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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt is livid that they are pulling this on him. He rails at his father that this could have happened just a quick night in Vegas with a showgirl. He looks at Shauna pointblank and asks if Flo could be his sister. Bill says this is the oldest trick in the book to claim a rich man. Wyatt rants at all of them. He wants to talk to Shauna and Bill, his mother can go. Finally Bill says it was a long time ago but it happened once. He still does not believe that was enough to make him the father. Then he looks at Shauna and says it is possible but she does not even know for sure, there had to be other possibilities. She says she was young and having fun, so no she never knew. Flo is uncomfortable when Hope wants to talk to her about the babies they lost. She can now talk about Beth and thought Flo could understand since she had lost a baby too. Hope opines she will be blunt, when she walks into a room people get quiet and just want to get her a drink of water to change the subject. She has no appetite and she can only sleep for a couple of hours. She can get no peace. She just thought Flo could understand that. But Flo says she did not lose her baby that way and she is at peace with it. She tells Hope that she is not as carefree as she thinks and she does not think she can help Hope. Wyatt starts to leave and Bill says he has the most to lose so please stay as they plan some strategy. Wyatt says they do not need that, they need cold hard facts. Shauna says they were hoping to keep Flo out of this until they could see Bill and know for sure. Wyatt says too late for that as Flo already took a DNA test.

Flo tells Xander that she needs to get away for a few days. It’s about her father. He says it would be quicker and cheaper just with a phone call. She says for sure but this has to be done face to face. Wyatt explains that Flo wanted to do this and he encouraged her. She deserves an answer. He paid extra for a quick answer and they will deliver it to both he and Flo. So if any Spencer is a match they could get their answer. Wyatt then gets a message from the DNA. So does Flo which she ignores but Wyatt calls too and say they have to answer this right now. She says she will call him back. Bill says no, they are not going to wait. They can get the results from Wyatt right now. Flo tells Hope that she does not want to be distracted right now. Hope asks if she is still in touch with Phoebe’s father. Flo answers no, he did not turn out to be the man she thought he was. He is weak and she is different than Hope as she is alone now. And she wants Hope to know it was not fate that took Beth from her. Bill hollers at Wyatt and says give them the results. Things are going well in his life with Katie back in it and Will thinks he is the greatest father in the world so he does not need this. Wyatt looks at pages printed on his phone with a lot of numbers, names and dashes and dots. Bill pushes him aside and says he will look. Down the list he goes and finally looks up and says, “oh my God”.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Lani runs into Rafe in the town square where he's struggling with baby David so she stops to help him take care of the baby. They talk about not wanting the baby in child protective services. Rafe admits he wanted kids but Hope doesn't so Lani convinces him to at least let Hope know. Ted talks to Hope about his feelings while Hope reassures him that she is not giving up on her marriage. Ted repeats to Hope that he loves her which Eli walks in and hears and then questions Hope about. Jennifer dresses as a firefighter to trick Jack into believing the Salem Inn is on fire, recreating how Jack stopped one of her weddings. She takes him to a storage room to try and spark his memory with old stories of their past. Rex and Sarah reveal to Will and Sonny that Will has a brain tumor but they shouldn't assume the worst and still have to find out more. Eric reveals to Eve that he set her up to come to the Pub for a fake meeting to give Jack and Jennifer time to talk.

Eli questions Hope about her feelings for Ted but she refuses to discuss her feelings with him because she's a private person which leads Eli to worry that she is in love with Ted. Eli encourages that she and Rafe can work through their problems. Jack and Jennifer argue with Jack saying none of her stories mean anything to him because he won't remember and this is who he is now while Jennifer insists that the old Jack is still in him. Sonny brings Will home and encourages him that they will fight the brain tumor together.

Eve goes looking for Jack but can't find him. After the news of Will's tumor, Sarah tells Rex that she doesn't want to put anything off anymore so she wants to set a wedding date which excites Rex. They kiss as Eric comes out of the Pub and sees them. Eli sees Lani taking care of baby David. Rafe and Hope tell each other they need to talk. After arguing with Jennifer and saying he's not in love with her, Jack tries to leave the locked storage closet but can't and then boxes fall off a shelf onto him, knocking him out.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam lures Shiloh to the Floating Rib. She claims that Jason is still a big part of her life and she isn't sure that she can get rid of him. Shiloh insists that she can and he will help her with it. Sam thanks him for offering. Jason during this time goes to the DOD house and finds Kristina who is passed out on the ground after drinking something. He grabs her and takes her to safety. Sonny and Alexis discuss getting Kristina out and Sonny tells her that she is being taken out tonight.

Willow and Chase go back to his house after. date. They end up making love together for the first time. Maxie and Peter try to continue their date together but Peter ends up turning her down. Anna thinks that Robin might be Alex's child. Finn tries to help her get through this.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The Newman siblings continue on their quest to enjoy life Nick meets a woman at the Athletic club and after buying her some drinks he takes her back to his place and they have sex. Victiria moves the high stakes poker game to her hotel suite hoping that her father will show up but Victoir never arrives. Billy and Victiria to make love after she wins the poker game and puts an end to her brief relationship with Brandon. Nikki worries about Victir and leaves him another voice mail on his phone because she hasn't heard from him since he left. Nate drops by Rey's apartment to examine Lola since she missed her appointment. Nate worries that working as head chef at Abby's resturant will slow her recovery and advises her to be very aware of her body and if she gets any symptoms of rejecting the liver to let him know right away. Lola invites Kyle to the Athletic club for dinner whewre they talk about their relationship. someone is taking pictures of them as they talk and admit they still love each other. Lola tells Kyle its time that they should get a room. Jack, talks to Billy and Kyle hoping to find the person spying for Ashley inside Jabot. Kyle defends Summer when Jack thinks she is the spy and ask him not to tell her that he suspected her because it would really hurt her feelings. Jack is at home thinking about how Ashley could know about his plans when he finds a microphone hidden inside the basket Ashley sent him with My Beauty products in it.

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