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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn and Bill quiz Shauna and if she is telling them that Flo is Bill’s daughter. Quinn says Shauna says she is but is she sure. Bill claims this is just another lady trying to shake him down for his money. Shauna says it is not, so Bill says enough of this they will go back right now to his office and get this cleared up without Pam interrupting. Zoe tells Hope that she doesn’t want to overstep but if she had another child perhaps that hole in her heart for Beth would be filled. Flo tells Wyatt again that she remembers the first time they said they loved each other and she will say it again, a little piece of her will always be in love with him. She hopes finding her father will change her life just the way it changed Wyatt’s. They check their e-mails and no results yet from the DNA. Zoe tells Hope that she does not think that is a good idea for her to keep in touch with Flo since she is still dealing with giving up a child and Hope losing one. Hope calls anyway and asks Flo if they can get together. She was hoping Flo could help her with something. Flo agrees to meet her at Forrester. Bill says now that they are behind closed doors he wants answers and he wants them now. Quinn tells Shauna it is essential and she knows Shauna cares about Wyatt. He and Flo were childhood sweethearts and now Shauna is saying they could be siblings. They have to know.

Flo is impressed with Forrester and to learn it is strictly a family business. Hope manages to sneak in the name Logan and how they are all intertwined. Donna walks in and is introduced. Hope confides that Flo is Phoebe’s birth mom. When she leaves, Hope tells Flo that it is difficult to explain but she feels like she has been spiraling down ever since she lost Beth, looking for answers and what happened. If Flo could she was hoping she could help her. Shauna likewise is impressed with Bill’s office but denies that she is after him for his money. Quinn agrees as she could have come to him years before now. Bill tells them he called Wyatt and he is on his way over. Of course Wyatt is surprised when he walks in and sees all of them with Mrs. Fulton. He is curious what is going on. He looks at his mom and says this is strange as he knows she avoids Bill as much as she can. They pussyfoot around and Bill finally comes out and asks if he was just with Flo and did they……Wyatt is shocked and says of course not and that is not something to ask like this in front of the two mothers. Quinn speaks up again and says they have all learned something today and it boils down to that his father could also be Flo’s father, meaning Wyatt and Flo could be brother and sister.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Sarah dreams of being in bed with Eric but wakes up in bed with Rex, who wants to set a wedding date. Rex suggests today which shocks Sarah, who convinces him that she wants a real wedding. At the Pub, Marlena encourages Eric to tell Sarah how he feels but he refuses because of the vow he made to God not to if Marlena's life was saved. Marlena offers to tell Sarah for him but Eric makes her promise not to. Tripp and Haley talk about the wedding and they freak out Claire when they tell her that they are in love. They take Claire outside to explain that they could be being watched at any time or ICE could hack their phones so they have to stick to the story. JJ goes to see Jack to try to get through to him that marrying Eve is breaking Jennifer's heart. Will and Sonny talk about Leo's attempted curse and Sonny gives him a new necklace for his good luck charm.

Jennifer joins Eric at the Pub where Eric encourages her not to give up on Jack and comes up with a plan for them to stop the wedding. Jennifer tells him about how Jack stopped one of her weddings by pretending to start a fire and dressing as a fireman. Jack asks JJ to be his best man but JJ turns him down, saying he's already Tripp's best man. JJ ends up telling Jack to do whatever he wants with his life and walks out. Tripp and Eve argue about their weddings. Marlena goes to see Will and Sonny when Will gets a call from Rex that his test results are in.

Eric calls Eve and disguises his voice to get her to come to the Brady Pub, expecting a meeting with someone who has dirt on Abe while Jennifer dresses as a firefighter and causes smoke to fill Jack's room at the Salem Inn to recreate the way that Jack stopped her wedding. At the hospital, Will and Sonny prepare to get the test results but Rex informs Will that he has some bad news..

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Michael runs into Willow and Chase on a date. Willow explains to Michael what happens at DOD and Michael ends up meeting with Jason and Sam. Sam tells them that Kristina is supposed to be initiated tonight. Michael tells them that means that Shiloh sleeps with Kristina. Jason runs to stop her from doing so. Sonny begs Neal to help get Kristina's mind out of the cult. Neal reluctantly agrees.

Laura, Ava, and Felicia come up with a plan to lure Ryan back to town. Felicia thinks that Ava is going to have to fake being with a new man. Laura doesn't think that is a good idea. Ava agrees to it though. Willow and Chase go skating together on a date.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack talks to Kyle, Summer, and Traci about his new strategy to make Jabot a lifestyle brand known as Jabot collective he intends to use bloggers and social media to give customers a head to toe Jabot experience. Traci worries that they are shifting the company to rely heavily on fashion and If Lauren takes Fenmore's back Jabot could be in trouble again. Jack offers Summer a job in the marketing division but she tells him she needs time to think about the job offer. Phyllis meets with Mia and tells her that she knows Kyle doesn't love Summer and she intends to take Summer away for the weekend to make her see the truth. Phyllis tells Lola to take advantage of Summer's vacation to spend some time with Kyle and ignite their relationship again. Paul offers Rey a part time job on the force and tells him to find the person who attacked Lola. Rey figures out that Paul suspects Mia so he lies a nd tells Paul that Arturo and Mia were together that night. Rey later tellls Mia what happened and Mia is worried that Arturo won't back up her lie. Paul asks someone to track down Arturo because he has some questions for him. Mia asks Lola to help her persude Rey to take her back so that the baby will have a family. Jack isreading articles on his tablet and comes across an article that says Ashley is launching a lifestyle brand called My Beauty Collective so now he knows there is a spy at Jabot reporting to Ashley.

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