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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke charges in at Forrester and tells Eric, Quinn, Ridge, Pam and Charlie about her newfound family. Shauna is aghast when Flo tells her that Phoebe is Hope’s baby. Shauna says she stole her. Flo says she did not know. Flo opines now she cannot walk away; she and Hope are blood. Her mother says she should have asked more questions. It was her fault that she quit a job and walked away to help out this guy. Flo says she knew nothing of this when she agreed to help. A doctor took Hope’s baby when she passed out and then he put a stillborn baby in Hope’s arms and told her that her baby had died. No one questioned that. She fills Shauna in on how the family is connected with Hope, Liam and Wyatt and now Steffy is raising Phoebe, who is really Beth, Hope’s birth baby. And now every day Flo says nothing is one more day Hope is not re-united with her own baby. Her mother raised her to be a good person and now look what happened. Hope is her cousin and she needs to know the truth.

Liam too is not sure the information is accurate from Hope but thinks it is insane that Flo is her cousin. He wants to hear more about Storm, since he did not know him. She asks if he has spoken to Steffy and he says yes and to the girls but he would caution Hope not to tell her about this just yet. Eric seems happy and wonders if they should officially welcome Flo to the family or how she might feel. Brooke says Hope already has welcomed her and they are good friends so she thinks all will be well. Brooke tells Ridge that she knows it is not the same but it feels like she has a little of her brother back. He warns her better not tell Steffy or Taylor just yet. It might just upset everything from so far away. Shauna says she is worried about Flo who has admitted she cannot sleep from hearing that baby crying. Shauna says maybe because they are such good people and Flo was duped too they will have compassion. Flo goes through the motion of what might happen, how Hope will be shocked but so happy to hear that her own baby is alive. Flo says she will not have her own life back until Hope has hers back.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Rex gets Will calm after the seizure and says it's just a side effect of the tumor. Eric talks to Sarah about never getting closure with Nicole while she encourages him to find love again. John and Marlena talk about Will not wanting Sami and Lucas to know about his condition. Chloe and Brady continue their picnic with Holly. Holly brings up Nicole so Chloe encourages her about her mom always watching. John joins them and is happy to see them spending time together again. Stefan and Gabi continue to argue about their hate for one another as Stefan says he wouldn't sleep with her if she was the last woman on earth. Rex gives Sonny and Will a moment alone before taking Will into surgery. Ben and Ciara continue kissing until they get interrupted again by Ben getting a text that his team has tracked down the cartel thugs, who are on their way back to Salem, so he has to go.

Marlena goes to see Eric and they argue about Eric not telling Sarah about his feelings for her because of the pact he made with God. Eric swears he will never forgive Marlena if she tells Sarah about it and makes her promise as Sarah comes back into the room. John goes to the hospital and encourages Sonny that he and Marlena are there for him and Will. Stefan questions Gabi throwing herself at him until Ben comes in with the news on the cartel thugs so Ben and Stefan exit together. Chloe picks up Brady's phone and ends up seeing the text from Gabi, telling him where Chloe and Holly were going to be. Chloe confronts Brady about this being a setup and tricking her. Brady admits that he lied to her so Chloe goes off on him and storms off with Holly.

Rex performs Will's surgery and tells he and Sonny that everything went smooth as they get Will back in his hospital bed. Rex notes that the results will be in within a few days. Sarah thinks Eric should be Rex's best man but Eric doesn't think so after the way Rex snapped at him earlier over Sarah's feelings for him. Sarah then admits that she heard some of Eric and Marlena's argument and questions what it was really about. Stefan and Ben rush to the park to warn Chloe about the cartel thugs but they find Brady there, who tells them that Chloe and Holly are gone and questions what is wrong. Chloe goes to Doug's Place with Holly and tells her they will fly the kite another day as they don't need anybody and the bodyguards are making sure they are safe but outside the bodyguards are knocked out. Ciara goes into the DiMera Mansion where she and Gabi have a disagreement about their feelings on Ben. Gabi mentions to Ciara about Rafe moving out from Hope's which surprises her. In the end, another gunshot blasts through the window of the DiMera Mansion as Ciara and Gabi take cover..

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane tells Mattie and Charlie that Lily is getting released from prison tomorrow and that he intends to quit his job at Chancellor and find a job that gives back to the community. Mattie tells Cane to stop trying to please Lily and do something that makes him happybecause Lily doesn't love him anymore and he needs to let her go. Traci ecides to make Cane's story the subject of her new novel but she gives the story a happy ending. Jack uses Dina's brief lucid moment to tell her that she was a bad mother for leaving her family years ago but instatly regets his harsh words when she cries and thinks that he is John. Jack goes to his Jabot office to think and deamns that he is talking to young Dina and they have a heartfelt emotional talk in which Jack tells her everything he feels and in the end before he wakes up Yound Dina tells Jack to think about what he wants to do with his life and stop trying to follow his father's footseps. Mariah listens toTesa's new song at Abby's resturant amd loves the song and thinks thatTessa is ready to present the new song to Anna. Mariah and Tesa's happiness is ruined when a rock gets thrown through the window with a note that advises Mariah to quit GC Buzz because she is too talented to be on a gossip show. Summer and Phylis have aheartfelt talk of their own in which Summer pleads with Phyllis not to ruin her marriage to Kyle because she loves him very much. Summer thinks Phyllis wants to ruin her marrige to Kyle to get back at her for sleeping with Billy so she apologizes once again for her actions. Phyllis tells Summer that she was trying to protect her because she thinks Kyle will break her heart, Billy proposes to Victoria but before Victiria can answer his question Phyllis knocks on Victiria's door demanding to speak to Billy.

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