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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Flo that she never expected this that she would be her cousin but she always felt connected. Shauna apologizes to Flo for not telling her about her sweet, sweet father. Hope gushes that Flo needs to meet the rest of the family. They will be happy to see another Logan. Bill jokes with Justin that there for a minute it looked like another Spencer on the payroll. Justin says he would not have known what to do with a daughter. Bill said he would have been fine with that. Hope drags Flo, Shauna and Wyatt over to the big house and burst in on Brooke, Katie and Donna. She tells them this young lady is going to change their lives. Georgina comes in and asks Bill if she is expecting a Mrs. Forrester. Bill says no but Brooke is always welcome. Instead it turns out to be Quinn and he is not happy to see her again so soon. She blasts him for being with Shauna. He laughs that it was a onetime thing and no reason for Quinn to be jealous. Quinn tells Bill she was not jealous but what a problem if he had ended up being the father considering the relationship between Wyatt and Flo. Then for whatever reason she tells him that Flo is also connected to Steffy as she is the birth mother to Phoebe. Hope tells the Logan’s that this will all sound crazy but Flo and Shauna have quite the connection to them.

Flo explains that she never knew her father but Wyatt was helping her recently with DNA and now the data base just came through. They are all ears and then blown away when they find out that Flo’s father is Storm. She is a Logan and Hope’s cousin and their niece. Shauna explains that she never knew that Storm was the father and she knows this is a huge shock but she hopes will be a blessing to them. Hope says again of course they will; she is a Logan. They all accept that and say they have a lot to catch her up on. Brooke says Storm would have made an amazing father and would have loved her very much. Now she is one of them, welcome to the family. They quickly fill her in on Storm being a match to Katie and donated his heart and she is alive today because of him. Flo thanks them all for making her feel so welcome. Hope keeps saying that she is one of them now and she knew they would open their arms and hearts to her. She tells Flo they have given them an amazing gift and Steffy too. She could not be happier. And she goes on that neither of them are raising the daughters they should have. Shauna is shocked and dumfounded. Hope must be mistaken and mixed her up with someone else. Flo never gave birth to a daughter. Flo stands there and says nothing, just a blank look on her face while Hope rattles on and on about what happened with Phoebe.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Ben suggests Ciara stay the night with him and they agree to sleep together for the first time but as they start kissing in bed, they are interrupted when Ben gets a work call from Stefan and has to go. Ciara agrees to wait for him there. Jack tells Eve that he can't marry her and that it's because of Adrienne. They argue until Jack is able to reveal that Adrienne's license to officiate weddings had expired so it wouldn't have been official. Jack and Eve rally the crowd in the town square where Pastor Brown from the church happens to be, so he officiates and marries Jack and Eve. Claire bursts into the Loft to stop Tripp and Haley's wedding. She imagines playing the recording of her and Tripp's conversation to reveal the marriage is fake but instead she decides to support the wedding and stays for the ceremony. Justin then continues and officially marries Haley and Tripp. Agent Smith notes that they were very convincing but warns that ICE will still be watching and if any evidence shows the marriage is fake, Haley will be deported.

After the wedding, JJ tells Haley that he's proud of her but will keep his distance as Haley reminds him this is not forever. Jennifer tells Adrienne that there is nothing more they can do then she argues with Eve before leaving the town square to finish her article on Eve and Jack's wedding. Claire talks to Tripp about supporting him before having to leave the loft since she shouldn't be there on Haley and Tripp's wedding night. Claire leaves but remains upset, feeling damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. JJ goes to the Pub and fills Jennifer in on Tripp and Haley's wedding, noting that Haley forgave him and admitted her feelings for him while Jennifer clues JJ in on Jack and Eve's wedding. Jennifer tells JJ that she will be going to visit Abigail to put some distance between this situation. Jack and Eve go back to the Salem Inn to spend their wedding night together where Jack tells Eve that he wants to have a real wedding night so they kiss into bed.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

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