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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Shauna keeps telling Flo that her whole world is opening up to her due to her being a Logan and she deserves to enjoy all of that. She informs her that she is going to get all dressed up and go down to the Forrester’s and embrace being a Logan and all that it means. Flo looks a little skeptical but her face shows she better not say no. Xander corners Zoe and finally says she is smiling although he knows she does not feel like it. He wonders why she has been so standoffish and asks if she is worried about her father again. She tells him not to worry about her, she was being over dramatic. He says he is worried about her and he hasn’t wanted to push or pressure her but if she feels she is way over her head in something then she needs to tell him. She tells him that she is not a saint and he knows that especially the way he broke up with her. But in time he forgave her and they had something very special. And then just when you think everything is going your way life throws you a major curve. That is what happened to her. Hope tells Brooke and Ridge that Flo should be here by now. She hopes she has not changed her mind. Pam welcomes Flo and Shauna with Shauna all giddy seeing all the fancy things at Forrester, like a kid in a candy shop. Pam starts to call Hope when she must hear voices and peeks out the door and sees who it is and rushes into Flo’s arms and gives her a big welcoming hug. Shauna gushes that she hopes Hope does not mind that she is tagging along. She just cannot get enough of this place being in the fashion industry herself, well sort of. Hope is kind and says she is glad she came, so come on in.

Brooke and Ridge welcome them. Brooke introduces Shauna to her husband, Ridge. Again Shauna gushes THE Ridge Forrester she has heard so much about. Such a fashion icon and she is a real fan. Flo mentions then that her mom works at a boutique there at a Vegas casino. Meanwhile Shauna is still oohing and aahing over the legendary Ridge Forrester. Flo looks around in embarrassment until Hope asks if she is okay. Ridge shakes her hand first then he closes in and gives her a big hug. He says he is so glad to meet her, not only because she is a Logan but because of this incredible gift she gave them. He says he and Steffy will forever be grateful. Hope speaks up and says they are a tight knit group and they take care of their own. Brooke says yes just like her brother would have done if he knew she was his sweet, lovely daughter. Shauna insinuates herself again that all the Logan’s have been so welcoming to Flo, a complete stranger. Hope says she knows it was not easy giving up her daughter but just look how much happiness it is going to bring to so many people in her family now. And it is going to mean so much to all of them for Flo to come and work with them every day. Hope begs her twice to please join them and let them show her how much she means to them. Xander keeps on until finally Zoe says she would like to stop talking about her father and things she has no control over. He says sounds like good advice if she can take it. Slowly she says it has taken her years to get what she really wanted… adorable guy and a great job she loves and she does not want to lose any of that. He tells her that she is not going to lose him; they are solid. Ridge tells Flo that he hopes she will accept and he doesn’t know yet what it will be but something she will be comfortable with. Hope says she hopes it will be for her line, HFTF. Again Shauna speaks up and says that is her favorite. And Flo is being shy but she is so appreciative of what they are doing. Ridge says maybe she doesn’t understand but the Logan women are strong women so she will fit right in. Hope wants to make sure Flo feels comfortable and tells her Steffy will be back soon and bringing the two girls to the office and putting in daycare so they could be running into each other. She understands that could be difficult for her but they will all be here to guide her through. Flo keeps throwing glances at her mother right next to her. She says yeah she imagines it is going to be hard but she will manage. Shauna tells her that this family is offering her a grand opportunity and she needs to take it. Hope says really she needs to do what feels right to her. She hopes she will accept but she does not want to pressure her. She is just glad she is part of the family. She says again what a wonderful gesture she made giving up her baby for all of them to have a better life with Phoebe, a baby she has bonded with and held just like she would have held her Beth. She too will have to get used to having Phoebe around so they can learn together. She asks Flo to please join then at Forrester and they can learn about each other better. All wait for Flo’s answer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe said that he and Sheila werenít involved. Jack said he had proof. Eve showed the picture of Abe and Sheila kissing. Jack apologized to Valerie. Sheila said the picture was fake. Eve said Abe was fake. Tripp apologized to Claire. He asked if she was using her lighter. He thought she was smoking again. She said she wasnít. He wanted to know why she had the lighter. Jack asked Abe what he had to say for himself. Abe said the picture was real. Claire said JJ gave her back the lighter. Tripp wanted to know why. She said it was just a lighter. Eli asked Lani why she was taking a leave of absence. She said she wanted to take care of David. When Rafe showed up, Eli asked if it was his idea. Sheila told Valerie that she could explain the kiss, but Valerie didnít want to hear what she had to say. A reporter asked Abe if he had anything to say. Abe didnít want to talk to him. Sheila told the reporter that she kissed Abe. She said she was wrong and acted inappropriately. She said Abe told her that he was in a committed relationship with Valerie. Lani told Rafe that she was taking a leave of absence to take care of David. Rafe said she didnít need to do that. She said she was doing it anyway. Tripp told Claire that he loved her and was committed to her. He said he made a mess of things and he felt horrible. Claire was upset that they had to sneak around while he played house with Haley. He told her that she was the best part of his life. He said he was committed to her and wanted to make it up to her. She wanted him to make love to her. She thought he didnít want to be with her anymore. Haley talked to Kayla about Claire and how upset she was about her marrying Tripp. Haley also talked about how she forgave JJ and couldnít be with him. Eli and Rafe told Lani that she didnít have to take care of David. Rafe took a call so they could work things out. Abe went to Valerie. He wanted to explain what happened. She wanted to know what was going on between him and Sheila. Eve told Sheila that she was the victim. Sheila said he didnít do anything wrong. JJ told everyone that Jack was the one who forced himself on a woman.

Eli told Lani that they were supposed to go to Miami. He said they were supposed to visit places. She told him that David needed her. Eli got a text about Hollyís case. Abe told Valerie that nothing happened with him and Sheila. He said the kiss was real, but not the way Valerie thought. He told her about Sheila. He tried to justify why he kissed Sheila. Valerie told him that it was irresponsible for him to kiss his assistant. He told her that there was a problem between them. Valerie didnít want him to blame her. He said it was his fault. He said he thought about the long distance thing a lot. He said it wasnít working for him. He asked if it was working for her. The reporter wanted to know what JJ was accusing Jack of. JJ walked away. Valerie told Abe that his home was in Salem. He said he was sorry for betraying her. She wondered what was going to happen with his campaign. He said that it was his problem and not hers. He asked if he could kiss her goodbye. After they kissed, she walked away. Sheila showed up. He told her that they broke up. She said it was her fault.  He said he and Valerie had their problems. Sheila said he wouldnít win the election. She said she could fix the problem by quitting. Eve told the reporter that Jack didnít rape anyone. JJ went to the hospital to see Kayla. Tripp told Claire that he and Haley would move out. Claire said she would move. She said she would stay with Victor. JJ told Kayla that he told everyone that Jack raped her. She was okay with him telling it. Rafe told Lani that David was his responsibility. She told him that she wanted to do it. He said Eli didnít want her to do it. He said that he didnít want David to come between her and Eli. Abe told Sheila that he didnít want her to go. He said he needed her. He said she wasnít going anywhere. They talked about their relationship. There were flashbacks of their relationship. She told him that she had to leave. Lani told Rafe that he needed her help. He agreed to let her help him. Abe wanted to know if he could convince her not to leave. Eve told Jack that what happened with Kayla was ancient history. Jack couldnít get over how he raped her. He said it was made public. Eve thought he was going to be mayor. The reporter from the debate asked Kayla if Jack raped her. She said he did.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Joss wakes up to find Oscar has turned gray and has passed on. Kim and Drew walk in and find that has died as well. Joss runs out and Ned finds her on the staircase. Monica realizes what has happened. Carly eventually finds out and tells Elizabeth in passing. Elizabeth and Franco sit down with Cam. Cam claims that he wasn't close with Oscar as much as Joss was. He then goes and sobs in the stairway at GH. Joss tries to text him but Cam cannot think of a response and throws his phone to the side.

Olivia realizes what had happened and tries to help out. Jason goes to see the family and hugs Monica. Drew. tells them all that Oscar apparently has donated money to help children learn how to climb mountains. Carly tries to help Joss cope as much as possible. Drew and Kim carry Oscar out and kiss him one last time.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle and Lola have a picnic on the Society rooftop and talk about future plans for weekend trips once she properly trains her sous chef. Kyle and Lola dance and then Lola tells Kyle she is ready to make love. Kyle and Lola get a suite at the Athletic club and after thy make love Lola tells Kyle that it was worth the wait. Summer is over at Nick's house telling him about her upcoming divorce and the real reason Kyle married her and Nick wants to go punch Kyle but Summer tells him she is going to let him go. Summer also intends to keep her job at Jabot but she tells Nick that if Kyle wanted to get back together with her she would probably take him back. Summer drowns her sorrows in a pint of ice cream and watches her favorite movie with her dad. Dina has an episode where she doesn't remember Jack so he calls her doctor who makes a house call and tells him he should start thinking of a facility for her. Jack calls Lauren to cancel their meeting because of Dina so Lauren goes over to his place and brings dinner and a talk. Dina comes downstairs and thinks Lauren is Jack's girlfriend and Lauren plays along. Jack thanks Lauren for the food and letting him talk about Dina. Rey and Sharon are in Vegas making love when Paul calls him and interrupts them pushing Rey for information that he may have on Lola's case. Rey gets annoyed and tells Paul he can keep his job at the GCPD but he doesn't want to work on Lola's case. Rey follows up on a lead Sharon found on the internet that Dr. Calhoun is a memory retrieval specialist. Rey leaves a message for the doctor and hopes he returns his call. Victor is very angry that the male patient Dr. Calhoun is treating left the session and now the doctor can't find him. Victor pays Dr. Calhoun more money to ensure his silence about the patient. Victor later knocks on a Vegas hotel room door and tells the person on the other side that he isn't his enemy because he only wants to help him.

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