The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/30/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The power goes off at Forrester and immediately Hope flashes back to that memorable night losing Beth at the clinic. Sally goes looking for Hope and ends up with Thomas telling her not to get so spooked just because they lost a minute with the power. She asks if he is hatching his schemes in the dark. He says no, just his sketches and maybe she is going to be his main competition. Then he apologizes for hurting her. He was just trying to put Caroline’s family back together. But he assures her that they had an amazing time. Then when he was with Caroline he had time to think over the whole situation and now that includes Hope. She reminds him that Liam is married. He says Douglas needs a mother, Hope needs a child and he needs Hope so everyone gets what they want. She says no, he gets what he wants. Xander checks in on Hope who says she was to work with Zoe but she is not even in the building. He says their relationship is going fine most times. He’d like to be a better partner to her but she often blows him off by saying she has a lot on her mind……probably about her dad. Shauna tells Zoe that she is fed up with Zoe by keep reminding them of her father’s future. They have themselves to think of now. Zoe wants both of them to leave town but Shauna says that is not going to happen. So they just need to find a way to avoid all of this and not go to jail even thought that is what Dr. Buckingham deserves. Wyatt walks in while Thomas and Sally are talking. He says he feels like he is walking in on something. Sally says it is about Hope For The Future. When Thomas leaves Wyatt says again that it feels like he stopped in at the wrong time. He knows she dated Thomas before he married Caroline. So if something is going on concerning him or his family she would tell him. She says yes, it is just business.

Zoe tells Shauna and Flo that she does not want them to pay for what her father did. But Flo going to Forrester along side Hope is not going to work. She is falling apart as it is. Flo says she is not going back to Vegas, just keeping another lie to cover the first one. Shauna adds that it is rich of Zoe to keep leading the good life at Forrester while asking them to go back to the smoky casino and waiting on drunks. Shauna later tells Flo to look at the two scenarios. They can tell Hope. Quinn and her son will be the unhappiest. Or they cannot tell her and everyone will continue on happy as is. That baby, Phoebe, will have a wonderful life. Shauna tells Flo she does not want a house someday or a trip around the world. But she does want Flo to take this opportunity of taking a job at Forrester and leave this amazing baby with the family that adopted her. She deserves this as her father would have wanted. Hope tells Thomas that she enjoys working with him. She says she misses Liam, of course, but she really missed Phoebe the most. She thought that strange until she found out lately that she is kin to her and now it all makes sense.


Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe was worried that something happened to Holly. Chloe asked Hope if she found anything. Hope said she didnít. Hope wanted access to Stefanís security footage. He said she could have it. He wanted her to bring Holly home. Ted met Xander at a hotel. Holly was in the hotel room. Ted couldnít believe he pulled off kidnapping Holly. Xander said he couldnít have done it without him. Hope told Chloe that she was going to do anything to help find Holly. Chloe told Stefan that she had to tell Maggie that Holly was missing. Maggie wanted to know what was going on between Sarah and Rex. Sarah told Maggie that Nicole was alive. Hope went to Benís apartment. She saw Ben without any clothes on. Maggie couldnít believe that Nicole was alive. Chloe told Maggie, Sarah and Rex that Holly was missing. Xander told Ted that he would take care of Holly. Ted didnít approve of him kidnapping Holly. Chloe told Maggie, Sarah and Rex that it was her fault that Holly was missing. Nancy ended up calling her. Sarah left so Maggie and Rex could tell Chloe about Nicole. Hope told Ciara that she needed to talk to Ben. Hope wanted to see the security footage. He said he would get them for her. When he left, Hope asked Ciara if she was having sex. Xander gave Ted his payment. Xander found the necklace Ted got for Hope. Rex told Chloe that Nicole was alive. Sarah went to Ericís apartment. She told him that Holly was kidnapped. Nicole came out and was shocked.

Ciara talked to Hope about having sex with Ben. Ciara wanted her to understand that he made her happy. Ciara brought up Bo and how Hope and Bo got together. Hope told her not to compare Ben to Hope. Hope said Bo wouldnít have approved of Ben. Ciara said Hope wouldnít approve of Ted. Ted said that Xander didnít give him all of the money. Xander said he would get the rest when he finished part 2. Xander said Ted had to get Hector to confess to the crime. Ted thought Hector was going to sell him out. Ted said he wasnít doing this. Chloe was shocked that Nicole was still alive. Nicole was determined to find Holly. Chloe blamed herself again for Holly being missing. Rex said it wasnít her fault. Eric and Nicole went to the DiMera mansion to see Holly. They wanted to know what was going on. Stefan told them what happened to Holly. He told them that the drug cartel took Holly to get back at Chloe. Xander gave Ted information that would get Hector to talk. Xander said he would tell Hope what he was doing. Ciara told Hope that Ted was coming between her and Rafe. Ciara didnít want her to get hurt. Hope left the apartment. Ted went to see Hope at the police station. She was looking at the security footage at the DiMera mansion. Ted wanted to know what she was doing. Sarah thought about Eric telling her that he had feelings for her. Eric told Nicole why Chloe was staying with Stefan. Nicole wanted to know where the cartel was. Eric and Stefan told her that the cartel had nothing to do with Holly being kidnapped. Stefan told her that Holly was going to be okay. Chloe went to see Nicole at the mansion. Nicole blamed her for Holly being missing. Hope wanted to know why Ted didnít want her to question Hector. Ted said he wanted to do it himself because he knew how to make him talk. Xander was talking to his partner and said they could talk about his plan. Stefan told Nicole not to blame Chloe. Nicole continued to blame Chloe.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny and Neil show up at Alexis' house and explain to her that Kristina wants to have another session tomorrow. Valerie and Chase show up as well. They want to know where Kristina is. Alexis claims that she knows hut it is not their business. Alexis realizes that she cannot go to Kristina's meeting tomorrow but then realizes that they aren't going to track her down by person.

Lulu films Kevin and Ava again to try and get Ryan to budge. Ava says she has found solas in having Kevin around. Curtis tries to find information on Ryan but then Jordan calls him from a hospital bed. She admits that she needs to speak with him. Curtis finds out that Jordan is not going to make it without another kidney. Franco visits Drew and they try to make sense of Oscar's inevitable passing.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis tells Billy not to tell anyone about their deal or he will regret it. Billy takes Victoria out to Soceity and tells her that he has to tell her something but since she knows him so well she tells him that she knows he gave Phyllis the money she wanted and he tells herit was a good investmwnt. Nikki texts Rey and tells him they need to talkto him about Victor. Nikki tells Rey that she thinks Victor went to Vegas again and she wabnts him to go to Vegas tonight an figure out what Victir is hiding. Rey takes the job and Sharon decides to go with him on his business trip and mix a little business with pleasure. Summer tells Phyllis all about Jabot collective and how they plan to use social media and influencers to sell fashion, accessories, and makeup as an overall lifestyle brand. Phyllis persudes Summer to keep her job at Jabot and not lose it just because she and Kyle are getting a divorce.Summer tells Jacxk that she wants to keep her job but Jack wants to talk to Kyle and see what he thinks about her keeping her job. Phyllis hires Mia to help her do research for her new accessories company. Phyllis tels Lauren Billy gave her the money to start her new company and Lauren thinks Phyllis blackmailed Billy for the money. Sharon tells Mia that Rey told her that she atacked Lola so if she is smart she will stay out of her way. Nikki searches computer for a clue to his big secret.

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