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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope looks at the video of Kelly calling out for her daddy. Thomas tells her he did not mean to cause her any more pain but it is clear that both Kelly and Phoebe need their dad. He even reminds her that she told him that she took off her ring and told Liam once to go to Steffy. He thinks she is right as they belong together for the girls. He laments to her that Douglas did not want to come back to Los Angeles but now that he is here and met Hope he wakens with a new enthusiasm every day and it is because of Hope. He needs her. Liam tells Wyatt he appreciates all he has done and it looks like things are about to turn around for him and Hope. Wyatt says if he wants to go to Paris for a few days then there are plenty to watch over Hope so she will not be alone. He and Sally will be there for her and she is on Brooke and Ridge’s property and then there is Thomas. So someone will be there with her at all times. Sally comes home and finds Quinn making herself comfortable on her couch sipping wine. She’s nice but almost too nice when she says Sally is the one who is leaving. She is like a bad houseguest that does not know when to go, today is that day. She even offers to help her pack. Quinn tells her she needs to pull on her big girl panties one leg at a time. Just look at her track record and she will know why. Wyatt took pity on her and Sally should have some dignity as well. She found an easy life with a beach house in Malibu. Sally tells her she is living in a dream world if she thinks Quinn is going to kick her out. This is her home now. And she will be the one to kick Quinn out if she makes an issue of this. She would give it up if she were Quinn. Wyatt walks in before it goes further.

Thomas tells Hope this is not about his sister but about Liam. Steffy was going to raise the girls as if they were sisters. Those two precious girls need Liam. And if he resists then she needs to make him go. Liam walks in and she starts in on him. She says this is not easy to say but he has to go to Paris and be with Steffy and the girls as they need him. He need not worry about Hope but make the girls his priority. Thomas jumps in by saying the legal team is leaving within a few hours and he could hitch a ride to Paris. Seems like the perfect solution. Liam mulls it over and says he was just with Wyatt and telling him how much he missed the girls so yes perhaps this could work out. Liam says okay he will go and wants Thomas to bring Douglas around as often as he can as he can see Hope responds to him. Thomas says he is sure something can be worked out. He looks back through the window at Liam and Hope hugging as he leaves. Wyatt tells his mother to stop this. She cannot make Sally leave. This is her home now. Quinn points out to him that he virtually turned over his life for Sally and even got her a new start with her own fashion house at Spencer and then she turned around and threw it back in his face…..and he did not like that. Wyatt shows her the door. He apologizes to Sally for what his mother said; none of it was true.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady was upset that Victor hired Kate. Kate told him that Victor didnít trust having him in charge at Titan. Chloe confronted Gabi and Stefan about why Gabi was at the mansion. Gabi said she was there for business. Chloe was suspicious of the excuse. While they were talking about it, Gabiís story changed. Gabi said she was there to get her button. Chloe asked her why she was wearing the same clothes. Maggie was upset that Kate was going to be working for Victor. She thought Brady was going to be upset. He wondered if she was the one that was going to be upset. Eric told Sarah that he was upset with her for sleeping with Xander. She apologized to him and said she didnít know he was still angry. He said Xander was the one who killed Nicole and couldnít get past her sleeping with him. She apologized to him again. She told him why she slept with Xander. She told him that she wanted him to be honest with her before she left. Will lashed out at his family. Rex called Will and told him that he had the results of his biopsy. Maggie told Victor that she felt betrayed. Victor said that he had to do what was best for the company. Maggie wondered if he thought she was jealous of Kate. He asked if she was. Kate told Brady that Titan was Philipís legacy. He told her that she worked for him and she couldnít mess up. He warned her that she was going to fail and Victor wouldnít be able to save her. Gabi told Chloe that she spent the night at the hospital because Rafe got shot trying to protect her and Ciara from the thugs that were trying to kill her.

Chloe confronted Gabi about the text that Brady sent her. Stefan asked if it was true. Gabi said she was trying to help. Chloe and Stefan didnít believe her. Brady went to the pub. Eric showed up there too. Brady apologized to him. Brady said it was wrong to ask him to manipulate Chloe. Eric wondered what changed his mind. Brady said Maggie changed his mind. He said Chloe wanted Stefan. He also told him what Victor did to him. Rex told Will and Sonny that Willís tumor wasnít cancerous. Will and Sonny were relieved. Maggie told Victor that she wasnít jealous. When Maggie was insulting Kate, Kate was behind her and overheard what she said. Kate wanted Maggie to finish what she was saying. Maggie thought that everyone would agree with what she said. Stefan thanked Gabi for not telling Chloe that they slept together. She said she didnít want anyone to know about it. Will and Sonny told Rex and Sarah that he had symptoms. Rex said that they could shrink the tumor. Will wanted to know how. Sarah said that got tricky. Rex and Sarah told him what they would do to help him. Chloe told Stefan that she would think about going out on a date. Brady and Gabi met. He told her that the plan was off. She was upset that he wanted to call it off. She told him about her end of the plan. She told him that he left her high and dry the day after. He wanted to know what she was talking about. Kate signed the contract with Victor. Chloe told Stefan that she didnít trust Brady. Stefan said she wouldnít have that problem with him. She said she believed him. He wanted to talk to Chloe about their date. She said she was looking forward to it. Brady told Gabi that he might have oversold her on taking the business. He told her that she wouldnít have to sleep with Stefan. He apologized to her for giving up. He walked away. She told him that she would have her revenge on Stefan. Sarah told Marlena about Willís tumor. Sarah asked her about Ericís feelings. Marlena said that she was glad. She told Sarah that she wanted Eric to be honest with her about his feelings for her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Alexis finds Kristina on her phone and grabs it from her. She throws a fit and storms off. Alexis just wants Kristina back and doesn't even recognize her. Kristina hears this. Sonny and Jason discuss getting rid of Shiloh because this is getting to messy. Jason thinks it will hurt Kristina if they do that. Sam tells Jason that Shiloh tried going after her.

Harmony tells Willow she knows about her baby. Willow claims the baby miscarried. Harmony tells Shiloh she should go back home. Chase tries to get Michael to reveal where Kristina is. Valerie and Chase discuss Kristina and decide to investigate. Laura and Kevin decide to help Ava together.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil Winters friends and family begin the grieving process for their friend, father and grandfather and Nate explains to Devon and Lily that from talking tpo the paramedics and ER doctor that attended to Neil he may have died from a massive stroke caused by undiagnosed high blood pressure. Nate also tells Devon and Lily that they can take comfort that he died peacefully in hos sleep. Devon blames himself because if he hadn't made sure Lily went to prison for the death of Hillary and his unborn child that Neil wouldn't have been under so much stress. Lily blames herself because Neil decided to move to Lakewood to be near her at the prison she tells everyone that Neil had nightmares about her being in trouble and him not being able to get to her. Cane follows Lily when she leaves Devon's penthouse and after a talk Lily allows Cane to hold her while she cries. Victor and Nikki share memories of Neil while they cry together and Nikki asks Victor to promise not to leave town without telling her where he is going so that if anything happens to him she can be there right away. Jack and Ashley also share memories of Neil as they grieve and they decide to call a truce with each other. Ana and Nate worry avout Devon who they feel is in shock but later when Devon is alone he imagines Neil at the penthouse and he asks him why he left him when he needs him the most. Neil diappears and then Devon sits on the steps of his penhouse and cries and finally mourns Neil's loss.

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