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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke fills Zoe in on some business ventures then is proud to tell her that she was away when Hope heard the good news. Flo is her cousin making her Brooke’s niece. Now that she thinks of it she believes Zoe introduced Flo to Hope. Zoe is not too keen on this and Brooke says Hope needs a friend she can confide in even if it is just that they both lost a child. But she is family so unless Zoe knows something against Flo that Brooke does not know now would be the time to tell her. Zoe says no, it’s just that they are all so well known and some people could take advantage so she’d advise them to be careful. Katie stops in on Bill but he says he is finishing up so come on in. He tells her for a while that he lost his way, something a father should never do and they cannot let that happen again. She says she is listening. He starts small that Will is his priority, in fact his whole family is. A boy feels good when his mother and father are together and he feels at home. She does not seem to be getting the picture so he elaborates more. He does not entirely believe it but he is on a lot of eligible bachelor lists. She agrees with that. He says that surprises him as he is so vain and has a lot of other bad faults. But……he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring box and opens it to a huge diamond ring. And proceeds to ask a stunned Katie if she will do him the honor of marrying him again!

Flo asks her mother if she can fill her in a little more on Storm, her father. She wants to know if she loved him. Shauna said he seemed wounded but he wanted an ordinary life to get married and settle down and she knows he would be so proud of Flo. Bill sees that Katie is surprised. He says he loves her and she makes him happy. Tears start to flow and she says he cannot possibly know the many times she would have given anything to hear him say those words. He says he is sorry that it took him this long to realize it, it was not Brooke. She says he hurt her to leave her for her sister but thanks him for his beautiful words. No one says them quite like he does. She turns and leaves. She charges right into Brooke’s office and Brooke can see she is upset but it takes forever to get it out of Katie. Bill proposed but instead of saying yes which would have been nice she said no. Shauna goes out alone and ends up at Il Guardino to get a drink. She finds Bill sitting there mulling over Katie’s ring and her saying no. Shauna recognizes him and asks if he is alone. He says not anymore and pulls out a chair for her. She tells him that no matter what Quinn says he is not as bad as she says. He quips if she will sign his napkin acknowledging that. She asks how he is doing and what has been happening since that one night many years ago. He says he probably lied to her a hundred times but she smiles and says she has forgotten all of them. Zoe shows up at Flo’s and chides her for turning herself into a Logan. She was supposed to go back to Vegas. Flo says Zoe has always known who she was but Flo hasn’t. So now suddenly she has a family and she is not going to turn her back on that. And if they know the truth maybe they will forgive her for the sake of her father. Zoe demands that Flo tell her what she is going to do now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah found out through Marlena that Eric had feelings for her. Sarah wanted to know why Eric lied to her. Marlena said he didn’t want to hurt Rex and he made a promise to God. Sarah wanted to know what the promise was. Stefan told Ben to take the night off because Chloe was safe. Ben wasn’t sure that Chloe was safe and wanted to stay. Stefan told him to be with Ciara. Ciara told Hope that Ben was the reason why she was safe. Hope said Ciara should credit herself for why she was safe. Ciara asked Hope about Rafe. Hope told her how things went with him. Ciara told her that she and Rafe loved her. Ciara thought they would get through this. Ciara got a text from Ben and had to leave. Hope sent Ted a text telling him that she wanted to meet. Maggie and Kate got into an argument over Sarah and Rex. Maggie told her that Sarah could do better than Rex. Rex ended up being at the Kiriakis mansion. Sarah wanted to know what Eric’s promise was. Marlena told her that she told Eric not to make that kind of promise. Marlena said she wanted Eric to be with someone he cared about so deeply. Sarah asked if she was the one he cared about. Eric asked Chloe if she wanted to get involved with Stefan. She implied that they weren’t involved. Eric thought the cartel would come after her again. Chloe said Ted assured her that the cartel wasn’t going after them. Someone called Ted again. He told the person that Chloe was at the Salem Inn. Eric and Chloe talked about Nicole. Chloe told him that it was time to move on. Chloe told him that Nicole would want him to be happy. Marlena told Sarah that it was good that Eric shared his feelings for her. Marlena wondered what she was going to do. Maggie apologized to Rex for what he heard. He knew she wasn’t sorry because she thought he wasn’t good enough for Sarah. He said he would prove himself to her. Kate told Maggie that Sarah was the lucky one. Maggie said that a cheater wasn’t a good person. They ended up arguing again. Maggie wanted Kate out of the house. He said he had good news for them. Ted sent Hope a text to meet at Doug’s Place. Ciara went to see Ben.

Rex told Kate and Maggie that Will’s tumor was benign. He told them that they had to reduce the size of the tumor. When Kate left, Maggie told him she appreciated him stopping by. He told her that he was going to make Sarah happy before he left. Sarah told Marlena that she didn’t know what she was going to do. Sarah said that Eric thought of her as a good friend. She said that he was mourning Nicole. Marlena said he would always miss her and she wasn’t coming back. Sarah said she was confused. Marlena said Sarah was the woman that could make Eric happy. The person that was in Chloe’s room managed to hide before Chloe saw them. When Chloe went to take a shower, the person left. Hope met Ted at Doug’s Place. She asked him what was he keeping from her. She told him that Eli overheard him talking to someone. Ted said that Eli blew it out of proportion. Hope wanted to know what he was talking about. He told her that she made him want to be a better man. He was going to tell her the truth about who he was talking to on the phone. He said he was talking to a jeweler. He said he did it hoping she would be with him. He showed her a necklace. He said he wanted to give it to her. She said she couldn’t talk about it. He wanted her to be honest about his feelings a out him. Sarah found Eric at the pub. The person in the dark coat went up to Holly’s room. Hope told Ted that she couldn’t accept his gift. He said that Rafe lost her. Sarah told Eric that they needed to talk. She said they weren’t leaving until they were honest with each other. When Rex thought Sarah was at the door, it turned out to be Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Oscar spends time with his family and Joss. Joss goes to GH where she forces Cam to come spend time with Oscar. They do and they end up playing cards together where Oscar wins. Oscar decides to change his last name to Quartermaine. Kim and Monica both agree to this. Carly and Bobbie go for testing and Carly is told that things should be fine during the pregnancy.

Laura and Kevin discuss their fake split up. Kevin doesn't think that it will be as easy for Ryan to be caught as Ava is hoping. Ava tries to convince Mac to let Felicia help out. He reluctantly does. Anna tells Robert that she knows Robin is hers because she found a bangle that he bought her when they were on a mission. Something that only the person with him could own.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil's friends and family gather for his memorial service Ana sins Amzing Grace then the preacher speaks about how proud Neil is of his family and how much he helped the community. The members of Neil's family speak begining with Malcom and ending with Lily since since she is too distraught. Malcom speaks about what a great brother Neil was to him and how he made him the man he is today. Devon speaks about how Neil was not only a wonderful father and friend he was to him. Cane speaks of how Neil taught him how to be a parent and how he was a father figure to him.. Jack speaks of his friendship with Neil and how he helped save his life by keeping him sober.. Victir speaks about how Neil became his most trusted friend and how Neil was like a son to him and how proud he was to watch Neil raise his family and start his own business. Lily speaks through her tears and says that she doesn't know if she will ever be able to face life without him but the best way to honor him is to try to find the joy in life.

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