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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas shows Ridge and Brooke some designs and says he feels revitalized and wants to revitalize Hope and her line. Brooke tells Ridge that she is impressed with what Thomas is doing and how he feels about helping Hope. Sally overhears as Thomas gathers his interns about the ripe returning of the HFTF line. All think the designs are gorgeous and glad Hope is onboard full time now. Sally asks if he doesn’t need Hope’s approval and he replies no, the time is right now. Brooke is surprised that Ridge isn’t more enthusiastic since he was ready to continue the line. Hope isn’t exactly in the mood to eat right now after Liam goes to great lengths to set a beautiful candlelight table with flowers. He says he wants it to matter to her and it will if she will just slowly let it. Thomas asks Sally if he can speak candidly with her. She says yes. Even though he did her wrong, he is lucky that she doesn’t hold grudges and found someone else. Pointblank he asks what does she know about Hope and Thomas’s marriage. Liam brings up that Hope is the one who needs help when she suggests that he go to Paris to see his girls. She reminds him that Steffy went there for some work but also to get the girls away from Hope to let her mend. But that is still not working and she feels worse by keeping Liam away from the girls. He tells her that if there was a reason that he needed the girls or they needed him that he would be on the next flight. But he wants to be here. She again says she will be okay and he does not have to worry about her.

As they continue to talk, Brooke wonders why it did not work out for Thomas and Caroline. Ridge simply says sometimes people find themselves interested in someone else. Sally asks a few questions and realizes Thomas is really interested in Hope especially after she reveals to him that she and Liam are having some intimacy problems….like it is non-existent. Thomas admits that he and Hope were very close once quite some time ago and he realizes now after spending more time with her that he never got over her and loves her. Hope says she is tired of everyone being so careful around her, always thinking of her. She wants to get her life back to normal but it is still in mourning and there is nothing she can do. Liam again gives her a little pep talk and how much he would like to help if she will accept it. Sally is stunned as Thomas starts his scenario. There is Douglas without a mother who adores Hope. And there is Hope without a child. They need each other. And then there is Liam who needs his girls that are with Steffy. He knew a long time ago that Liam was not for Hope. So yes he is going after Hope. He and Douglas need her and she needs them. And his sister needs Liam and he can be with his daughters. This is a perfect arrangement.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan wanted to make sure Gabi was okay. She kissed him. He stopped her and wanted to know what she was doing. Victor and Maggie talked about him hiring Kate. Kate busted Ted on the phone. She wanted to know what he was talking about. Eli and Rafe talked about Ted. Rafe wanted to know how they were going to get Hope to realize that Ted was up to something. Ciara told Hector not to mess with her or he was going to pay. Hope told Ben that the police didnít know where Ciara or Hector. Ciara yelled at Hector about the police looking for her. She told him that he would be better off keeping her alive. Maggie tried to talk Victor out of hiring Kate. He said that she was jealous. Ted told Kate that he was talking about Abe. Kate didnít believe it. She thought he was trying to get in Hopeís pants. He said that Rafe wasnít good enough for Hope. Gabi and Stefan argued over her kissing him. They ended up kissing again. Hector told Ciara to call Hope. Hector told Hope his demands. Hope said she would get him what he wanted. He told her that he was in charge. When they got off the phone, Ben wanted to know if she trusted him. She said she didnít. Gabi and Stefan complimented each other. She told him how she only trusted Rafe. While Gabi and Stefan were kissing on the counter, Lani walked in on them. Rafe told Eli that he kept disappointing Hope. Rafe told her that Johnny needed him. He said Hope needed him, but not the way Johnny did. Rafe said Hope didnít understand why he wanted to raise David. He said he might have overreacted to Ted kissing Hope. He thought her disappointment in him was why she was vulnerable with Ted. Eli thought they would get over it. Rafe hoped he was right. Ted told Kate that Rafe wanted to raise Jordanís baby. Kate didnít understand why Rafe would raise the baby. Ted told her that Rafe didnít care. Kate didnít think that Hope would fall for him. He said that Hope considered being with him. Hector told Ciara that they would be long gone by the time the police got to them.

Maggie told Victor that she wasnít jealous of Kate. She didnít want Kate to ruin the business. He brought up Philip and how Kate is his mother. Maggie said that Kate didnít care about Philip. Victor thought it was a way to make up with Philip. Maggie didnít think it would work. Kate didnít believe that Hope would fall for Ted. Ted told reminded her that she fell for him. Kate said that he was attractive, but he was still evil. Gabi wanted to know why Lani was at the house. Lani told her she was there to watch David. When Stefan left, Gabi and Lani argued over Gabi kissing Stefan. Rafe wanted to leave the hospital, but Eli stopped him. When Hector was about to get Ciara out of the room, Ben barged in and attacked him. Ted told Kate that her opinion didnít matter. Kate said Hope was a fool to believe him. When Ted left, Victor called her and told her to come over. Gabi told Lani that Rafe was shot. Gabi left to go to the mansion. Ben and Hector fought over the gun. Hector attacked Ben. When Hector was about to shoot him, Ciara blocked him. Gabi went back to the DiMera mansion. He wanted to know why she was there. She said she was there to get her phone. He gave it to her. She told him about finishing what they started. Rafe went back home. He asked Lani about David. She offered to stay over and watch David. Ted went to Hope and told her that he heard about Ciara. Hope and Eli left to find Ciara. Ciara attacked Hector. When he overpowered her, Ben picked up Hectorís gun. Ben hit him with the gun. Kate met Victor. He told her that she was hired. Gabi and Stefan kissed each other. Rafe told Lani that she didnít have to stay. She said she wanted to. Hope and Eli found Ciara.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam shows up at DOD to find Kristina's file. Harmony happens to have it in her hand. She follows her upstairs to attempt finding it but Shiloh shows up. Shiloh had been at the gym trying to taunt Jason. When he got back to DOD Sam asked if she could move forward at DOD and Shiloh promised that she was very close to taking that step. Carly tells Sonny that Sam is not thinking straight when it comes to Shiloh. Sonny promises he will take care of Shiloh.

Michael and Sasha talk after having sex. They have a connection and Michael gives her his number after their hookup to hang out. Carly puts two and two together after talking with them both. Ava tries to convince Scott to pretend to date her to finally get vengeance on Ryan. Kevin and Laura make up. Kristina has her first round of group therapy but Kristina doesn't think she can ever go back home.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

At Society’s opening night Abbey is distraught because there are no customers lined up outside, until she is informed opening night isn’t for another half hour. Summer tracks down Kyle and Lola’s stolen moment together and presents ‘their’ gift to Lola of a knife. Lola tells her it’s bad luck to give a gift of a knife without a coin, which Summer quickly produces. Summer comments on Lola’s necklace and she and Kyle walk away. Abbey tries a second time greeting customers and is pleased to see a line up, including Nick. Photos are snapped as customers arrive on the red carpet. Rey arrives and Lola joins both brothers and asks that they pretend to get along. Outside Mia unsuccessfully tries to charm her way into Society. At the penthouse Devon gazes at a photo of him and Hilary before taking off his wedding ring, Elena makes her entrance and Devon tells her she looks stunning. He tells her she won’t go unnoticed looking like that. At Society, Jack seeks out Ted, the Jabot receptionist who is passing around coasters for the Jack of Hearts promotion. Ashley suddenly appears and informs Jack that Ted now works for her in Paris. Jack tells Ashley he has already found a replacement. Devon asks Lily if she has heard from Neil, Lily informs him that Neil is at Devon’s place charging up his battery for the dance floor. She then comments on how Neil hasn’t responded to any of her texts. Later, Abbey and Devon take the stage and welcome everyone to their opening and introduce Jett, who then sings a love song. Afterwards the song ends, a Jabot ad appears on screen. Devon later blasts Jack for using the night as advertising and threatens him with a lawsuit. Lola is introduced on stage and she thanks Devon and Abbey for waiting until she was healthy to open the restaurant and she also thanks Summer for her second chance at life.

Mia finally sneaks in and helps herself to a seat and some chatter at the bar with Jack, much to his discomfort. Elsewhere Kyle finds Lola and the two kiss which is soon broken up by an angry Nick. Summer intervenes and assures Nick she can handle it and tells him she loves Kyle. Meanwhile Jack is finally able to escape Mia when Rey intervenes just as Mia is toasting with alcohol. Abbey notices Mia and threatens to Arturo that she is getting tossed out. Arturo tells her that Mia is pregnant. A shocked Abbey only laughs and realizes aloud that they have no idea if the baby is Rey’s or Arturo’s. Meanwhile Jack and Ashley come to the conclusion that they cannot agree. Ashley tells Jack she wired back his money and tells him he can keep the name Jabot Collective as she has chosen a new name-Abbott Exchange. Lola spies Kyle and Summer exit, with Summer’s arm around Kyle. Later Mia tries to come on to Rey. He tells her she better take care of the baby and not miss any doctor appointments or her baby will be born behind bars.


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