and sashays in wearing the gown. She prances around and says she is ready for the ball with the gown designed by the gorgeous Ridge Forrester. Hope comes home and calls out Douglas’ name but Thomas comes down the stairs with shirt off and torso glistening with water and says he did not know she was here. He was taking a shower. Maya has taken Douglas and Lizzie to the park. He purposely lays his phone on the heart picture knowing Hope will see it. She does and says she will put the picture with all the others. Thomas asks if she knows how special she is. Steffy is with her girls and Liam is also with his girls. He knows Hope always puts the children first. Not just Douglas but Liam’s girls as well. Douglas’ pictures say it all as a family. And Hope can step up and they can all heal. She will never be alone again. A little boy needs a mother. And Liam is with his daughters where he belongs. They can all move on together. They fell for each other once and they can again. He puts his hands on her shoulders and suddenly she begins to see the picture he is drawing. He says she took off her ring and told Liam to go to Paris right where he should be. He will be there for her. He pulls her to him and kisses her. She is shocked but manages to pull away.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena asked Sarah about Will. Sarah wanted to apologize to Marlena. She told Marlena that she lied to her. Nicole was upset with Chloe for not looking out for her daughter. Stefan asked Chloe if she was still upset about the way Nicole ripped into her. Stefan said it wasnít her fault. She blamed herself for not protecting Holly. Rafe told Hope that Lani wanted to take care of David. He told her that the person who took Holly might try again. Ted said the person who took Holly was in custody. Maggie told Brady that she had something important to tell him. Nicole told Eric that Chloe didnít do enough to protect Holly. He tried to make Nicole focus on bringing Holly home. She was afraid that the drug cartel would hurt Holly. She wanted to make sure Holly was safe. Gabi thought about what it was like to be married to Stefan. Maggie told Brady that Holly was kidnapped. Eric tried to convince Nicole that they were going to find Holly. He told her that he loved her and nothing was going to come between them. Xander was talking to someone on the phone about kidnapping Holly. Ted told Hope and Rafe that he could get Hector a deal to get him to talk. When he left, Rafe wondered if Hope would believe everything Ted told her. Marlena wanted to know what Sarah lied to her about. Sarah said Eric didnít confess his feelings for her. Marlena realized that she tricked her into breaking his confidence. Sarah asked if she was mad. Marlena said she wasnít because she told him to be honest about his feelings. Marlena wanted to know what Eric did. Nicole told Eric that she wanted to go to the police station. He said that wouldnít do any good. She said she needed to see someone. Maggie told Brady that she had to tell him about Nicole. Gabi went to see Stefan. She said she heard about Holly. He wanted to know what she wanted. He told her what happened between them shouldnít have happened. She said she wanted to talk business, but he didnít want to do it. When she was about to leave, he stopped her so they could talk.

Ted went to see Xander. Ted wanted to know what the plan was with Holly. Hope told Rafe that Ted did shady things in the past. She said he lost a child and would do anything to get a child back. While they were talking, she told him that Nicole was still alive. Sarah told Marlena what happened after she found out how Eric felt. Marlena wanted to know if they worked things out. Sarah said they didnít. Marlena thought it was because of Rex. Sarah said it was because of Nicole. While Maggie was trying to tell Brady that Nicole was alive, she and Eric showed up at the mansion. Brady was shocked to see Nicole. Maggie was happy to see her. Brady couldnít believe that she was alive. Marlena couldnít believe that Nicole was alive. Sarah said she saw Nicole. Sarah told her that she and Eric went to see Rex and thatís when they saw Nicole. Sarah said she wanted Eric to be happy. Gabi wanted to talk about business, but Stefan was distracted. When she was about to leave, he stopped her. Chloe went to the police station. Rafe told her that Hope believed Hector had Holly. Chloe asked what was wrong. Rafe said he didnít believe Ted. Ted wanted to know what Xander wanted. Ted said it wasnít a good answer for him. Xander said he didnít want money. Ted wanted to know what he wanted. Xander told him that Holly wasnít going to be reunited with Nicole. Ted said he was out of it. Stefan reminded Gabi that he was in charge. They ended up kissing. Brady apologized to Nicole. He offered to help her get Holly back. Nicole told Brady that Chloe failed her and Holly. Chloe wanted to know why Rafe didnít trust Ted. He said he had his reasons. She told him to keep her informed. Xander told Ted that he was in too deep to back out. Xander said he didnít want Hope to find out that he helped kidnap a child. Ted thought it was a chance he was willing to take. Xander said if he didnít play along, Hope was one of the things he would lose. Ted said he would take the chance. Hope went to see Nicole. She told Nicole that the drug cartel possibly had Holly. Marlena told Sarah that she should give herself time to heal. Sarah was glad that she never got the chance to tell Rex. Marlena asked if she was going to go back to Rex. Sarah said that she had to accept that Eric was gone. She told Marlena that she would move on and marry Rex. Nicole was worried that the drug cartel would hurt Holly. Ted told Rafe and Hope that he knew where Holly was.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Shiloh comes to see Sam and she explains that Oscar has died. She is given a tape recorder to make her pledge to DOD. Sam calls Jason and they decide. to. make a fake murder that he committed that Shiloh can use as black mail. If he takes it to Margaux they will both look crazy. Sam gives it to Shiloh. Shiloh attempts to connect. with Drew but he just comes off as a jerk, he also meets with Willow who is not having it. Willow agrees to finally meet with Kristina.

Diane and Alexis switch places to throw off Valerie. Diane later tells Valerie to knock it off or she will sue her. because this isn't a sanctioned investigation. Alexis and Sonny seem to reach. through to Kristina but Kristina still wants to be part of DOD. Michael then shows up with Willow who wants to tell her the story of Shiloh.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle is surprised to see Summer still working at Jabot but he has no choice but to work with her when Rebekah Barlow is impressed by his and Summer's ideas for Jabot collective. Kyle tells Lola that he will be working with Summer and she tells him that she appreciates his honesty. Dina goes to Jabot looking for John and Summer pretends to be Ashley until Kyle arrives and pretends to be Jack. Kyle and Summer take Dina fthe window at Crimson light's Rey or lunch at the club and then take her home. Kyle and Jack are both touched by Summer's kindess to Dina and Summer says she will always care about the Abbott . An agent who handles a lot of influenceers that they need for the Jabot collective calls Summer and wants to meetwith her and Kyle in New York and she tells him they will be glad to go tonight. Nick and Rebekah Barlow agree to be friends because she just wants a casual relationship and Nick isn't a casual relationship type of guy. Maraih gets a text message from the person who threw the brick through the window at Crimson Lights. Rey and Sharon don't get any information from Dr. Calhoun but they do notice the large amount of money he has in his office. Nikki continues herresearch loking through Victor's computer and finds thename of Riza Thompson and calls Rey so he can talk to her. Victir tracks down Riza and says he will pay her to tell him the next time she sees Spider. Victir tells Riza to ignore the call from Rey because he wil handle it. Victir shows up atRey's hotel room and asks Rey to let him talk to Sharon alone. Victor asks Sharon to sit down because there is something he needs to tell her.

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