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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge asks about Douglas when he speaks with Thomas. He knows he lost his mother and that is hard. And he has something to tell Thomas about Hope. He fills him in on the new acquisition of Flo being a cousin. Shauna knows Flo wants to go see Hope and tell her the truth but convinces her not to go just yet. Shauna shows up at Quinn’s office, who is delighted to see her. Liam gets close to Hope and asks what he can do to help move them forward. He’d like to get closer to her and he kisses her. She says she knows what he is trying to do in re-connecting and it will happen but she is just not ready yet. Wyatt drops in to see Flo and says he knows this must be very overwhelming to her. She had to keep the secret that she was pregnant and not tell her own mother. She says she is hanging on the best way she can. He offers again to do anything he can. She thanks him but replies that she put herself in this position so she will have to deal with it. They hug and he tells her again to call on him if she ever needs any help. Shauna tells Quinn that she is delighted that Flo has found the Logan’s, they seem like such nice people but she still is not sure this is going to work out good for Flo. Quinn says she would like to help but Shauna says she thinks she has to do this on her own. Quinn suggests she stay here and not go back to Vegas. Shauna says Flo has done some things; she is not perfect. She does not know if she can change that. Quinn recommends that she leave the past in the past and not bring them up again.

Hope tells Liam that she knows how he feels and she wants to be close to him again. She is not going anywhere. She will never leave him but she just wishes she could get that one thought of Beth out of her head and get on with life. And she just can’t. She suggests again that he should go to Paris and be with the girls. He says he is right where he wants to be; he wants their life back. He realizes their life is hard but other couples live through it and so can they. He’s not going to let this destroy them. He loves her too much; he cannot do that. Thomas thanks Ridge for reminding him that Hope is married to Liam. His focus is only on Douglas now. He has been thinking about Hope too and realizes maybe her never got over his feelings for her. Liam tells Hope that what happened to them is horrible but even if they just concentrate on that it will not bring back Beth. He hugs her again to comfort her when she starts crying. Shauna goes back to Flo’s and says she spoke with Quinn. No she did not tell her the truth but she feels now it would be best to keep the truth otherwise she and others will go to prison for God knows how long. She reminds her she just found a new family who already love her so do not throw her birthright away. Side by side in profile both Hope and Flo have a difficult decision to make.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Rafe takes care of Jordan's baby David. Lani brings him diapers and sits with him to talk about his situation with Hope and taking care of David. At the police station, Ted gives Hope his case again about wanting Hope to leave Rafe for him, feeling she would be his priority compared to Rafe always leaving her. Stefan and Ben come across Brady and inform him that the cartel guys are on their way back. Outside of Doug's Place, Stefan's bodyguards have been knocked out. Eli goes to Doug's Place to warn Chloe but a man named Ramon shows up and holds Chloe at gunpoint while Eli tries to talk him down. A gunshot fires through the glass door of the DiMera Mansion at Ciara and Gabi. A man named Hector enters and holds a gun on Ciara and Gabi, telling them that he came for Stefan because Stefan killed his brother, who had previously gone after Chloe. Sarah asks Eric what he and Marlena were arguing about and what Eric didn't want Marlena to tell her. Eric says that he asked Marlena to keep a secret but before he can say anymore, Rex comes home which interrupts them. Rex fills them in on Will's surgery and offers to take Sarah to the hospital for her shift. Sarah tries to say she has a few more things to do but Rex insists. Sarah ends up telling Rex about Eric offering to be their wedding photographer and Eric mentions Sarah thinking Rex was going to ask him to be best man. Rex says he was but Eric insists on being photographer so Rex decides he will ask Roman.

Ciara distracts Hector while Gabi sends a text message to Rafe that she needs him to come to the DiMera Mansion. Hector catches Gabi and throws her phone. Rafe gets the text and asks Lani to watch David as he goes. While Sarah gets dressed for work, Rex and Eric talk about how Sarah had feelings for Eric. Rex makes Eric confirm to him that he never had feelings for Sarah. Sarah comes back and tells Eric they will talk later as she leaves with Rex. Brady goes to Doug's Place and fights with Ramon over his gun to save Chloe. Eli fires a shot and kills Ramon while Brady assures Chloe that it's over and she's safe. Ben and Stefan arrive at the DiMera Mansion where Hector has his gun held on Ciara and Gabi. Hector tells Stefan about this being revenge for his brother.

Hope goes to see Rafe but finds Lani instead. They talk about Rafe and Hope's marriage. Lani urges her not to give up on her marriage. Hope tells her to stay out of it then apologizes as she knows she's just trying to help. Ted gets a phone call from someone he tells that he told them to never call him on this number and asks what they want as he doesn't have long. Hector prepares to shoot Stefan but Rafe jumps in to save Gabi so Hector ends up shooting Rafe.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam and Shiloh set out to find out what happened to Kristina because Shiloh refuses to let Sam find her on her own. They go to Charlies where Julian hasn't seen or heard from her in a day or so. He is annoyed. Alexis shows up and says that Kristina went out of town. She then writes Julian a check so that Kristina can keep her job. Alexis confronts Neal about helping Kristina and he explains that Sonny made him a deal that he couldn't refuse.

Oscar and Kim move into the mansion. Oscar asks Olivia and Ned to plan his memorial because he knows that Drew and Kim are not going to be up for it. Joss and him try to write a song together and Carly worries how this is affecting her. Sonny and Jason try to figure out how to get Kristina's offering from DOD away from Shiloh.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mariah and Tessa tell Rey and Sharon about the brick through the window with the note and Rey tells her to become more aware of her surroundings but Mariah refuses to let this person win and she wajnts to live a normal life. Tessa tells Rey she will take his advice and go through Mariah's e-mails and check for any threats against her. Phyllis interrupts Billy and Victoria's evenning and takes him some place private to talk. Phyllis blames Billy for everything that has gone wrong in her life lately. Phylis tells Billy that Summer is still hurting from their one night stand and reminds him that Nick and Jack don't know anything about what happened with him and Summer. Phyllis asks Billy for the money to buy Fenmore's from Jack so she can run her own company and then they will be done. Billy gives Phylis the money she wants and promises she won'ttell anyone about his one night stand with Summer but she wouldn't have told anyone anyway because she would never hurt Summer. Sharon advises Rey not to help Nikki find Victior because Victir won't appreciate it at all because he can take care of himself. Rey decides to help Nikki because he feels he owes her for what he put her and the other ladies through when they almost went to prison. Victiria thinks long and hard about Billy's proposal remembering the good times and the bad in their relatationship and tells him she can't give him an answer right now.

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