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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam is in Paris and tells Amelia he is so grateful that he is here with the girls. She slips that as independent as Steffy is she is sure that she still loves Liam. Sally is designing and Wyatt walks in and says thought they could invite Flo out for dinner. She blows that off and says she is too busy. He says maybe she could just meet them for dessert. Irked, she asks if he would go without her. He wants to know if she has a problem with that. He wanted it to be the three of them since Floís life has changed and he wants to be sure she is okay. She thinks Wyatt is still reeling from the fact that he went to bat for Sally with Bill and then bailed on that job. She keeps quizzing him if he hangs out with Flo when she is not around. They end up arguing. Sally is acting jealous. He reminds her that he tried to include her for the dinner and she is the one who refused. She walks off after saying she will see him at home. Thomas tells Hope that he understands her feelings for Phoebe and he does not mean to be harsh, but the girls are right where they need to be. And Liam it too with them and Steffy and he is not sure that will be enough for Hope to be just Aunt Hope. Amelia goes on that one of her great joys is to be with Steffy and the girls but it should be Liam there. Shauna gives Flo a pep talk that all of them want to give Hope something for the future but Flo needs to put all of that behind her and move on with her own life, one of a Logan which she deserve

Wyatt ends up at Flo’s and she has to shuffle Zoe and her mother into the bedroom while she answers the door. He tells her he heard the news about working at Forrester and it could not happen to a more sweeter, deserving person. Liam tells Amelia that he knows where she is coming from and he doesn’t fault her. Before he can finish Hope calls and asks if this is a bad time. They continue to talk and in filling him in on the news she tells him about offering Flo a job. So there is no reason for him to rush back. He can stay with the girls as long as he wants. Later he holds Phoebe and says it feels good although he is not Phoebe’s father. Amelia says he is in every way that matters. Wyatt tells Flo that it is cool that she is a Logan. She could not have wished for better than that. She is not sure she will take the job at Forrester but he says this is a lifetime opportunity and she cannot say no. It gets around that he had a little tiff with Sally and it wasn’t all her fault. He thinks there is something with her and her ex, Thomas. He tells Flo that he has been thinking more and more about her. Flo leans forward and kisses him, then pulls away and says she should not have done that. He kisses her and Shauna comes out as he prepares to leave after inviting Flo to dinner with him. Shauna calls Zoe out as coast clear. They take a look at Flo who has a blush and Shauna says she knows she is still in love with that guy and Flo agrees. Shauna says Flo needs to forget telling Hope anything now for sure; get on with her life wherever that takes her. And Zoe adds to tell no one about Phoebe being Beth.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eli told JJ and Claire that the lighter wasnít linked to the fire that almost killed Ciara. Haley told Tripp that she wasnít being deported. Jack showed Eve pictures of Abe and Sheila kissing. They thought it would help the election. Abe and Sheila talked about the election. She told him that he was close in the race. They didnít want to talk about the kiss. Valerie surprised them when she showed up. She wanted to know what they were talking about when she walked in. JJ gave Claire the lighter back since it wasnít the one used in the fire. Jack and Eve showed up while they were talking. Eve pulled Claire to the side and wondered why she had the lighter. Claire told her that Eli said it wasnít the one used in the fire. Claire told Eve she had to do something to fix the situation with Tripp and Haley. Haley told Tripp that Justin told her something. She said it affected him too. Eve told Claire to control her jealousy. Claire said she wasnít a lunatic. Eve told her that she wouldnít get away with trying to kill someone. Sheila lied to Valerie about what she and Abe were talking about. JJ was upset with Jack for marrying Eve and hurting Jennifer. Jack tried to reach out to him, but JJ didnít want to hear it. Lani ran into Laverne while she was taking David for a walk. While they were talking, Lani made it seem as if David was hers. Eli told Valerie that Lani was getting attached to David. Claire went to the loft and found out that Haley could stay. Tripp told her that there was bad news. He said Laverne was going to keep watching them for years.

Lani showed up while Valerie and Eli were talking. Valerie offered to take care of David so Lani and Eli could spend time together. Lani didnít want her to watch David. Eli left to go to work. Valerie wanted to talk to her about spending time with David. Lani thought Eli put her up to talking to her. Lani didnít want to talk to her. Jack told Eve that JJ hated him. She said he had a wife who loved him. Abe and Sheila showed up at the debate. Abe said the people will see the light about Jack. Tripp told Claire that he would have to be married for three years. She was upset about them having to be married that long. Laverne showed up. She wondered why Claire was there. Claire said she lived there. Laverne thought that was suspicious. Haley showed up with a box for Claire. Haley told Laverne that Claire was moving out. JJ ran into Lani. She asked him if he thought it was wrong of her to take care of Jordanís baby. JJ didnít think it was wrong. She told him that Eli and Valerie thought it was wrong. She said she was trying to keep David safe. JJ didnít think there was anything wrong with her taking care of the baby. She asked if he wanted to go to the debate. He said he wanted to go to support her father. Eve saw JJ at the debate. She told him to leave. He said he was staying. Laverne told Haley that she was going to be monitoring their marriage. When Laverne left, Claire yelled at Haley for kicking her place. She wanted to know how she was going to see him if she didnít live there. Jack and Abeís debate started. Haley was brought up during the debate. JJ told everyone that Haleyís marriage was legit. He said Jackís marriage was fake. He said Jack was a fraud. Claire yelled at Haley. Tripp stopped Claire from yelling at Haley. He said Haley was right. He told her that she shouldnít live there anymore. Claire couldnít believe what he said. Eve said her marriage was legit. JJ said that it wasnít. Jack said Abe was a fraud. Abe said he was always upfront of who he was. Jack asked about Abeís personal life. Jack told everyone that he was involved with Sheila. Valerie wanted to know what he was talking about. Tripp apologized to Haley about Claire. Haley suggested that they tell Laverne that Claire had to stay with them. Tripp didnít want her to stay there. Haley thought Claire hated her. He said Claire would understand. Lani told Eli that she was taking a leave of absence. Abe denied having a relationship with Sheila. Jack said he had proof. He showed everyone a picture of Abe and Sheila kissing.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Oscar sleeps in bed as Joss reads to him. She starts to drift off and Oscar wakes up in bed. Lila watches over him in bed and then he gets the strength to wake up and jump out of bed. Joss wakes up and helps him out. Drew and Kim run in. They take him to the hospital where Terry tells them all the tumor has gone away miraculously. Lila and Edward watch from a far. Oscar goes to Charles to celebrate where everyone he knows is. Oscar takes a moment to think about things. He starts to see the future. Carly and Sonny raise a baby together, Kim gets engaged, and Joss, Trina, and Cam all graduate high school. Joss has moved on from him with a new boy. He goes back to his reality and spends a moment alone with Oscar Joss before going back to his room. He wakes up for a moment to see Joss and smiles. He dies. His spirit leaves the bed and kisses Joss one last time. He tells her he loves her before leaving with Lila and Edward. Joss wakes up.

Kim and Drew try to figure out what to do with Oscar in his last days before hearing a shiver. Olivia puts together a photo album with pictures of Oscar. Monica and Ned visit their relatives in the family crypt. Monica says good night to Lila, Edward, AJ, and Alan. Carly and Sonny discuss what will happen going forward with their own child. Terry and Elizabeth try to make peace with Oscar's inevitable passing.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane has a heart to heart talk with both Jill and Traci and they disagree about what he should do about his marriage. Traci thinks that he shouldn't give up hope and his marriage while Jill thinks he should let Lily go and find a new purpose for his life. Cane goes to the park to think and in the end although it hurts Cane calls Lily to tell her he signed the divorce papers and he hopes that she will be happy. Traci continues to work on her new novel which is loosely based on Cane and Lily but is set in the 1940's. Mariah is bothered because Ana won't let her come to the Tessa's recording session. Mariah is also bothered by the fact that Ana wants to change Tessa's image and music but she hides her feelings from Tessa and Ana. Devon's friends and family are worried about him but he tells them all he is okay and he wants to move on and make Neil prod. Devon and Elena go out to dinner to discuss Jett's making a comeback in the music industry but Elena's laugh makes him imagine Hilary sitting in Elena's seat for a few seconds until Elena's voice brings him out of his thoughts. Lola is worried about her romantic date with Kyle and her first time making love but Abby tells her if she loves and trusts Kyle she shouldn't worry about anything at all because it will take care of itself. Lola is touched when Kyle transforms the Society rooftop into a beach in Miami.

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