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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is stunned that Katie said no to Bill’s proposal. She knows she still loves him and is the father of her child. He wants to be a father again and she thought that is what Katie wanted too. She knows she is trying to protect herself but he is ready to make a commitment so maybe it is time she took the risk. Bill invites Shauna to sit down and they proceed to go over old times. She had not been in Vegas long when she met him. He said he always used to come in for the fights. They put a few drinks away and she senses he needs to talk. He says he was rejected today by the mother of his child. And he is not even blaming Katie as he was not exactly father of the year. He did not have his priorities straight. But he does now and he wishes Katie could see that and give him another chance. Flo keeps telling Zoe that she cannot look Hope in the eyes anymore. She has to know now that her baby is alive. She grabs her phone and says the whole family needs to know. Zoe reminds her that if she does it will send her to jail along with Zoe and her father. Flo says families help each other and she cannot let this go on any longer. Zoe stops her in her tracks again. This is a secret they have to take it to their graves. Her family will disown her when they hear. And Wyatt too as she helped give Hope’s and his brother’s baby away. Donna comes in before Brooke and Katie are through and Brooke brings her up to speed. If Katie cannot accept Bill now that is one thing but if there is one little piece of her heart that still cares then it is worth the risk. Katie reconsiders and they all hug. They tell her to go and tell Bill quickly. She thanks them for being so supportive. She says life is short so this time she is just going to follow her heart. But they are not to get carried away. She is finally going to put her family back together.

Bill tells Shauna that she is a very attractive woman and she in kind tells him he is very attractive too. He wonders how she remained unmarried after all these years. She says just picky. And not to worry about Katie, she will come around. He puts his hands on her shoulder and says she is quite a woman. He does not know that Katie walked up and saw this as Shauna leaves. Donna asks about Flo and Brooke says there is really family loyalty there and she and Hope are growing closer. Zoe keeps telling Flo to try and forget and get on with her own life, not Hope’s. Her life is going to be different now because she is a Logan but that could all change if she tells the truth. Flo spits out that perhaps Zoe can do that but she can’t. She is going to tell Hope right now. In a struggle to get the phone, they shove each other and Flo ends up on the floor and is knocked out by hitting her head on some furniture. Shauna walks in and sees Flo and pulls a gun on Zoe and wants to know what happened.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole wanted to know where Eric was. Rex didnít know where he was. Sarah told Eric that she wanted him to be honest with her.  Ciara and Ben made love. Sarah told Eric that Marlena told her how he felt about her. Sarah said he tricked Marlena into telling her about the vow he made to stay away from her. Eli confronted Lani about being around David. She said she didnít mind, but he said he did. Hope told Ted that she couldnít accept his gift. He told her that she should be with him. She touched his hand. Rafe walked in and saw her touching him. Eric told Sarah that he didnít break vows to God. She understood that. She told him that she was lying when she said she didnít have feelings for him. She said she was only marrying Rex because she didnít have Eric. Nicole wanted to talk to Eric, but she didnít want to do it over the phone. Rafe confronted Ted about buying Hope jewelry. Hope tried to stop him from attacking Ted. She told him that Ted was hiding the necklace. Rafe didnít approve of Ted giving her jewelry. Sarah told Eric that he never came between her and Rex. She wanted him to be honest with her and himself. He admitted to having feelings for her. They kissed each other. When Chloe and Stefan went to check on Holly, someone was watching them. When they left, the person came out of the closet and took Holly.

Rafe was furious that Hope went out to dinner with Ted. She said they didnít go out to dinner. He said it looked like it. Eli was upset that Lani spent the night with Rafe. He said he wanted to spend time with her. She told him to stick around. He didnít want to spend time with David or Rafe. He wanted to spend time with her. She told him that she didnít know what he wanted from her. He said for her to tell him that he was more important than Rafe. Nicole wanted to see Holly. Nicole wanted to know where Holly was. Rex told her that Holly was with Chloe. Nicole was upset that Holly was with Chloe. Rex offered to take her to see Holly. Rafe told Hope that she was breaking his heart. He told her to look at what she was doing to them. He left. Lani told Eli that he had nothing to worry about with David. He thought she was attached to David because of his name. She said that wasnít true. She said he thought she was crazy. He said he wasnít saying that. She said she wasnít crazy. The person that took Holly took her in the tunnel at the DiMera mansion. Stefan and Chloe had their date. While they were kissing, she stopped them. She didnít think she was ready to start something new. She told him that she was grateful for what he did for her and the kids. She said she didnít want to move too fast. Eric told Sarah that Rex called him. She said she had to go. He said they were going to talk to Rex together. Rafe went home and thanked Lani for helping him. She told him that Eli told her to stay as long as Rafe needed him. Ted apologized to Hope for giving her the necklace. He said he didnít want to cause trouble for her and Rafe. Ted said he would take the necklace back in the morning. When he was about to leave, she told him not to. Eric and Sarah went to the apartment. Before they could talk to Rex, they saw Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon has a reception at his penthouse for everyone and Malcolm tells everyone its time to find the joy and stop the tears he toasts his brother and Anna plays a song and everyone sings along. Devon takes out Neil's Jazz records and plays them for the guests as everyone shares Memories of Neil and the audience sees flashbacks with each memory shared by Neil's friends and family. Once the guests have left Malcolm tells the family that Neil would be proud of them today and the best way to honor him is to cherish and love each other. Malcolm also tells them to find the joy in each day just the way Neil did each day of his life. Malcolm takes a family picture before the family that has to go to the airport gives last hugs and says good-bye. Cane tells Lily to stay at home and rest but she says she is still leaving first thing in the morning. Victor tells Nikki that he has to go away again and assures her that even though he can't tell her what she wants to know right now all will be clear soon she just has to trust him. Jill is happy to see that Billy and Victoria are back together and they leave the reception together. Devon tells Ana that he needs time alone and then Elena arrives and she holds Devon as he cries and grieves for Neil.

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