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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

All are staring at Bill as he says “Oh My God”. Wyatt says please do not tell him that Flo is his sister. Bill says he was right all along; he is not the dad. As they all look on they see it is Storm Logan. Shauna speaks up and says she met him in Vegas and he was so kind and considerate, had a sense of humor and so good looking. She is glad to find that he is Flo’s father. But then she wonders why they all are looking at her. Bill says they know the family. But Storm is deceased now; tragic story. Wyatt says this means Flo is a Logan. She is Hope’s cousin. He needs to call her. Bill tells Wyatt to dial it down a bit. This is Shauna’s story to tell, not his. Wyatt says it just means that Hope has another connection now right here in L. A. Before Shauna leaves, Bill explains to her that he has had more than his fair share of women filing paternity tests so he just wants her to know he meant no harm and he is glad everything turned out okay.

Brooke sets out lunch for Donna and Katie and they discuss Flo and her being the mother of Steffy’s adoptive daughter. Then Stormie’s name comes up and Katie cries. Donna says Katie is here today because of Stormie’s heart. Katie cannot believe he is gone or how it happened. In the end it was the three Logan girls that he took such good care of. Now Hope is going thru a very rough time and they will be there for her too. Hope keeps haranguing Flo that she thinks they were meant to be together. Flo managed to move on after her baby loss but Hope cannot. She knows Flo could help her. Flo cannot get away from her and finally says no, she needs to tell Hope the truth. But instead of her talking more Hope jumps back in and yammers away how hard this is for her. She laments that she even goes out on the roof and some days she can see Catalina where she lost Beth. Flo says she is sorry but Hope says there is nothing for Flo to be sorry about. Flo says yes there is, there is a connection she knows nothing about. This will be shocking. As she starts the door opens and in rushes Shauna, Wyatt and Quinn. Flo says they are in the middle of something and only need one more minute. Wyatt says no this news cannot wait and it will affect Hope so she will want to know too. Shauna comes forward and tells Flo that she was just informed who her father was. It was Storm Logan……she is a Logan. Wyatt and Quinn seem pleased. This means that Flo and Hope are cousins.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Eli and Lani take care of Jordan's baby David in the town square where they run into Ben and Ciara. Ben wants to hold his nephew which Lani doesn't allow but Eli convinces her to let him. After Eli and Lani take the baby back, Ben worries that he's still seen as a serial killer. Eli informs Ben and Ciara about the lighter found in Claire's jewelry box possibly being Ben's and takes Ciara to the police station to identify it. After Jack is knocked out by boxes falling on him in the storage closet, Jennifer wakes him up and is excited about him possibly regaining his memory. She tries to tell him more stories but ultimately Jack remains the same. Jennifer refuses to give up but decides to give Jack the choice to either stay with her or go marry Eve. Tripp and Haley reassure each other about the wedding. JJ talks to Kayla about Claire and the lighter. Eve wants to go search for Jack but Claire shows up and demands they figure out how to stop Tripp and Haley's wedding. Rafe and Hope go outside to talk. Rafe thinks they should keep Jordan's baby but Hope doesn't think it's a good idea with all the problems they are having in their relationship.

Tripp asks Kayla to come to the wedding which she agrees to. As Claire complains to Eve about things going wrong in her life, Eve figures out that Claire was the one who set the cabin on fire that almost killed Ciara which she breaks down and admits. Hope reveals to Rafe that Ted told her that he is in love with her which infuriates Rafe. Rafe wants to go beat up Ted but Hope wants him to fight for their marriage. JJ goes to see Haley and they talk about her dream wedding. Haley decides she is letting her anger go and forgives JJ then they end up kissing.

After coming clean to Eve about setting the cabin on fire, Claire asks if Eve will turn her into the police. Eve promises to protect her and declares that Ben will take the fall for the fire. At the police station, Eli shows Ciara the lighter which Ciara acknowledges does look like the one Ben used but insists that Ben did not do it. Rafe and Hope continue to argue with Rafe saying he's going to take care of Jordan's baby David and he's moving out until Hope figures out if she wants to be with him or Ted.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Kristina wakes up at Sonny’s safe house. She gets upset with Jason and begs him to take her back. Sonny shows up and she sobs that she cannot be at DOD. She threatens to sue them but Alexis then shows up. Neal tries to help out but Kristina still will not listen. Sam goes to see Shiloh and is asked if she knows where Kristina is She doesn’t. Molly finds out that Sam is involved in DOD and runs off to seek help. Michael tries to convince Willow to help Kristina.

Oscar wakes up from his coma. He only has a few more days left to live. Carly tries to help Joss get through this. Joss reads to Oscar in-between tests. Monica arranges for Kim and Oscar to move in. Joss wonders what Oscar wants to do for his final days.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer decides not to go to the spa with Phyllis and returns to Genoa City anbd spends the rest of the day looking for Kyle. Summer goes to the Abbott mansion to tell Jack she has decided to take his job offer. Kyle is stutake the nextnned that Lola wants to get a room amd he and Lola head upstirs while Phyllis talks to the private investiator she hired and he shows her the pictures he took of Kyle and Lola. Kyle and Lola start making love but Kyle stops and tells Lola he has to tell Summer the truth before they take the next step since he doesn't want to hurt her or Summer. Billy and Victoria arrive home and she talks to Nick and tells him that she is worried about Victor. Victiria tells Nick about Victir meeting with a man at high stakes poker games. Victiria shows Nick a picture of the man and tells him that she will find out the sexret he is keeping from the family. Billy goes to a meeting because being in Las Vegas tempted him to gamble. Billy and Victoria decide to make a fresh start in their relationship and continue to take things slowly. Jack puts the bug at the center of the table and he tells Traci he has decided to merge with my Beauty. Ashley calls right away because she knows he found the bug. Jack and Ashley agree that he will pay her four million dollars from his personal account and she will stop the idea of My Beauty collective. Phyllis calls Lauren and tells her that in twenty four hours Fenmore's will be free of Jabot and that Abbott boys will get what they deserve.

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