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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Shauna holds a gun pointed at Zoe while Flo is lying on the floor. She comes to and Shauna tells her to get the phone out of the purse and call the police. Flo tells her mother to put the gun down. Zoe is not going to hurt her. Shauna makes sure that Flo is okay then wants to know who this is. Zoe says her name and says she is a friend who was only trying to help Flo not do something that would get her in trouble. And the more people that know the more trouble she will be in. Flo says again that she has to tell the truth no matter what Zoe says. Ridge and Brooke are discussing a matter when Hope walks in on them and says she will come back later. Brooke says it is okay and then asks if Liam has arrived in Paris yet. Hope says no but will soon. Brooke tells her she does not want her to be alone so she should move into the big house for now. Hope says she will be fine in the cabin, no problem. Thomas walks in and hears the substance of the discussion and says he thinks that would be a neat idea of her moving closer where Douglas would be just down the hall and could see her every day. Hope finally says yes. Thomas wonders if Steffy knows yet that Flo is a Logan. Ridge says yes, Liam is going to tell her when he gets to Paris.

Back to the subject of Flo, Hope says she thought it would be nice if they offered her a position at Forrester. She is grateful to Steffy letting her get close to Phoebe but she owes Flo a lot too. Zoe tells Flo that telling the truth now is not going to change anything. What is done is done. Shauna tells Flo that she needs to use her head. Don’t go rushing out to tell Hope as she could lose everything. She cannot tell Hope. That’s when Hope calls Flo and says she was just thinking of her and she would like to ask her if she would entertain the idea of coming to work with the rest of the Logan’s and Forrester’s at Forrester. Naturally Flo is stunned but her mother is right by her side when Hope puts them on speaker phone and Shauna’s eyes light up and she is nodding her head yes. Flo tells Hope she will have to think it over and Hope says fine, just come in and they can talk it over and find her a suitable job. Zoe is not for this, of course. She tells Flo she needs to go back home and forget all of this. Shauna, on the other hand reminds Flo that she has her own life to live and the Logan’s are her family so embrace them and their generous offer. They cannot be bound to what Dr. Buckingham did. Flo deserves this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric saw Nicole in his apartment. Chloe told Stefan that Holly was gone. Rafe told Lani about Hope being at Dougís Place with Ted. Ted told Hope that he shouldnít have gotten her the necklace. He said he didnít want to cause trouble. He told her that he would take the necklace back. She told him not to go. Eric couldnít believe that Nicole was alive. They hugged each other. Sarah was upset. Eric kissed Nicole. Chloe asked Stefan where Holly was. Stefan said Holly had to be in the house. Chloe thought she might have been taken. He said she wasnít. Ben didnít find Holly outside. Chloe was upset. She wanted to call the cops. Hope admitted to having feelings for Ted. She told him that she was married. She said she wasnít giving up. Stefan called Hope. Hope told Ted that Holly was missing. Ted was surprised that Chloe wasnít Hollyís biological mother. Hope said Chloe was the surrogate. Hope wanted to find Holly. When Hope left, Ted got a call. He said mission accomplished. Rafe talked to Lani about Ted and Hope. Eli told Abe that Lani was getting too close to David. Eli said Lani was spending all of her time with Rafe and David. Eli thought it would be too hard for Lani to lose another boy named David. Eli got a text saying that Holly was in danger. Nicole wanted to see Holly. She wanted to explain everything to Eric and Holly. Sarah told Rex that they should leave. Eric told her that he didnít know what to say. Rex suggested that Eric and Nicole eat the food that he made for Sarah. Rex said he was going to stay with Sarah tonight. They left the apartment. Abe ran into Sheila. She told him that the polls were dropping for him. They ended up talking about them almost kissing. Sarah told Rex that she couldnít believe that Nicole was alive. Rex thought it was good that Nicole was alive. Eric told Nicole that there was no hope to get to her. She told him what happened to her when she escaped the fire.

Hope and Eli went to the DiMera mansion. Eli told Chloe and Stefan that the drug cartel didnít take Holly. Hope asked if there was a ransom note. Chloe said there wasnít. Hope told Stefan to call off the guards. She didnít want them getting in the way of doing their job. Rafe talked to Lani about David being an issue for him and Hope. He said Jordan didnít have anyone else to raise the baby. He thought that David would remind Lani of her own baby. She said it was helping her heal. She told him that she and Eli got in an argument. Rafe told her to go home. She thought it was okay. She offered to stay in case David woke up. Rafe was in pain.  She told him to take his medication. Nicole told Eric that she was severely burned. She said she wasnít the same. He said she was beautiful. She said she didnít make peace with what she looked like. She apologized for him thinking that she was dead. He thought about kissing Sarah. Nicole wanted to know what was wrong. Sarah couldnít believe that Nicole was alive. Rex wanted to know what she and Eric were going to tell him. Rafe and Lani talked about him raising Samiís kids. Lani told him that he was doing the right thing by raising David. She told Abe that they wouldnít be a good couple. She said it didnít mean anything. He said she was right. She ended up kissing him. They didnít enjoy the kiss. Chloe blamed herself for why Holly was gone. Nicole and Eric talked about Brady. Hope told Chloe that Hector and his guys had nothing to do with kidnapping Holly. Ted met Xander at a hotel room.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Neal meets with Sonny and Jason at his house. Sonny explains that Kristina must have lied if she wrote about him in her trust. She wouldn't have known anything. Neal thinks that she is smart and her real personality is starting to show outside of things. She is just very sheltered by DOD still. Sam goes to DOD where Milo is pretending to be a new member. Sam finds the file room and finds her own file where Shiloh has all this information on her.

Chase and Valerie attempt to get Margaux to allow an investigation on Kristina but she doesn't allow it. They decide to look into it anyway. Jordan passes out on the floor at GH. Curtis talks with a homeless man who s says a woman broke into the drug store. Lulu films a fake memorial for Ryan and Lucy finds out that Ava and Kevin are dating and throws a fit. The video trends. Ava receives a phone call.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Today’s episode was a tribute to Kristoff St. John (Neil) that showed numerous flashbacks and cast members sharing fond memories. The episode also showed the tape of when Kristoff won a Daytime Emmy Award, his acceptance speech and Victoria Rowell smiling and clapping. Several scenes were played where Dru met Neil for the first time when he knocked papers out of her hand. Victoria Rowell (Dru) spoke fondly of Kristoff and of memories when Bill Bell told her that he had found her a love interest. Shemar Moore shares the memory of his audition for playing Neil’s brother, Malcolm. He told of how scared and how awestruck he was of Kristoff. He spoke of how Bill Bell asked which actor Kristoff wanted and how Kristoff told Bill Bell he wanted the scared kid with the baseball hat on backwards to play his brother. Mishael Morgan (Hilary) spoke about how she was doing a scene with Kristoff and messed up her lines and how he knew she could do better so he pretended that he needed to start the scene over. Throughout the show flashbacks of interviews with Kristoff are shown. In one interview, he mentions how he felt like Christel Khalil was his daughter. They then flash to scenes with Lily and Neil talking about Neil walking her down the aisle at her wedding. Bryton James (Devon) speaks about how safe Kristoff made him feel and they show flashbacks to when Devon was able to hear for the first time and hugs Neil. The actors then take a group photo that includes a framed photo of Kristoff.

At the Abbott house setting Peter Bergman (Jack) talks about how well he got to know Kristoff over 37 years. Eileen Davidson, Beth Maitland Jess Walton and Jason Thompson also share fond memories of Kristoff. Daniel Goddard shares memories of scenes with Kristoff where he had to tell him how he felt about Lily. He knew and realized right then that he was working with an icon. Eileen talks about their recent work with Kristoff when Ashley and Neil unexpectedly got together. They air a slow dance scene between the two. Eileen is in tears as she relays that no matter what was going on in his personal life, that Kristoff always took time for others. After a flashback to Dru and Neil’s wedding, Victoria Rowell recalls how effortless it was working with him. At the Crimson Lights set Sharon Case and Joshua Morrow share their memories. Joshua mentions the basketball scene he had with them and how they both had knee braces on. Case recalls Kristoff horsing around and having a good time. At Victor’s office, Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott talk about Kristoff being a day of sunshine. A scene with Neil and Katherine airs and Kristoff comments on the success of Y&R and how he was a part of it and how amazing it is to be included in something so huge. Tracey Bergman says that his greatest gift was reminding them all to be grateful. Lauralee Bell hopes that he is “up there” with her father (Bill Bell). The interview with Kristoff closes with the actor saying “I love you”. The show ends with the “In Loving Memory of Kristoff St. John".

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