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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells the group that this is a lot to process, Flo being Storm’s daughter making her a Logan now and yet Shauna is saying Flo has never been pregnant and did not give up a child for adoption. Brooke says they are family now and they won’t judge anyone but they need to know the truth. Wyatt vouches for Flo. If she said she was pregnant and gave up the child then that is the truth. She would not lie about that. Hope looks at Flo and says she has been so insensitive though she never meant to. She just assumed Flo and her mother were close and would have known about her pregnancy. Now they are at odds with Shauna not believing Flo was ever pregnant, much less gave a baby up. All of them agree to give Shauna and Flo a chance to talk about this alone. Shauna demands that Flo tell her why this is happening. She gave up an imaginary child! Flo says she does not have time to reveal it all but please go along with her for now. Bill is shocked too when Quinn tells him that Steffy’s child is Flo’s that she gave up; such odds. He quips he knew Flo wasn’t his daughter. He seems incapable of having girls, only boys. She says he must feel pretty good about himself today. Wyatt is back at work with him at the company and he is not the father of Flo. She says she only wants her son to be happy. She can say a lot of bad things about Bill behind his back but the one thing she knows is that Bill loves his son. Bill tells her Wyatt is the best thing she ever did, by far. She just wants him to fulfill his whole potential and with Flo she was sure he would. Wyatt tells Flo that he is surprised that her own mother did not now she was pregnant or gave up a child. She can count on him if she needs to talk.

Flo tells the group this is the first her mother is hearing of this and they have a lot to talk about. The Logan girls tell her she is welcome any time and Shauna is welcome too. Hope gives Flo a hug before she leaves. Flo’s eyes linger behind at the group. Hope confides later that she always felt close to Flo in her own right not because she was Phoebe’s mother. Hope tells Brooke that not only is she her mom but her best friend so she finds it odd that Flo does not have that relationship with her mom. They will have a lot to discuss now. Shauna laments to Flo that this is deeply disturbing. She went along with it because Flo asked her to, but why is it they all think she gave up her child. Flo slowly tells her about Reese. She wished she had asked more questions but he was working on a private adoption and needed a birth mother. That became her. He had gambling debts to pay off and Steffy and her mother were willing to pay a lot of money for a baby girl. Shauna wants to know where he got this baby girl. Flo has to confess the birth mother was told she gave birth to a stillborn while he took that live baby. Shauna demands to know who this woman is and is floored when Flo tells her it is Hope, her new cousin.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Will, Sonny, & Gabi tell Arianna about Will having to go to the doctor. Eric calls Jennifer and leaves her a message assuring her that Jack and Eve's marriage won't last which Rex overhears and thinks he's talking about he and Sarah. Rex goes off on Eric until he explains and then Rex apologizes. Rex and Sarah end up telling Eric that they have set a wedding date which is soon. Stefan tells Chloe that they are closer to catching El Fideo's men and he cleared his schedule so they can take Holly out for a picnic and to teach her to fly a kite. Kate goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and shows Victor her financial analysis on Titan to encourage him to hire her. Brady comes in and says he's the CEO and he's not interested. After Brady leaves, Maggie comes in and mentions Will's surgery which Kate is shocked to hear about as no one had told her.

Brady goes to see Gabi to ask if she's given any more thought to their idea of her seducing Stefan. Gabi talks about all she has going on while Brady encourages her that she could have everything she ever wanted while getting revenge on Stefan, leaving him with nothing. Gabi ultimately agrees to do it. Gabi ends up finding out about Stefan's plans with Chloe and Holly for the day so Brady comes up with a plan for her to come up with a work emergency to take Stefan away while Brady will then take his place with Chloe and Holly. Will and Sonny go to the Kiriakis Mansion where Will urges Kate and everyone not to worry and stay relaxed about his surgery. Sarah talks about all she has to get ready for the wedding so Eric offers to be their photographer and they end up bonding over his photos from Africa.

Gabi goes to the DiMera Mansion and convinces Stefan of an urgent work emergency that he must tend to with her so he reluctantly cancels his plans with Chloe and Holly. At the hospital, Maggie tells Rex that he's proven himself as a doctor but as a son in law, the jury is still out. Rex goes on to fill Sonny and Will in on the procedure. Chloe and Holly have their picnic and struggle putting the kite together until Brady arrives and helps them put it together so Chloe then invites him to join their picnic.

Gabi ends up pointing out to Stefan how neither of them have had sex lately and suggests they could use some. Stefan questions her suggesting between them when they work together while Gabi says that is out of the question because they hate each other. Kate guesses Victor has decided not to hire her at Titan but Victor admits she brought very impressive work so she may have a place and they will work out the details after knowing Will is going to be alright. Will and Sonny talk in their hospital room until Rex comes in to take him to surgery but Will ends up having a sudden seizure.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Michael tells Willow that she did what was best for her child in giving him up. He doesn't blame her for going to grief classes. Willow wants to speak with Kristina. Michael says that she has been kidnapped and they don't want her to be an accomplice. Willow doesn't care though. Sonny and Jason speak with Margaux who is clearly brainwashed by Shiloh. Michael later tells them that Kristina might have leaked information about them.

Chase and Finn discuss Anna and celebrate the fact that they are real brothers finally. Elizabeth and Lucas discuss Aiden's situation and Lucas assures her that she will be fine. Franco pleads to Nina to get Charlotte to be friends with Aiden. Nina attempts. Shiloh tells Sam she needs to trick Jason into telling her where Kristina is.

Willow calls Michael to meet with her. Willow has decided that she wants to tell Kristina what Shiloh is really like. Michael is glad that she has come around. Willow tells Michael that. she didnt really lose her baby. Jason. and Carly discuss Kristina as Jason waits on test results on the cup that she drank out of. Brad runs into Shiloh and Shiloh convinces him that the cup has nothing in it and to lie.

Cam tells Elizabeth an Franco that Aiden is being bullied. The only way it will stop is if he stops acting "gay". Elizabeth an Franco are not happy with his views on things. Valentin tries to get Nora to change his custody agreement until he hears Spencer. trying to give him up to Nina.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby is ready to forgive Arturo and gives him a second chance but then Mia walks into the resturant and demands to talk to Arturo so Abby throws them both out. Mia tells Arturo that she needs an alibi for the night Lola was attacked . Arturo figures out everything and tells Mia he won't help her but she shows him her sonogram. Arturo apologizes to Rey and they both agree to protect Mia so that the baby won't be born in prison. Paul suspects Rey is hiding something and sees him talking to Arturo. Rey tells Paul Arturo confirmed Lola's alibi. Rey tells Paul that maybe Lola fell and doesn't remember anything but Paul thinks there are some peices missing to the story. Dina has a lucid moment and Jack shows her his plans for Jabot. Dina tells him by doing this new approach he is ruining John's legacy. Kyle talks to Lola and tells her that he told Summer everything except he couldn't tell her he wanted a divorce. Kyle asks Lola to wait a little while longer because he is worried that Phyllis and Summer might get angry andtry to hurt Jabot. Rey tells Sharon that Mia attacked Lola and asks her to keep it a secret because he doesn't want the baby to be born in jail. Summer sees Kyle talking to Lola and sees them kiss butshe pretends she didn't see a thing. Kyle tells Summer Phyllis tried to blackmail Jackto get Fenmore's back using pictures that a private investigator took of him and Lola. Summer is angry with Phyllis and tells Kyle she is goijg to talk to her because she won't let anyone even her mother get in the way of their relationship. Nikki is detemined to find out what Victor is hiding and asks Rey to find out the truth because she is worried about Victor.

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