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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tells Sally he is going to make this happen so do not talk him out of this. She hugs him as he says this is the best thing for all involved. Quinn oversees the hug and backs out. Liam tells Hope that he needs her and their intimacy right now really matters. He kisses her and she doesn’t pull away but she cannot respond either. He tells her it is totally understandable and he absolutely will not let her worry about getting pregnant. Quinn goes right back to Wyatt and cannot tell him fast enough that she saw it with her own eyes…..his redhead in the arms of her ex, Thomas. Sally continues with Thomas as he tries to explain that Douglas needs a mother and Hope would be his choice. And she loves him too. Sally tells him to be truthful in admitting how much this is for Douglas and how much for him. Wyatt argues with Quinn that just because she saw Sally in Thomas’s arms does not mean anything romantic, perhaps just support. She goes on to jump to Flo is the woman for him, forget about Sally. Meanwhile Sally continues to tell Thomas how foolish he is for making drawings for Hope and pretending they are from Douglas. He laments that he already said he would do anything to get Hope. She deserves a man who is totally committed to her, not like Liam who also loves Steffy and her two girls. They belong together. He sees this just like when Brooke kept taking his mother, Taylor, away from Ridge and making a new family with him. He will not allow that.

Quinn tells Wyatt that she has tried not to meddle in his life but she cannot forget all the terrible things Sally has done. So he has had his fun with Sally but it is time for her to move out. Amelia calls Thomas from Paris and says Kelly really misses her daddy. When he finds out both Steffy and Taylor are out and just her with the girls he asks for a favor. It will insure the girls will have their daddy. He can make it happen. But she must keep it just between the two of them. Liam and Hope make love on the couch and afterwards she said he was right; they needed this. Liam goes to Wyatt’s and says this better be important as he was in the middle of something very important. Wyatt gets the message that the wall came down and he and Hope are really back together. Now Liam says he thinks they have weathered the worst. Thomas drops in on Hope while she is alone. He has a small packet for her from Douglas. He doesn’t want it to interfere in her life. She stops him and says he is a wonderful little boy and she would do anything for him. He relays to her that Amelia called earlier and the girls are really missing their dad. Steffy does not know this nor does Liam but Amelia took a video and he shows it to Hope where Kelly is walking around calling out for her Daddy. Thomas says she does it all the time. He thinks Liam needs to go there and see them and erase her fears that she has lost her dad. Of course Hope has a guilty look on her face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan called Chloe to check on her. She said she was okay. She asked how the rest of his night was. He told her things settled down. Hope went to see Rafe. He asked her how Ciara was. Hope said she spent the night with her. He asked her how she was. She said that she guessed she was okay. She said she could have lost him and Ciara in the same day. He said he was sorry for not being there for both of them. She asked how he was. He said he was okay. She offered to help him fill Davidís bottle. She told him that they had a lot to work through. She was willing to work things out. Lani came in the room. Eve told Jack that they were up in the polls. She told him that she hoped that their wedding night wasnít a one night stand. She asked if he was committed to her. He said he was and nothing was going to change that. While Stefan was talking to Chloe, Gabi moaned in her sleep. Chloe wondered who was there. He said it was the maid. When he got off the phone, Gabi was upset that he made a date with Chloe when he was in bed with her. Sheila told Abe that he was down in the polls. He didnít understand why he was down. She suggested that he get married. Chloe went to see Eve. Maggie told Brady that he sounded like a stalker. She also said that he sound obsessed. He told her that he didnít want to lose Chloe. Maggie told him that it wasnít a competition and that he had to figure out why he felt the way he did about  Chloe. Hope was surprised that Lani was at the house. She said that no one said Lani was spending the night. Lani and Rafe told her why she spent the night. When Lani left to check on the baby, he told Hope that it wasnít what it looked like. Maggie reminded Brady of his relationship with Chloe when they were married. He said he still loved her. She said there was a part of him that didnít want to be alone. Stefan wanted to know why Gabi was so upset with him. He said it was her idea to have hate sex. She thought about talking to Brady about the plan to get revenge on Stefan.

Stefan and Gabi argued over him talking to Chloe. Chloe talked to Eve about Stefan and her feelings for him. Maggie and Brady talked about his past relationships. He thought that he was a failure for not making a relationship work. Abe told Sheila that getting married was a good idea, but he wasnít willing to do it. They argued over who tried to kiss the other. While they were arguing, Jack showed up and wondered what was going on between them. When Sheila left, Jack asked if there was something going on. Rafe apologized for Lani sleeping over. She told him that she didnít want to fight. He didnít want to fight either. He asked her if she gave Ted an answer to his proposition. She said she wasnít interested in Ted. Rafe said that she should ask Ted what heís lying to her about. Chloe continued to talk to Eve about Stefan. Eve told her to give him a chance. While Stefan and Gabi were arguing, they kissed again. Abe told Jack the people would see that his marriage was a fake. Jack told him that his marriage was real and that he was going to win. Abe didnít believe that. Hope asked Rafe what Ted was lying about. Rafe didnít know. Hope thought that Ted might not have been lying about anything. They started to argue over it until Lani walked in on them. Hope ended up leaving. Maggie told Brady that someone was going to love him. She told him to let love find him. When Chloe went to the DiMera mansion, she saw the button from Gabiís blouse on the floor. Rafe and Lani talked about Ted and how he is a dirtbag. Hope called Ted and left a message for him to call her. Brady thanked Maggie for being there for him. Chloe saw Gabi and Stefan walk in the room while they were buttoning their clothes. Chloe wanted to know who wanted to go first.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Kristina refuses to listen to. reason. She. thinks that her family is brainwashing her. They all end up walking out in frustration, Kristina finds Alexis' phone and tries to call Valerie. Chase tells Michael to meet him and thinks that he kidnapped Kristina. Shiloh tells Sam about the trust. Harmony doesn't think. she is fit but Shiloh does. He takes his shirt off and truest get Sam to do the same.

Felicia and Laura discuss how hard it is to get over Ryan. Laura still isn't sure about the plan that her and Ava have. Ava tries to convince Kevin to be her fake boyfriend but Kevin refuses. TJ discovers that Jordan's kidney is failing. Curtis goes to find Ryan in Canada.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Its a day filled with both happiness and heartbreak for Genoa City residents as the opening of Society is a success and Ana sings a beautiful song with Jett as Cane and Lily dance and Abby and Nate share a dance. Cane asks for yet another chance with Lily while Lily admits to Devon that her feelings are all over the place and she doesn't know what to do. Lily is glad to see Devon dating again and tells him she can see Elena makes him happy. Victor arrives just before Victoria and Billy leave Victoria's house for the opening of the restaurant. Victoria demand s the truth from her father because she doesn't believe him when he tells her that he has been trying to land a big business deal. Victor gives Victoria a kiss and tells her not to worry because everything is fine which leaves Victoria even more worried. Kyle and Summer arrive home early from the party and Kyle is honest with Summer and tells her that he still loves Lola and he always will Summer feels hurt, betrayed and used and Kyle asks her for an annulment or a divorce. Kyle tells her that he never meant to hurt her and he hopes they can end their marriage the way it started as friends. Devon and Lily are worried when Neil is late arriving to the party and doesn't answer his cell phone or any texts. Devon goes back to his penthouse looking for Neil and then goes upstairs still calling for his dad. Devon comes downstairs with a shocked look on his face and tears in his eyes later we see him back at Society in silent scenes with just music playing he tells his family that Neil has died.

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